Where will your Wanderlust take you in 2012?

At the start of every year, people make up resolutions. A number of these resolutions are travel related, as evidenced by the spike of traffic my travel blog (as well as every other travel blogs and sites) receive this time of the year. There’s also a spike in the sales of planners and organizers (and coffee/tea). There are already too many planners out there, but friends Andrea and Faith came up with one with the traveler in mind: the Wanderlust Journal.

Wanderlust Travel Planner
Where will you wander this year?

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Snapshot Kalibo: Wonder Woman of Aklan

It doesn’t take much to make me want to visit a place. A video or a photo is sometimes enough to make me fixate on a destination or event, and I will do what I can to go there. In this case, it was a tarpaulin.

Wonder Woman of Aklan
Mababaw lang ang kaligayahan namin

Back in December 2010, Cla, Chris and I were driving from the Kalibo airport and into the town when we saw Jenny’s sign near the plaza. For some reason, we fixated on it. It didn’t help that Chris and her family, who have been living in Kalibo for years, have no clue who this person was. It was easy enough to search for information on Facebook, but unfortunately, Cla and I weren’t able to come back to Aklan for the 2011 ati-atihan festival, and Chris was running a fever and therefore, wasn’t able to look for her.
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Meknes, Moulay Idriss and Volubilis

Though Casablanca was our port of entry in Morocco, we considered Meknes as our first city. We merely transited in Casablanca, never going out of the airport and the train station enroute to the old capital.

Bab Mansour

Meknes wasn’t really in our original itinerary. We wanted to go to Volubilis, and according to research, day trips from Meknes can easily be done. Though it can also be done from Fes, there was something about Meknes that called to us. Maybe it’s the prospect of adding another notch to our Unesco Heritage Site list, or maybe I was just easily swayed by a blog I read about how laid back the city was that greatly appealed to me. Nevertheless, it was one of the best decisions we made because Meknes was a great introduction to Morocco.
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Project Morocco

When I published my Morocco travel expenses, friends started messaging me expressing their surprise at the figures I presented and asked for tips on how to plan a trip to Morocco.

I promised them I’d give a copy of my spreadsheet, which has our itinerary, budget, list of accommodation we considered staying at and links to various resources. Since it’s Christmas and all, I decided to share it with everyone! So here’s a little something from me to you: Project Morocco (2547).

It’s nothing fancy, but it should be enough to get you started. It’s my way of saying thanks for all sticking with me through all these years :)