Travel Expenses: Bohol 2006

It’s been three days since we got back from [tag]Bohol[/tag] and I’m still recovering from my vacation. How ironic. The things that happened when I got home was just too stressful and I still couldn’t shake it off. Hopefully, I’ll be back in good working condition by Monday.

Something good came in the mail the day after I got back which cheered me up a bit, and I was able to use my computer again without having to take it (and paying lots of money) to the repair shop.

On a lighter note, I was able to stay under my [tag]budget[/tag] for this trip yay. Unfortunately, with the loss of my MP3 player and some cash, that still brings me over my budget. But what the heck, I’m just glad I was able to come home in with all pieces in tact.

A detailed breakdown of my Bohol budget right after the jump.
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