Get inspired to travel with Pinterest

I’m one of those millenials, the ones who grew up on the Internet. I practically live online — my work is based online, most of my friends now, are those that I met online, and I keep in touch with them and my family online.

My hobbies for the past 20 years have been influenced by the internet: online chatting, writing, HTML, photography, travel, and toy collecting. It is through the many hours I spent online that I learned about those things, and what continued to fuel passion for them.

It particularly made a huge impact on my traveling. What started as an impulsive decision to travel solo brought on by a quarter-life crisis has brought me across continents and recognition for this blog.
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Review: Hotel Quickly

Last year, I received a message in LinkedIn. I hardly use that social network, so I was surprised to receive anything. Interestingly, it was from the developer of a new (then) last-minute booking app called Hotel Quickly. I was quite eager to try it out (and use the $50 credit they gave me), but unfortunately, back then, most of their properties were only in selected countries in Southeast Asia.

My Deluxe room at the Exchange Regency, booked and paid through Hotel Quickly

Their hotel inventory started growing eventually, and I was elated when they finally had hotels available in Australia right when I was visiting. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as whenever I am available to book for a hotel stay, there are no hotels available, and there are plenty whenever I am stuck at home.
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Everywhere else but here

I know I’ve been remiss with my blogging duties. That’s what happens you don’t travel. Which is really ironic, because it means I now have more time to write. I’ve been enjoying my time away from the computer, but unfortunately, it’s not spent mostly with my tablet. All free time is now spent playing Pocket Planes (oh how I love traveling vicariously through the lives of my Bitizens), drooling over food porn on Instagram, catching up on my favorite blogs on Flipboard, catching up with my siblings overseas on Viber, and reading questionable literature on iBooks.

As I mentioned before, my traveling style has changed. As technology change, so has my (and probably yours, too) Internet habits. Having a mobile device that can let me go online whenever and wherever I am, means that I can share photos and thoughts instantly. It also means I can just as easily connect with friends, and find out what they’re up to or get their recommendations for things or food to try where ever I am.

If you’re always mobile (and love being online all the time), you can follow me on Nuffnang X, which alerts you whenever I post a new entry. It’s a free app available on the App Store and Google Play for both iOS and Android devices. Saves you the trouble of checking the blog every day (considering how erratic I blog lately, it can get really frustrating if you do that!), and you can also subscribe to your other favorite blogs, and get alerts when they have a new post.

What’s in my iPod

Here’s a geeky version of my What’s in my Bag series. Since getting my iPod Touch last year, we’ve been inseparable. I love that it can keep me occupied during long plane, bus, train or ferry rides, while serving as a mobile mini-computer. Of course, it does not have the full functionality that a netbook or laptop has, but it helps me track my expenses, write and publish a blog and most importantly, it lets me connect to the Internet.

iPod Apps
I’m an idiot who uses two different apps for two different Twitter accounts. Yes, I know I can use one for both. It’s just easier this way. Or so I tell myself.

I’ve gone through several apps throughout the year, but these are the ones that have stuck with me:
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My favorite Pinay travel bloggers

When I started travel blogging in 2006, there were only a handful of travel blogs locally, and it’s mostly run by men. The travel blogging landscape has changed over the years and women are now traveling as much and as far as the guys. Here are some of my favorite Filipina travel bloggers:

Pinay Travel Junkie

Pinay Travel Junkie
Gay started traveling when she was single, continued traveling when she got married, and now, she’s on her way to being the perfect nomadic momma.
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