How to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa Online: A guide for Filipinos

Back in September, my sister in Australia told me over Viber that she’s considering asking our mother to spend New Year’s with them again in Melbourne, and asked me if I am willing to accompany our mother to Australia. Of course, I am!

I’ve heard from friends and read in the comments section of my previous visa application guides that Philippine passport holders can now apply for an Australian tourist visa online. Since I do not like the stress that Manila traffic brings, and I do like doing business online, this was very appealing to me.

Create an ImmiAccount

The first step in applying for an Australian tourist visa online is to create an ImmiAccount. To create an account, you will need a valid email address. Make sure that you type in your email address correctly, and that you use an email address you regularly check. The embassy will be communicating with you using this address, so make sure that you check this email address often.

Application Form

Once you have created an account, you can start an application. This is basically the online, fillable version of Form 1419, so there is no need for you to download the form, fill it out, and upload it.

You can start filling out the application form, even if you have not completed compiling your documents yet. Make sure that the information you put in the application form are the same as the information in the supporting documents that you are submitting.

If you have filled out the form, but are not ready to submit yet, click on the Save button. This saves your answers in their database, and once you log back in, you can see your application, check the entries, and make edits.

Once you are ready to submit your application and upload your supporting documents, click on Submit.

Application Fee

When you submit your application form, you will be prompted to pay the Australian tourist visa application fee. For online applications, the only way to pay is through credit cards. If you do not have a credit card, or access to a credit card, I read that you can use prepaid debit cards.

Your card will be charged AU$135 + credit card surcharge fee. Based on BPI’s foreign exchange rate at the time, I paid Php 4,547.26. If you are applying via courier or VFS, the fixed visa fee is Php 4,900, and you would still have to pay for the VFS fee, courier fee, and the fee for the manager’s check.

Supporting Documents

I made sure that all of my supporting documents are complete before I submitted my application and paid the fee. I created my ImmiAccount and filled out the form on September 20, but I didn’t submit until October 5.

As soon as my payment has cleared, I uploaded my scanned documents. The Australian Embassy sets a limit of 30 files for Visitor Visa online applications, and none of the files must be more than 5MB in size. To keep file sizes small, they recommend that you scan your documents at 96 dpi, and to not attach photos in Office document files, as this will increase the file size greatly.

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Since I know my documents will have more than 30 pages, I merged and grouped them together. Also, instead of submitting separate photo files, I created a collage on Photoshop and added captions. I saved them as Portable Document Files (optimized), and used a service like to merge the PDFs into one file.

Here are the documents that I submitted:

Passport Photo

They did not give any specifications for the photo file, so I just scanned my passport picture at 180 dpi and saved it as JPG.

Cover Letter

I wrote a letter addressed to the consul explaining the purpose of my trip, who will be sponsoring my trip, why I need a multiple entry visa, and the reason why I need to come back to the Philippines. I included the ways in which they can reach me, should they need to get in touch for an interview. I also mentioned that I will be traveling, and the dates when I will be out of the country.

The supporting documents I submitted corroborates the content of my cover letter, which means that I provided proof of the purpose of the trip, proof that my sponsor can afford to shoulder my trip, proof of my relationship with my sponsor, and proof of my activities and relationships in the Philippines.

Certified Identification Documents

This is a requirement of the embassy: a certified or notarized copy of my passport and birth certificate.

Letter of Invitation

In my previous applications, my sister would send me letters via mail, which I include with my documents. Since I am applying online, I told her to just email me, instead of writing a letter, which would have taken weeks.

In her email, she stated that she wants me to accompany our mother to Melbourne, and that she will provide our tickets, and that we have the option to stay at her house, or my other sister’s house. She also stated she wants us to have a short holiday in New Zealand.

Along with the email, I also included a scan of my mother’s passport and her visa grant letter (she has a 3-year multiple entry Australian tourist visa).

You can save the email as PDF by clicking on Print, and then selecting Save as PDF/Export as PDF in your browser or email client.

Sponsor Documents

Since my sister is my sponsor, I had her send me a copy of her passport bio page, as well as her last four payslips, as evidence that she has the capacity to shoulder the cost of our trip to Melbourne.

