Bangkok Airport Link: Fastest and cheapest way to Suvarnabhumi

In previous trips to Bangkok, I would either take the taxi or the Airport Express Bus to wherever I’m staying. Both option has its pros and cons: taxis are more comfortable and convenient, but it can be quite expensive if you’re shouldering the cost on your own. The bus, on the other hand, is a cheap alternative if you’re traveling solo, but you’d also have to deal with the terrible Bangkok traffic. About a month before we flew to Bangkok for the Thailand Open, I stumbled upon this article on CNNGo: Bangkok Airport Rail Link vs. city taxi. I was elated at the news of this new airport transport option that promises to be cheap, fast and relatively comfortable.

Bangkok Airport Link Express Train
Anonymous model wants to remain anonymous

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Thailand Open 2010

Those who follow Just Wandering on Facebook and Twitter would already know that I spent the weekend in Bangkok. If you recall, I was in Bangkok around the same time last year as well. The reason for heading to BKK last weekend was the same as last year’s: to stalk watch Rafael Nadal at the Thailand Open.

Thailand Open 2010
Fernando Gonzalez, Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin del Potro and Ernests Gulbis at the PTT Thailand Open 2010

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Bangkok with a bang

From Hanoi, I flew to Bangkok. It was just to transit for my flight to Krabi, but of course, it’s never “just” a trip to Bangkok. In the three hours that I spent outside my super charming guesthouse (more on this soon!), I managed to blew whatever money I’ve saved in Vietnam.

Bangkok has gone back to normal. Save for the gutted buildings, there were no signs that this was a city that has been paralyzed by the red shirts a month ago. The malls are open again, the BTS taking people from one end of the city to another.
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Bangkok Guesthouse Review: HI-Sukhumvit

Hostelling International Sukhumvit is one of the hostels in Bangkok getting high ratings from travelers who have stayed there. I’ve stayed there twice in 2009, and it’s getting high rating from me as well.

Hostelling International Sukhumvit
Watch out for this sign on Soi 38

The Sukhumvit area is called the embassy row — almost all of the embassies are located there (including the Philippine embassy). It’s also said that Sukhumvit is where backpackers go when they tire of Khao San Road. Sukhumvit is a very quiet neighborhood, and you can walk for a kilometer without anybody asking you if you want to go on a tuktuk ride or buy a fake Rolex. Though Sukhumvit is not exactly a central station, the BTS run along the main road, so it’s easy to get around without having to deal with Bangkok’s infamous traffic jams.
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