Travel Expenses: Hobart

The first time I went to Hobart, I wasn’t able to keep track of our expenses. Since we were hosted by my brother-in-law’s friends, we had no accommodation expense, and most of our meals were had at their house.

Beautiful Hobart

On this trip, however, my sisters and I were on our own, and I was able to see just how much a trip to Hobart would cost. Note that this is not a super budget trip: we stayed in a serviced apartment where we were able to cook most of our meals. Our main activity was a trip to the Museum of Old and New Art and the Salamanca Market. We walked everywhere, since our accommodation was centrally located. Also note that this covers the travel expenses for the three of us, excluding our personal shopping.
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Tasmania in Pictures

Tasmania is quite unlike the other Australian states. This is mainly because of its location. All of Australia’s six states are in the mainland, except for Tasmania. This small island 240 kilometers south of the mainland prides itself as being the “Natural State;” the island is generally unspoilt, with 37% of its land in reserve, National Park and World Heritage sites. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Baby tahong
We went to the nearby beach and I saw this rock covered in what I thought was black pebbles. They turned out to be baby mussels.

Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, is the second city founded in Australia, next to Sydney. It is the island’s main gateway to the rest of Australia and the world. It is also one of the main port for ships headed to Antarctica, and recently, regular flight service.

Bob loves going to the beach
Bob the dog loves going to the beach.

When people hear that I planned on heading over to Tasmania, they all gushed at how beautiful the place was, and how Hobart has such beautiful buildings. After hearding all their praises, I couldn’t wait to go to Tasmania.

If this is the view you wake up to everyday,
If this is the view you wake up to everyday, would you ever have a bad day?

I was supposed to go by myself, as a birthday present. I got the hot air balloon ride instead, and I thought I would have to kiss my Tasmanian trip goodbye. There was something else planned for me, it seemed. My brother-in-law received an invitation from an old client and friends to spend Christmas in Tasmania. With careful juggling of our busy schedule, we finally booked our flights in and out of Hobart.

Flying kites on a clear day

We didn’t really stay in Hobart. From the airport, we just made a quick stop to pick up supplies from the city and headed an hour and a half out of Hobart and into Police Point, where our host have a farm. Upon seeing the gorgeous plot of land (and my equally wonderful room), I was glad I didn’t go to Hobart alone.

Prickly plant
This is one of the plants that is pretty abundant in the beaches and the mountain.

After the busy couple of weeks we’ve had, it was great to be able to relax in Tasmania. The views from the house was splendid: fields of hay, towering trees, the sparkling blue Huon, and the mountains of Cygnet across the river. It rained a lot during our stay there, and for once I didn’t really mind it. The rains keep Tasmania fertile, and it leaves us with spectacular rainbows.

They stick to your shoes and pants, so better wear your trainers and pants when you go hiking in Tasmania.

In my previous post, I said Tasmania was the most beautiful place I’ve been to in Australia. I guess I said that because it was so unlike the rest of Australia. Where as the mainland is mostly dry and barren, in Tasmania you’re never far from water.

There are no chestnuts, but there is a fire
There are no chestnuts, but there is a fire. Perfect for warming up on a chilly night.

While standing on Recherche Bay, soaking in the beauty we see before us, my sister turns to me and said it reminds her of our parent’s hometown, Bulusan. I then realize what it is about Tasmania that charmed me most. If you’re like me who grew up in Manila, one of the reasons you’d like Melbourne and Sydney is because it’s so different from Manila. The charm of Tasmania on the otherhand, is that it reminds you of the Philippines.

Most memorable toilet in this trip
The most memorable toilet I have encountered in 2007. Yes, that is sawdust you see inside the toilet. Absolutely no water in this potty.


Then again, it may have just been the homesickness and the excitement about going home that’s talking. But given the chance, Tasmania ranks high on the places I’d always go back to.