Business Registration

Since I am self-employed and have my own business, I included my business registration papers in lieu of a Certificate of Employment.

Income Tax Return

As evidence of my income, I attached my latest Income Tax Return, which was submitted to the BIR last April 2015.

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Most Recent Credit Card Statement

I also stated in my application that I will be using my credit card as a way to pay for goods and services while in the country.

Bank Statements

I submitted the Statement of Account for the previous 3-6 months. I did not request for a Bank Certificate anymore.

Family Photos

This was comprised of photos of me and my two sisters when we holidayed together in Tasmania during my previous visit, photos of me with my sisters’ families in Melbourne, photos of me with my family in the Philippines, and photos of me with my friend Khursten when I visited her in Sydney in 2013, and when we traveled to Japan together in 2014.

Travel Plans in 2016

To show that I have strong reasons to come back to the Philippines after my trip to Australia, I included the plane tickets that I have already booked. Since one of my travel plans include accompanying my mother and aunt to their hometown in Sorsogon in 2016, I included a photo collage from our trip last summer with extended family members.

One of my close friends is also getting married next year, so I included a scan of their wedding invitation, photos of me and my close friend during our trip to Japan together last year, and a photo of me together with my friend and her fiancΓ©.

Current Passport Visas and Stamps

Since the application checklist includes evidence of previous travels, I scanned all the entry and exit stamps from my previous travels in my current passport.

Previous Passport Visas and Stamps

My last Australian tourist visa is under my old passport, so I included it as well. My old passport also has my other visas, which includes a used visa for Canada, China, and Schengen, as well as valid multiple entry visas for Japan and the United States. I also included the pages with entry and exit stamps from my trips between 2011 and 2013.


I submitted my application in the early morning of October 5. I received an acknowledgement immediately after. On October 6, the Immigration and Visa Office of the Australian Embassy Philippines sent me an email requiring me to fill out a short online questionnaire. The questionnaire is basically the Application Checklist. Luckily, I was still at home when the email came, so I was able to quickly respond to their request.

This is why it’s very important that you type your email address correctly, and why you should always check your email after submitting your application online.

Grant Notification

Almost immediately after I submitted my filled out questionnaire, I left the house to go to the airport. By the following day, I received an email again from the Immigration Office, this time saying that my visa has already been granted.

To summarize my timeline:
September 20 – Created ImmiAccount, started filling out application form
October 1 – Requested statement of account from banks, notarized documents
October 2 – Scanned documents and created PDF
October 5 – Submitted application, paid visa fee, attached supporting documents
October 6 – Submitted Immigration Manila’s online questionnaire
October 7 – Received Visa Grant Notice

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I remember back in 2006, when I first applied for an Australian visitor visa, I also submitted around this time of the year, and was granted in just a matter of days — I received notification of my visa grant while on a trip as well! Maybe there’s something about October?

Do you need a sponsor or to have a family in Australia to visit? Absolutely not! Many applicants are just there to tour the country. If you are a tourist, or visiting for a specific purpose (e.g. watching the Australian Open), make sure to include documents pertaining to them (tickets, bookings, etc.) with your application.

This is based on my personal experience in applying for an Australian tourist visa online. I’ve already written down everything I know. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but I can’t really answer if your situation is different from mine (e.g. no work, no bank statement, no previous travel, etc.) however, there’s bound to be someone who is in the same boat, who may be able to answer your question. The visa discussions in the comments of this blog can get quite lively.

[EDIT October 22, 2015] Many in the comments both in this post and previous visa posts said that their application, even when lodged online took a month or more to get processed. I got really lucky with my application, and up until now, I don’t know why my application was granted so quickly. Is it because I said I was accompanying my 80-year old mother, because my sister is sponsoring me, because this is my third application, because I provided proof of my plans in 2016, or because I said I was going to watch the Australian Open?

