Back from the Travel Mart

I just got back from the Philippine Travel Mart at Megamall. I really like this year’s exhibits better than last year’s. I can’t remember much of last year’s actually, but the exhibitors this year really made and effort to showcase their province/service/property.

Anyway, since my brain refuses to churn something coherent, instead of writing two different posts about this year’s Travel Mart, I am just going to refer you to the post I made for the Manila Metroblog.

If you have the time this weekend, I suggest you check out the Travel Mart, specially if you’re planning on going on a trip before the year ends. Some packages and discounts are only offered during the Travel Mart.

Oh, and it was Air Philippines who was offering the Php18++ fares. I can’t recall seeing a Cebu Pacific exhibit, but Dyan tells me they’re offering Piso fares once again. Crafty, eh?

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2 Responses to Back from the Travel Mart

  1. dyanie says:

    hi nina! galing ako ng travel mart kanina. dami tao!

    ang haba ng pila pra dun sa asian spirit! hindi ko naman alam kung anu pinipilahan nila dun? mura ba tlga yung fares offered nila?

    yung sa SEAir naman na buy 1 take 10, kala ko pa naman na free na yung 10 persons.. hindi pla! magbabayd din pla! advertisement nga naman oh! ;)

    wala kong nakita na Cebu Pacific? Lam mo ba kung bakit? Hehe ;) Hindi ba tlga sila umaatend ng mga ganyang exhibits?

  2. nina says:

    Alam ko last year merong booth ang Cebu Pacific. Siguro ngayon instead of shelling out money for their exhibit, they’d rather advertise their piso fares promo. Mas tipid nga naman XD

    I never did find out kung anong meron sa Asian Spirit booth. Ang daming tao masyado, kaya ang ikot nalang ako!

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