Shangri-La Hotel’s “School’s Out, Fun’s In”

Though school is definitely not out in the Philippines, it is on other parts of the world. Also, it doesn’t mean there’s no more time to have some fun during the weekend, right?

Happy Hour at Alon Bar
Very inviting pool of the Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa

While in Boracay last May, my mermaid friend Ida, told us to check out the Shangri-La Resort in the island, where she was teaches swimming to hotel guests. She said the Alon bar has a nice view of the sunset, and seeing as how we’re such suckers for sunsets and dying for a chance to see the resort, we jumped on the next available shuttle van.
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Dining options at The District Boracay

The District Boracay has three food and beverage outlets: the Vigan Grill, Star Lounge, and Caruso Ristorante Italiano.

Vigan Grill
First meal: grilled prawns and poqui-poqui

My first meal at The District was at Vigan Grill on the day of my arrival, and I was joined by the Ms. Naomi, the Resort Manager. As we wait for the food to arrive, we shared stories of travel and visa frustrations. When my order of grilled prawns and poqui-poqui arrived, I ask why the restaurant is named Vigan Grill. Turns out that the owners of the hotel are from Vigan, and wanted a taste of their home available in the island. I have to say, it’s a very welcome treat, specially if you’re looking for something different to eat in Boracay.
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Winner of the Tiger Airways ticket!

Thanks to everyone who joined my Tiger Airways ticket giveaway! I was overwhelmed by all the entries I got!

Seair/Tiger Airways

Without further ado, the free tickets go to Gian Burayag of! Congratulations Gian, I hope to read about your trip on your blog!

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Let’s Explore Chiang Mai together!

I’m a creature of habit. Once I become comfortable, I never want to change. I have to force myself (or be in the right mood) to try new things. That’s why even though I’ve been to Bangkok several times already, I rarely venture out to try new places or eat something completely different. That’s why I also haven’t explored Chiang Mai.

Bangkok traffic

But that’s about to change, because I’m going to Chiang Mai this October, and you have the chance to explore it with me! Together with Ivan Henares and EEI Global Holidays, we’re going to temple-hop in Chiang Mai, eat some really good Thai food, and do some early Christmas shopping!
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The District Boracay

Sometimes, things just fall into place. The plan was to hold off all travel plans to save money for a bigger trip, but the apprehensions and frustration I felt while waiting for word regarding my Australian tourist visa application resulted in an impulsive purchase of round trip tickets to Roxas City. If I didn’t get the visa, I might as well have a week-long holiday, I thought. Though my travel mate’s plans were only until Thursday, May 30, I opted to go the full week, since I’ll be taking a leave from work. I was thinking about my options, since I have four days until my flight home, when I received an invite for a 3-days, 2-nights stay at The DistrictBoracay. Now isn’t that just lucky?

The District Boracay
The District Boracay

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