Bear in mind that the Australian Embassy website that average processing time for a tourist visa is one month. To be safe, consider this as a minimum, rather than a maximum, and apply for a tourist visa as soon as you can, instead of waiting for the last minute and fretting over the long processing time as your flight date looms closer.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi gud day! Meron lang ako question sana meron mkasagot. Plan ko kasi mag apply ng permanent visa also but defacto yung iaaply ko. Ang question ko is if mag apply ako offshore pwede parin ba ako mag punta ng Australia while waiting sa result? Thank you

    • Trixie06 says:

      Hello kim yes pwd ka mag apply ng tourist visa while waiting sa result ng de facto mo.

      • Patricia Bianca Cabochan says:

        Hi I would just like to know what visa can I apply kasi my BF and I just found out that I am pregnant. Nasa pinas ako and sya nasa AU. Di ko alam if pwede pa dn akong mag tourist visa then dun na lang apply ng de facto or partners visa. Plan kasi namin dun ako manganganal by Oct. So i dont k ow how to go about choosing the right visa to apply. Hope you guys can help me. Thank you.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi I would just like to know what visa can I apply kasi my BF and I just found out that I am pregnant. Nasa pinas ako and sya nasa AU. Di ko alam if pwede pa dn akong mag tourist visa then dun na lang apply ng de facto or partners visa. Plan kasi namin dun ako manganganal by Oct. So i dont k ow how to go about choosing the right visa to apply. Hope you guys can help me. Thank you.

    • Marie says:

      try mo de facto or partners visa para magrant ka ng medicare rights and work rights and di magastos manganak….pwd din join ka ng fb page- pinoys in asutralia, forum yun about all types of visas and puro mga pinoy halos members… they can answer all your questions girl for additional info.

    • Eve says:

      if you will apply for defacto, in a few months you will have to do a Health Examination which includes Xray. If tourist visa, you can apply for 3months, then extend another 3 months kung gusto mo manganak dito. I know someone who extended her visa for another 3months na hindi nya kinailangan ng medical exams and granted sya.

  3. joy says:

    Thank you so much. This the most helpful blog i’ve read on applying for the tourist visa. i uploaded all the docs today. I will PUSH (pray until something happens) = )

  4. Maks says:

    Thank you sa blog na toh! Thanks Ern and annie sa help. I applied January 20 and na grant TV ko today. Thank God!

  5. Allen says:

    Hi! For the scanned copies I can just upload pics taken from my phone? The site says certified copies. What does this mean? I have to sign each page?

    • Dallie says:

      Good eve Allen, You can upload photo from cp but much better you can compress them in one file like PDF, all pics in one file..I think you should read back about Nina’s commented about all requirements that was mentioned there, some tips regarding photos ..

    • jade says:

      My only doc. having certified true copies is page 1 of my passport and birth cert. and
      the rest is no stamp for cert. copies.

  6. Jeff says:

    Hello po, sana may makasagot. Kailangan pa bang mag secure ng NBI or Police Clearance as part of document requirements for AU visa.??

  7. Con says:

    Hi po,

    Question po.. invite ako ng sis ko sa OZ dahil manganganak sya sa april. pero tentative punta ko is June.

    Ang problem po.. nakikitira lang sila sa magulang ng husband nya…

    kailangan ko pa rin po ba mag ask ng invitation sa in-laws ng kapatid ko? o enough na ung docs ng brother in-law ko?

    Thanks po!

  8. Ashik says:

    This is Australian Visa based application .The main features are :
    1:Australian university interview questions and answers with overall guide.
    2::Australian High Commission interview questions and sample answers .
    3:2016 Australia new visa rule(SSVP).
    4:Student visa processing time and documentation .
    5: Summary of new rule .

  9. Miss A says:

    Hello All!

    I need your advise please.
    I am about to lodge my TV application. I am just wondering if is it possible for me to get approved if I apply for 12 mos stay or should I opt for 6 mos?

    I already had my approved TV for 3 months (Oct 2016- January 2017) and I recently got back.
    My husband (we are married here in the Phils) is an Australian citizen and he will sponsor my visa.

    Need your advise please. I have planning to submit my docs to VSF on Friday.

    Thank you!

    • Miss B says:

      Hi. I recommend just apply for three months visa because the immigration officer in the Philippines might approved 12months or not.

      3 months visa is easier for you to get since you recently travelled there. Just extend for another 9 months in Australia, it’s easier to get approved extensions in Australia.

  10. jade says:

    Thanks Guys..i submitted all documents last Jan 29 and approved my multiple visa in 1 year on Jan 31 so fast. and pwede pa ako mag short study.
    Thanks for the information

  11. Jof says:

    Hello po,
    Sana may sumagot sa tanong ko need ko talaga help nio, yong son ko kasi mag aapply palang nang tourist visa invite kasi sia ng girfriend nia ask ko lang po kung anong mga requirements ang dapat isubmit kasi student palang sia. Thank you in advance.

  12. Em says:

    Hi guys! Good Day! Anyone here from Darwin? Thanks ?

    • MJ says:

      Hello Em. Im here in Darwin. How long you’ve been here ? Where in Darwin do you live ?

      • Em says:

        Tourist visa lang ako, one year na ko pabalik balik dito. ? San ka dito? Tv ka or permanent na? You have friends na dito? ?

      • MJ says:

        Hi. Tourist Visa din ako. I stayed here almost 6 na. Dito ako sa Palmerston.
        Meron naman ako kakilala na filipino but they are permanent residence na dito.

        San ka dito sa Darwin ?

      • Em says:

        Medyo malayo sis sayo. Hehe

        Coconut Grove sa Nightcliff pero minsan I stayed sa durack sa sister ko and sa partner niya. πŸ™‚

  13. Kim says:

    Hi gud day to all. I am now here in Australia. My bf and i were planning to apply for defacto visa. I have questions hope someone can answer. We are in a relationship for 1 yr and 3 months now. And i’ve been to Australia 4 times now. My question po is need ba na live together for 1 year. Para ma approve yung visa. Coz my nabasa ako na refuse yun visa nya dahil hindi sila nag live in ng 1 year. Thank you

  14. Patricia Bianca Cabochan says:

    Hi all ask ko lang kasi kakaapply ko ng 2nd TV ko kanina mga past 12pm. Until now wala pa din akong acknowledgement email from IMMI pero tama naman email address na nilagay ko and i opted to have email correspodences through email. Upon checking the site.received naman na ang status nya. Ano po kaya naging problema? Thank you po. Kinakabahan kasi ako hehe

  15. Jay says:

    Hi Just wanted to ask help regarding the Application Form. Under Health Declaration: In the last five years, has any applicant visited, or lived, outside their country of passport, for more than 3 consecutive months? Do not include time spent in Australia. I went to Dubai and stayed for three months then I left to go to Oman for 3 weeks and then went back again to Dubai and stayed for another 3 months then left to go to nepal for 2 weeks and then went back again to Dubai for another 2 months. Im confused, dapat ko bang i declare yung Dubai eventhough its not really consecutive month of stay? I mean In and out ako ng dubai?? Please i badly need your help. Thanks

  16. Mari Blanco says:

    Hi! Would like to thank you for blog. Your tips were definitely helpful in my tourist visa application.

    I’d just like to share that my husband and I just got our grant notice earlier today. We luckily got ours in 3 working days. Actually sharing my experience here as well through this link:

    Would love to help others the same way you helped me. πŸ™‚

  17. Sam says:

    Hi guys… I am here in Australia.. pano mg apply for Tax number? At may bayad ba.. thank you po..

  18. Adrian says:

    You can also ask around for more info πŸ™‚

  19. Joan says:

    Hi guys, i was granted TV last January and will be in Australia in April. I am also planning to go to Taiwan this year. I heard you can apply for visa exemption if you already have previous visas from certain countries like Oz. Is this true? Even if your TV is already expired? I’m a bit confused right now. Thanks for the reply. πŸ™‚

  20. Marie says:

    Hi! Your blog is so helpful, we just lodged our application for Tourist Visa online. Im just curious though, is it true that I can only lodge my application 2mos before my planned travel date? Medyo mahal na kase ang ticket so I am planning to move our travel plans by May 2017 would it affect kaya our visa validity? thank you πŸ™‚

  21. maritonimas says:

    Hi! Would like to thank you for blog. Your tips were definitely helpful in my tourist visa application.

