Blue Dolphin Resort

It’s my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary next year, and me and the siblings are already planning how to celebrate it. My eldest sister suggested that we rent a house with a pool again, like we did years ago and stay for a night or two with the entire family. Sort of goes without saying that I’ll be the one searching for this house.

Blue Dolphin Resort

Luckily enough, Gail invited me for a resort opening a couple of weekends ago. Turns out it was for the re-opening of the Blue Dolphin Resort in Balayan, Batangas.
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Traveling with the Visa debit card

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Last September, I wrote about how I deal with money when traveling. Last January, while in Boracay, I was finally able to try using a Visa debit card.

Visa Debit Card
Works as well as a credit card, but without the absurdly high interest rate

It indeed, worked flawlessly like a credit card. After a sumptuous meal at Lemon Cafe in D’mall, I realized that I didn’t have enough cash with me to pay for my meal, so I paid using the card, knowing that this is one of the establishments in Boracay that accepts credit card payments. I was worried that their machines wouldn’t support debit cards, but turns out I didn’t have anything to fret about. The transaction went through without a hitch — I didn’t have to wash the dishes to pay for what I ate, and didn’t have to worry about credit card bills and interest rates.
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Review: Delsey Fiber Lite

My backpacks have taken a backseat last year. In my major trips last year (Guam, Morocco and Kuala Lumpur), it was my bright red luggage that accompanied me. It’s not that I’ve stopped backpacking; more like traveling to places where walking around in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops is not the most practical thing to do. I love the mobility I get with my backpacks, but there’s something to be said about the simple joy of throwing your clothes into an empty suitcase.

Delsey Fiber Lite
My new travel buddy

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago. The wonderful people at Delsey gave me a lovely token: a 65cm 4-wheel expandable trolley from their Fiber Lite line, just in time for my week-long trip to Kalibo. Yeah yeah, I know it’s absurd traveling with a suitcase that can carry up to 20 kilos just for a 7-day trip, but it gave me the freedom to pack stuff I wouldn’t have been able to if it was just me and my backpack. See, I was traveling with my dollie friends and also working the rest of the week. Three big-headed dolls each approximately 12″ tall, a 15-inch laptop, a week’s worth of clothes (mine and the dolls’) — they can’t all fit inside Viktor.
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Winner of the Wanderlust Travel Journal

Thanks to everyone who tweeted their destination list for 2012! Reading your tweets made me wistful for places I’ve visited and hopeful to see the ones I’ve yet to strike of my list.

Unfortunately, I only have one Wanderlust travel planner to give out and it’s going to:

Wanderlust travel journal winner

Congrats Shiela A, who plan to wander to Ilocos Norte, Siargao, Zamboanga City, Palawan, Surigao, Eastern Visayas, Batanes, Singapore, Baguio, Thailand, Camarines Sur, Camiguin, Kota Kinabalu, Bukidnon, General Santos City, Manila, and Cagayan de Oro! I hope the journal would help you plan for those trips and keep you company while you’re wandering :D

Let’s help build the Blogger House!

Blogging and other forms of social media is a great way to share information. With our blogs, Facebook and Twitter, we can share our joys and lament our misfortune. In the recent years, we’ve witnessed how the online community banded together to report on the current state of the country after a typhoon has hit and how it inspired people to take action.

In 2011, the Philippine Blog Awards has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build the Bahay Blogger or the Blogger House for the residents of Navotas, who have lost their homes when typhoon Pedring battered Metro Manila. In the spirit of Bayanihan, we’re calling on everybody to donate to the Bahay Blogger fund or if you’re strapped for cash, help us spread the word.

If you have a blog, you can post a badge similar to what I have on my sidebar simply by posting this code on your site:

No blog but on Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Google+, and other social networking sites? Share the link to the Bahay Blogger fundraising page ( The future residents of this house will surely appreciate your effort!

[UPDATE] People can deposit to Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc. BPI Current Account No. 2421-0014-67. Please fax the deposit slip with your name and contact details (and to indicate that it is for the Bahay Blogger) to 856-5389 or e-mail a scanned copy to

For GCash, you can text DONATE AMOUNT MPIN Habitat and send to 2882 via G-Cash.