Cheap and free in Melbourne

Cheap and free in MelbourneComing from Manila, where almost everything is cheap, prices of goods, services and admission tickets can be terribly shocking once you convert it to peso. Of course, they always say don’t convert else you won’t buy anything. Then again, there are plenty of inexpensive options around, specially here in [tag]Melbourne[/tag].

There are plenty of free activities around the city, from watching a trapeze company performing in the street to watching a concert at the Federation square. To help you get around, there’s the free City Cirle Tram and the free Tourist Shuttle bus, which takes you to (or within walking distance to) all of the major tourists attractions in the city.
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Goodbye, 2006!

mosaic2317009Another year is coming to a close less than two hours from now. Yet I’m here at my sister’s house in my jammies with only the sound of the ticking clock for company. There’s a TV less than 10 feet away from me and I can’t even bring myself to reach for the remote and open it.

December 31st here in Melbourne is certainly different from New Year’s Eve in Manila. For one thing, I can’t smell any smoke from firecrackers set off by the neighbor’s. It’s really quiet here. Too quiet.
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Just an observation

Teenagers around the world all look the same: they all look weird.

They would either wear whatever Paris, Nichole, Lindsay or Britney is wearing, or pattern their outfits after their favorite emo band.

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Flying with Singapore Airlines

A couple of months ago, I posted a question for you guys regarding which airline would you chose: one where your frequent flier miles are, and one which always top the airline ratings chart. Based on your answers, I made my decision to pick [tag]Singapore Airlines[/tag] over Philippine Airlines on my trip to Melbourne from Manila.

It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.
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Almost two hours in Changi and I’ve already:

  • had dinner with my brother
  • window shopped
  • had a foot massage
  • watched CNN
  • checked my mail
  • posted three blog entries

…and there’s still time before my flight boards and a couple of other things I haven’t done or tried.

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