    I’d just like to share that my husband and I just got our grant notice earlier today. We luckily got ours in 3 working days. Actually sharing my experience here as well through this link:

    Would love to help others the same way you helped me. ?

  22. Ting says:

    Hi po, this is the first time I’m applying for visa and I’m quite nervous about it. I’m scared to pass kasi baka magkamali ako and madeny..pero I’m planning to go visit my boyfriend this June po. Gusto ko lang magtanong po about the format of the cover letter. I’m trying to look for it online but still I want to make sure na tama ang gagawin ko. By the way, sponsored po ako ng bf ko and graduating student pa po ako ngayon. Ano po ba ang pwede ko na ipass to prove na babalik ako dito sa Pilipinas? I have no assets nor a job. Pero I plan to take the Nursing Board exam this November, would that be a valid reason to state sa cover letter ko? Salamat po sa mga sasagot! πŸ™‚

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      If you are already registered to take the exam, include that with your application. If you are not yet registered, I suggest you register early if you can and include that with your application as proof that you need to come back to the Philippines.

      • Ting says:

        I’m not yet registered po coz I still have to take one last subject this summer. And I’m planning to apply online this Feb na po sana. ?

  23. Hi po good evening. Hindi po ba mahirap mag apply ng tourist visa.? Actually husband ko naman sa oz ang naglalakad ng mga papeles namin para samin ng anak ko. Then pagdating namin sa oz dun nalang kmi mag aapply for permanent visa. Wala na po bang medical ang tourist visa?

  24. Saan po pala banda dito sa pinas ang AU. Embassy.? Sana po may makasagot thank you po. Happy valentines!

  25. Good morning po. Halimbawa po kong ang partner mo ung nag aasikaso dun ng visa mo. Tax esesend nalang nya sakin after daw matapos ung visa. Deretso ticket narin. Wala nabang problema un. Hindi kona ba kailangan pumunta sa embassy ng AU. For visa. Sana po may makasagot naguguluhan kz ako. Tnx po godbless!

  26. Hi, i will be visiting my sisters in Australia for thw 3rd time. Applied.for a tourist visa and was granted one in 2 days time. I had the visa grant printed. Should i still send my passport to the embassy? And at the airport, should i just present my passport and the printed visa grant, no have my passport visa stamped? The last visits.kasi they had a stamped visa.fron the embassy.

  27. Marian says:

    Hey guys, sana may makasagot sa question ko. My fiance and I are planning to apply for my TV with planned entry in australia this July 2017. When is the best time for me to apply? Please enlighten me po about sa validity ng tourist visa. Meron pong 3 months valid at 6 months valid tama ba? Meaning, pwede ko syang gamitin within 3/6 months upon issuance date? As much as possible po kasi gusto namin yun mas mahaba ang validity kasi my fiance’s leave dates are always tentative because he’s in the Defence Force. Also, ok lang po ba to apply while I am currently unemployed? I had to quit my work recently for personal reasons. Ok lang po ba na unemployed sa tourist visa at iinvite naman po ako ng fiance ko. He will be the one to shoulder all the expenses. Someone please englighten me po. SALAMAT NANG MARAMI! πŸ™‚

    • ern says:

      Hi..yes my 3mos at 6mos na tv pag 3mos wala na medical..but I suggest if first time mo eto ,mg apply Ka muna Ng 3mos pwede Ka naman mg extend pag doon kana apply Ka Ng extension…okay Lang unemployed basta my sponsor Ka yung financial capacity ni sponsor ang importante…

      • Marian says:

        Thanks po Ms. Ern. Noted lahat ng advise nyo. May alam po ba kayo na grant ng multiple sa 1st time TV application? Ok lamg po kaya na mag request ako ng multiple for 1st time ang lalagay ko pong reason is primarily because my fiance is in the military and the only time we see each other is during his leaves and it makes more sense for me to be the one to fly to him since it’s not necessary for him to be on leave when im there with him and also, sobrang hassle to depend on the military calendar. All our holidays are not well planned dahil super last minute na sila mag finalize ng leave dates.

        Also, kelangan po ba sa application may exact dates? Pwede ko po ba sabihin lang yun tentative month ng entry ko to Au and state the reason that military leave dates are yet to be finalized.

