Radisson Blu Cebu

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Cebu last week. I, along with Melo, Noemi and Eric, were invited by Radisson Blu Cebu for the opening of the Thai Food Festival, which runs until October 9, 2011.

Radisson Blu Cebu 16
Radisson Blu’s lobby

Of course, it’s par for the course for us to experience first hand why Radisson Blu is ranked the #1 hotel in Cebu in the travel website Tripadvisor.com.
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Enjoying Cebu in a completely new way

It’s my sixth time here in Cebu and I was pleased that each one different from the last. I’m in Cebu upon the invitation of Radisson Blu Cebu for the opening of the Thai Food Festival, which runs until October 9, 2011.

Thai cultural dancers will be performing at the Feria restaurant at lunch and dinner time throughout the Thai Food Festival

We arrived here last Thursday onboard a Philippine Airlines flight. Our flight, originally scheduled to depart at 9:00am only opened for boarding at 10:20am. The plane pushed back from the gate around 11:50am == our flight was almost 3 hours delayed. I’m writing this from the Mactan airport while waiting for our flight back to Manila. The original flight was for 3:40pm, which was cancelled, so we were put into the 5:40pm flight. After our 2-hour check-in in Manila, we made sure to check with the airline regarding the flight schedule before heading to the airport. It was lucky we did, because it was delayed and the new ETD was 6:40pm. It’s now 7:11pm, and we just received word that the plane from Manila is arriving at 7:50pm, pushing our departure time to 8:30pm. Le sigh. