Goodbye, 2006!

mosaic2317009Another year is coming to a close less than two hours from now. Yet I’m here at my sister’s house in my jammies with only the sound of the ticking clock for company. There’s a TV less than 10 feet away from me and I can’t even bring myself to reach for the remote and open it.

December 31st here in Melbourne is certainly different from New Year’s Eve in Manila. For one thing, I can’t smell any smoke from firecrackers set off by the neighbor’s. It’s really quiet here. Too quiet.
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Just an observation

Teenagers around the world all look the same: they all look weird.

They would either wear whatever Paris, Nichole, Lindsay or Britney is wearing, or pattern their outfits after their favorite emo band.

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Flying with Singapore Airlines

A couple of months ago, I posted a question for you guys regarding which airline would you chose: one where your frequent flier miles are, and one which always top the airline ratings chart. Based on your answers, I made my decision to pick [tag]Singapore Airlines[/tag] over Philippine Airlines on my trip to Melbourne from Manila.

It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.
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Almost two hours in Changi and I’ve already:

  • had dinner with my brother
  • window shopped
  • had a foot massage
  • watched CNN
  • checked my mail
  • posted three blog entries

…and there’s still time before my flight boards and a couple of other things I haven’t done or tried.

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This month’s latest fad

All I can say about Singapore today is that everybody has a Crumpler bag.

Well, not everybody like EVERYBODY, but everywhere I go there’s somebody with a Crumpler. In the bus, at the bookstore, at the Mall, in Orchard Road. Specially in Orchard Road.

I wonder what will I see next when I come back?

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