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The wonder of Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Things sometimes just fall into place. When I was planning my trips for 2013, I envisioned myself in Melbourne in January, sweating profusely due to the summer heat and swatting flies with wild abandons, just so I can catch Cirque … Continue reading

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Capsule pods at Kabayan Hotel

Here’s something I never got to do while in Japan: stay in a capsule hotel. I am intrigued by the concept, but was dissuaded to try it when my friend Rotch said that it was geared towards short stays only … Continue reading

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What’s in my bag?

After 6 or so What’s in my bag? posts, you’d think I won’t have space anymore in my bags. As the years pass, my travel style continues to change, and so does my packing style. There are new products to … Continue reading

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A different Coron experience at Coron Eco Lodge

My trip to Coron, Palawan last September was very different from the trip I made back in June 2008. That, for me, felt more like a backpacking trip, the trip this year feeling more like a holiday. School girls walking … Continue reading

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Holiday mode at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa

They said that when you want something and keep thinking about it, the universe gives you what you’re asking for. It was the fourth week of May, and I just realized just how big a commitment I signed on when … Continue reading

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