        Pasensya na po sa madaming tanong im taking advantage of the chance lang na nagreresponse kayo sakin. MARAMING SALAMAT PO. GODBLESS πŸ™‚

      • ern says:

        Hi Marian.. I think okay Lang Yan Ask Ka multiple entry Kasi reasonable naman talaga na kailangan mo ganyan my last application(pang 2ndtime) tentative date nilagay Ko ian dahil dko sure yung end of school Ng anak Ko but I make sure na Ma cover Ng validity Ng visa for 6mos ang target Ko na talaga na date, dahil nga d alam kung 6mos o 1yr I grant nila sa akin..and just to share yung anak Ko first time nya,3mos and single entry inaply ko Pero parehas Kami na grant Ng multiple entry valid for 1yr..basta make sure na mailagay mo lahat Ng reason mo sa cover letter since wala interview doon mo explain lahat hehe..

      • Marian says:

        Salamat po ms. Ern. Regarding po sa multiple entry visa valid for 1 yr. Gano po katagal ang allowed na stay per entry sa australia? Pag po na grant ng multiple as in unlimited entries po? Pwede po ba 3 mos per entry? Salamat po talaga sobrang laking help nyo sakin sa pag intindi nito.

      • ern says:

        Depende kung 3months yung inaply mo,Oo Ian pwede kana balik balik..ang gawin mo nalang if pag Ma grant Ka at pa tapos na visa mo mg apply Ka Ng extension para maka stay Ka doon matagal…

      • Marian says:

        Tell me po if i understand correctly ms. Ern, kapag 3 months ang inapply ko at grant multiple visa for 1 yr..kada entry ko isa pwedeng 3 months walang uwian dito sa pinas? So sa 1 yr po 4 times ako pwede pumunta sa australia, 3 months duration each entry? Tama po ba? Pasensya na po nalito ako. πŸ™‚ salamat

      • ern says:

        Yes ganun ian..

      • Marian says:

        Thanks ms. Ern, i will update you po asap regarding my application. You’ve been a great help to me. Thank you for sharing what you know regarding TV app. GODBLESS PO!

      • ern says:

        Your welcome Ka mag apply mas mabilis ang result..Goodluck sau..God Bless πŸ™‚

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      Tourist visas are usually valid for one year. So if you are granted a 3 month visa, you can travel to Australia anytime within the year that your visa is valid, and you can stay for up to 3 months.

      • marian says:

        Thanks po Ern and Nina. Your comments are really helpful. Yun kasi ang worry namin, mag aapply tapos hindi nman magamit within its validity. Kasi po ang timing ng leave ng fiance ko is always tentative because he is in the military. So automatic po na 1 yr valid yun visa? hindi po sila nagbibigay ng mas mababang validity period na months lang? just making sure po. Salamat

      • ern says:

        Hi Marian..yung first tv Ko 6months Lang validity nya..yung inaply Ko kc nun is just 3months and single entry Lang..

      • marian says:

        Hi ms. ern, I included in my cover letter po the reason of my request for multiple entry. I also stated our planned visits to Australia in October and Christmas, bukod pa po dun sa nilagay kong tentative date for my first entry this July. Ok lang po ba yun? I stated that we are planning for me to visit australia in October for my birthday, which is not included in the tentative leave period in the military calendar kaya dapat po talaga ako pupunta sa kanya dahil di sya makakapunta dito. Nilagay ko rin po na ang reason primarily why we need a multiple visa because my fiance’s nature of work can sometimes be hectic and while he’s in military exercises, sometimes po nasa desert sila and he cant access internet so hindi nya po masesend sakin ang necesssary documents as my sponsor.

        One more thing po, hindi ko na po kelangan ng NBI clearance? I am helping out in my mother’s bridal gown shop and I will disclose that in my application as my occupation. I dont really get paid from assisting my mother in her business pero I still see this as a primary reason na babalik ako sa Pinas kasi kami lang po ng mama ko ang hands on sa business. Bukod po sa DTI permit at ITR ng business ng mama ko, ano pa po an kelangan ko isubmit to prove na existent ang business namin? salamat po! Godbless po.

