Budget Travel Magazine

I’ve seen this magazine at Borders in Singapore, but I was unable to go back to buy it (because I’ve used up all my money shopping). I scoured the magazine shops in Manila, but I don’t think I ever saw this locally (or if I had, I must have been broke when I came across it).

I’m glad I found it online, and that they allow subscription from outside the United States. Now, to subscribe or not? They have Girlfriend Getaways!

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4 Responses to Budget Travel Magazine

  1. bchai says:

    Great magazine—my subscription just ran out! If I knew you liked these, I would’ve mailed my older mags to you instead of throwing them away (for the move!!)

    Gives great tips for the cheap traveler! :)

  2. nina says:

    Oh well. I’ll just look for back issues here first before deciding to subscribe.

    Btw, I bought 5 Arc Pinkies for $63 :D

  3. bchai says:

    5 Arcs?!? LoL. She is a pretty pinky & I love her look. In fact, I brought her here w/ me, but she’s stuck somewhere in the dark deep depths of my luggage!

    I didn’t renew my subscription to Budget Travel, but if I do, I won’t throw the old ones away. I’ll send them to you! ;)

  4. nina says:

    Hahaha, thanks!

    Isn’t that a great deal (the Arcs). It comes out at $12.60 EACH WITH SHIPPING. :D

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