Microtel Eagle Ridge

One of the good things about staying in Microtel is that (as I mentioned before), you already know what to expect, and chances are, the experience will live up to your expectations. So what else can I write about this hotel chain?

Microtel Eagle Ridge
Microtel Eagle Ridge

The Microtel people made sure there’s still something we can write about — on our second weekend with Microtel, they had us visit new places and try activities we haven’t done before. Between me, Kara, and Estan, that seemed like a tall order, but they managed to do it.
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Long weekend at Taal Vista Hotel

Though I much prefer traveling for more than three days, there is something to be said about going out of town for the weekend to relax after a long week and recharge for another week ahead. When I received the invitation to stay for a weekend at Taal Vista Hotel, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, and even took advantage of using my voucher from Deal Grocer to extend for an extra day.

View from Taal Vista Hotel
View of Taal Lake and volcano from our room’s balcony

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Snapshot Tagaytay: Taal Volcano


Though I wasn’t able to welcome in the new year in an exotic destination (I practically slept through it at home), I was glad to have the opportunity to go out of town on the first weekend of 2013. The lovely folks of Taal Vista Hotel extended an invitation to stay overnight, and I was only too happy to accept, and get the chance to make it a 3-day weekend, using the coupon I got from Deal Grocer (a payment for their advertorial).

Though Tagaytay is near enough for a day trip, it’s great to escape from the chaos of the city, even just for a couple of days. There are activities around the hotel to keep you occupied during your stay, but I’m quite content sitting in our room’s balcony, enjoying the view of the lake, the volcano, and the surrounding countryside. It makes one think of the blessings received, and have an optimistic view of the future.

As I sit here, I I reflect upon how the years of traveling has made me different, both as a traveler and as a person. Unlike when I started in 2006, I now have a better understanding of what kind of travel I prefer to do. I no longer feel that I have to make myself fit in any kind of traveler’s profile, just to feel that I am a “genuine” traveler. I travel. I’m both a traveler and a tourist. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Seeing that January marks the start of new beginnings and travel planning, I have to chuckle at how messed up my plans for the year have become. I started the year determined to visit a certain place, when out of the blue, I get asked a question whether I want to visit another place, in the opposite direction. That’s just how life is, I find. You set your course to one destination, but you get sidetracked to another. It’s like when you’re walking and exploring a new city: you walk down the main road, but end up winding through the alleys and back streets, because that’s where the most exciting finds. Still, you end up where you initially set out for. It just takes you a little longer to get there.

Summit Ridge, Tagaytay

I’ve never stayed overnight in Tagaytay. Its close proximity to Metro Manila makes it easy to just drive up, spend the day, and drive back as the sun goes down. Thanks to Summit Ridge’s invitation to try out their facilities, I discovered the merits of spending the night in Tagaytay.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay
Summit Ridge

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Our Tagaytay weekend

Up until 2008, I’ve never set foot in Tagaytay. That changed in February 2008, and I found myself going back several times since. When Robinson’s Land gave me a complimentary stay at Summit Ridge, their hotel in Tagaytay I gladly took this as a great excuse to go back.

People's Park in the Sky
View from the People’s Park in the Sky

Not that I need much reason to go back — I’ve gone with friends up to Tagaytay on a whim and would go in a heartbeat. The place is overly commercialized and very touristy, but it’s only 2 hours from Manila (1.5 hours on a good day) and you get that much needed change in scenery (not to mention the cool mountain air).
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