      • ern says:

        Hi Marian..Yes all good Yan.. no need na NBI ..anyway if u want I can add you sa fb messenger I will share my cover letter to you..

      • marian says:

        Thanks po ms. ern. What’s your messenger po? Hehe salamat po ng super! πŸ™‚

      • ern says:


      • marian says:

        Thanks po Ms.Ern, very helpful response πŸ™‚ Siguro po kailangan naming itiming ng maigi kasi may possibility pala na 6 months valid lang. My fiance currently has less than $15k Aud in his savings account. We had a recent holiday overseas so medyo malaki po nagasta namin. Do you guys think less than $15k is enough for him to sponsor me? Would the embassy think that’s enough? Do you have any idea po regarding the embassy’s preferred amount in the sponsor’s bank certificate? Ako po ba magpoprovide din ng bank cert?

      • ern says:

        I think okay Lang Yan savings nya may work naman sya diba? If you have bank account here pasa mo na rin ian although pag my sponsor ang sa kanya talaga yung importante..

      • Marian says:

        Thanks for the response ern! One more thing, is it okay na hindi masunod ang dates of entry to australia as written on the app? Say we stated im going to australia on may pero po namove to july? Should we notify the embassy in case of changes in.itinerary if ever ma grant? And sa first application po ba usually 6 months valid lang or 1 yr? Since tentative leave dates po kaso ng fiance ko its favorable if we get granted a 1 yr valid visa.

      • ern says:

        Yes okay Lang Yan change and date No need to inform the embassy as long na cover pa dn eto Ng validity Ng visa mo.,base sa mga nabasa Ko dito sa blog meron din first tv nila 1yr ang validity iba iba..much better ilagay mo sa cover letter mo na u wish for 1 yr validity at ilagay mo reason kung bakit..

  28. Selle says:

    Hi All,

    Ask ko lang kung meron dito na na-approve ng TV na good for 30 days lang after entry?
    Pero ung visa mismo is good for 6months only.


  29. Hi. Question, which documents po ang pinanotarize mo? Thanks!

  30. Sam says:

    Hi guys!!! Mind to ask not visa related.. ano gamit niyo pangsend ng money transfer sa pinas asided from western union? Mahal kase rate nila.. Orbitremit daw.. legit and safe kaya yun?? Thank you!!!!

    • Dallie says:

      G’day Sam, just go to 7 eleven near by your place, meron Moneygram dun at mag register ka lang, mag ask ka ng help sa Cashier, at dun ka na din mag pay sa 7 eleven.

    • ME says:

      Yes maganda ang Orbitremit, un gamit ng bf ko noon when sending me money…Mataas pati rate nila and just 2 days meron na sabank account ko.

  31. Louissa says:

    Hellow can you help me doing my introduction letter ? Please

  32. Ting says:

    Hi po! Someone told me that I need show money for a tourist visa kahit daw sponsored ako. Is it true? If so, magkano po? And do I need to pay a health insurance for the whole 3 months stay? Thanks!

    • ME says:

      not necessarily mean show money siguro..kc when u apply one of the requirements is for you to provide personal evidence of your financial capacity, like if you have savings in the bank d nman ibig sabihin na malaking halaga..but I think just to show na kahit papano me pera para me panggastos ka while ur there or whatever…ang inaattach kc is your bank statement..or any other proofs like payslip if working ka or credit card. most important ung sa sponsor or ung magsusuport sau when u get there, he has to show na kaya ka nya his financial capacity to provide all those things for you..accommodation, transportation, food etc. U will be showing evidence of his financial capacity his bank statement/payslip..Also no need for health insurance for the 3 months stay lng…basta un lang choose mo the system will not prompt you to undergo that procedure…Apply ka online mas maganda. Important reminder lng na u have to give emphasis of your strong ties sa Pilipinas, why you need to go back at di ka talaga magiistay sa Australia for other purpose. goodluck sau!

      • Ting says:

        Thanks ME! Student palang po ako…will graduate this summer. Do I still need to pass a bank statement? Ano po kaya magandang ilagay for me to go back sa Pilipinas? Salamat po!

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