Cintai Corito’s Garden


I was instantly alert, looking for the noisy cat. As I strained my eyes, trying to look into the bushes in the dark, one of the staff came forward and said, “ma’am, it was the peacocks.”

Cintai Corito's Garden
Peacocks in the detail

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Microtel Batangas

Three weeks ago, Microtel Batangas invited me and my friends from PHL360 to spend a weekend at their property in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Seeing as I am feeling the pressure to save all my money for an upcoming trip, I was eager to accept the invitation for a getaway.

Microtel Batangas
Microtel Batangas

Microtel Batangas is located inside the First Philippine Industrial Park. It features your typical Microtel architecture, interiors, and service. I think that’s what great about chain hotels — you know exactly what to expect, and you know your expectations will be met.
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Minori-Tei Japanese Restaurant in Batangas

If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, you probably already know that I love Japanese food. So when the invite came to try a Japanese restaurant in Batangas, I had to accept, even if it meant losing a couple of hours of sleep.

Special sashimi from Hokkaido

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Blue Dolphin Resort

It’s my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary next year, and me and the siblings are already planning how to celebrate it. My eldest sister suggested that we rent a house with a pool again, like we did years ago and stay for a night or two with the entire family. Sort of goes without saying that I’ll be the one searching for this house.

Blue Dolphin Resort

Luckily enough, Gail invited me for a resort opening a couple of weekends ago. Turns out it was for the re-opening of the Blue Dolphin Resort in Balayan, Batangas.
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Why the Mt. Daguldol Hike was one of the most memorable trips of 2008

Contrary to what you might be thinking, my continuous raving about the Mt. Daguldol hike really wasn’t because of the sponsorship. Don’t get me wrong — it was great to get the free gear, but it was the people and the experience that made this trip so unforgettable.

Me, AJ, Ricky, Phoebe, Jayvee and Ferdz
Photo by Dino de Leon

It was my first trip out of town with this group. It was even my first time to meet Phoebe and Ferdz, and my first time to really get to interact with AJ and Jayvee, whom I both met in previous events. It’s actually like a school field trip. You get to know the people you share your classes with outside of the classroom.

Photo by Dino de Leon

Also, just like field trips, there are those moments when you act really immature and take photos of people sleeping. XD (No, I’m not posting sleeping photos here because I’m not *that* evil. But you can see them over at my flickr or my multiply XD)

Paparazzi in the mountains
Shooting Phoebe and AJ‘s fasyon spread

This was also my first real camping experience. The last time I slept inside a tent was the time my cousins and I stayed overnight at the cemetery during Halloween. We weren’t really roughing it because Halloween and All Saint’s Day in the Philippines is more like a huge outdoor party — there are long lines at the toilet and a Pizzahut kiosk right beside our tent. Prior to that was the camping we had for scouting back in grade school. We only camped inside the school grounds, and the school was only one street away from my house, so it wasn’t much of an experience. Though I think I did see a white lady in one of the classrooms… THIS was real camping though. With tents, camp stoves, peeing in the bushes. -_-

Halo lang.
Dino’s Halo-halo

Then there’s the halo-halo. On the way back down to San Juan, we stopped by Mang Lizardo’s for halo-halo. One high-maintenance hiker who shall remain nameless ordered a high-maintenance halo-halo: no kamote, no munggo, no pinipig and only one scoop of sugar.

Me and Ricky at the big boulder
With Ricky, Columbia Sportswear’s Megamall branch manager

That started the teasing the high maintenance hiker got all the way back to Manila. Of course, this high maintenance hiker made things worse by commenting on the “local ice cream.” In fairness, masarap ang local ice cream! Remember, Creamline is the official ice cream of high maintenance hikers!

Phoebe and Jayvee
Phoebe, Jayvee and Phoebe’s bucchi

High maintenance hikers aside, there was one blogger who made a great display of his strenght during this climb. While everybody was huffing and puffing from the exertion, this blogger was huffing and puffing away on his cigarettes. Winner! He kept up a running commentary, even singing Broadway hits, which kept us entertained and kept our minds off from the strain of the hike. To further show off his manly prowess, this tough guy pulled our van out of the muddy ditch it got stuck in on the drive back to Laiya. It’s a shame nobody got a video of this amazing display of strength.

Me & Ferdz
Me and Ferdz

Another highlight for me was learning how to skip rocks! Though I still lack practice, I was able to get them to skip three times. Thanks for the lessons, Ferdz!

My 10,000th photo with the Ixus 75! (Pardon the cheesy poses)

It was also during this trip that I reached the 10,000th mark on my digital camera. It took me almost three years to reach 10,000 in my old A70, but with the Ixus 75, it only took seven months. I was initially planning some elaborate shoot to celebrate the 10K, but I’m glad that the 10,000th photo was a sort-of spontaneous happy shot. As my friend said, “at least it has someone wearing a shirt that says “I’m too horny.””