Travel Expenses: Sydney 2007

Ah, Sydney. How I loved thee.

I’ve fallen inlove with Sydney, mainly because of the harbour and the ferries. I don’t know why, but I just love riding commuter ferries. It’s one of the reasons why I loved the Chao Phraya in Bangkok.

I only spent 3 days in Sydney, though I wish I could have stayed longer. Sydney has so much to offer to travelers, and admittedly, a weekend in Sydney isn’t too expensive. I was surprised when I saw the total myself.

Here’s my 3-day Sydney expense breakdown to give you an idea when you plan your own trip to this lovely city.

[EDIT March 5, 2009] I am an idiot. I made a HUGE mistake in summing up all the expenses, hence the ultra cheap total *facepalm* From Php 13K for a weekend trip, the real total finally came out (after TWO FRICKING YEARS): Php 23K!
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Subjective Travel Guides Wanted

Found this over at the BnA Forums:

“Subjective Travel Guides Wanted for – $150

We are looking for writers to help us build our coverage of countries and cities around the world.

PLEASE check out the website and observe that we are NOT looking for compilers of listings and prices but rather seasoned writers with edge, experience and deep knowledge of the country they’re writing about.

This is not the Lonely Planet so please leave your cliches at home.

The pay isn’t amazing but you will be able to write very much in your own voice. The guides work out at around 6000+ words and we pay $150 for all rights though we will give royalties on guides included in future print editions of Roadjunky.

Be in touch with writing samples that might fit the tone of road junky (again, please check out the website first) and details of where you’d like to cover.”

Guidelines are here

Too bad I’m a writer who doesn’t like to write.

Even if you’ve no plans of submitting, do check out the Road Junky website. I’ve only discovered it now, and it’s a really fun read.

Discount Europe Hotels

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At first glance, the name of the website brings to mind spam comments in blogs. However, when you see the website, you’d be able to forget about the spammy name when you see the website’s banner: it boasts of no booking or reservation fee, no cancellation fee and no advance payments needed.
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Bill Bryson’s Down Under

I can be quite a cheapskate when it comes to buying books. Though I may spend a lot on comics, I have reservations about shelling money on books. Looking at the way I take care of my books, it seems fitting that I buy second hand book instead of brand new ones.

It was just my luck that buying second hand books in Australia is a joy. Not only are they cheaper than buying brand new, most of the used books I was able to buy were nearly new. It was actually in Melbourne that I started collecting and got hooked on travel books.

One of my finds was Bill Bryson‘s Down Under. Bill Bryson is one of the names I often come across when people mention travel books, and find his book about Australia is very fitting indeed.

Bryson writes well, and can illicit quite a few chuckles while reading. Not only was the book a joy to read, it was also a great way to learn about the history of the country where I currently am staying. For me, history is interesting, but it can get quite boring to read. Down Under presents gives you a nice alternative to boring prose about how Australia came to be, and is a recomended reading for every travelling headed down under.

Out of five stars, I give this book a 4 1/2.