Tune Hotel in the Philippines

It’s been years since I last stayed in a Tune Hotel. My first Tune was at Penang, during my 30-day Southeast Asian backpacking trip in 2009, the second during my Indonesia trip in 2010.

Penang 03
My room at Tune Hotel Penang

Tune Hotel has expanded rapidly since then, finally making its way to Philippines shores in 2011. This February, they opened the doors of their eight hotel in the country: Tune Hotel Ortigas.
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Where are you headed next?

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Before I left Melbourne last August, my eldest sister asked me a question that left me both stumped and surprised: where do I picture myself living in the future? Unlike other 32 year olds who can easily prattle off with a concrete answer, I found myself saying with as much confidence that I can muster that I still can’t look that far ahead. All that I’m seeing, and all that I want to do is to travel, and to continue traveling. It has come to a point that I am moving beyond doing it as a hobby, and wanting to make it my life.

I wouldn’t mind living in this apartment in Mykonos

I have no set destination, I have no idea where I want to end up eventually, but I do know that I will find out by trial and error: going to a new city, getting an apartment there, living there for weeks, months or years. All I know for certain is that travel is what I really want to do.
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Review: Hotel Quickly

Last year, I received a message in LinkedIn. I hardly use that social network, so I was surprised to receive anything. Interestingly, it was from the developer of a new (then) last-minute booking app called Hotel Quickly. I was quite eager to try it out (and use the $50 credit they gave me), but unfortunately, back then, most of their properties were only in selected countries in Southeast Asia.

My Deluxe room at the Exchange Regency, booked and paid through Hotel Quickly

Their hotel inventory started growing eventually, and I was elated when they finally had hotels available in Australia right when I was visiting. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as whenever I am available to book for a hotel stay, there are no hotels available, and there are plenty whenever I am stuck at home.
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Wondering about Hotel 878

Living in the outskirts of Quezon City, I (now) find a lot of places too far or too inaccessible to me. Nowadays, I often just venture out to places I can easily go to.

Hotel 878 lobby

The same goes when I travel: I pick places that are either centrally located, near a transport hub (preferably a train station), or within easy access to the main purpose of my trip.
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How to plan your trip

My life in between trips is simple: it’s spent planning and saving for the next one. After 8 years, of traveling, I think I got the planning part down.

I want to go to a place where there are lots of cute kitties!

I often receive questions from readers of the blog, asking help in preparing for their trips. As much as I like helping people, it’s quite off putting when they want to have you practically planning their entire trip for them. Unless you’re so busy that you don’t have time to plan, with the Internet, it’s not hard to research about your destination. Google is your best friend.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:
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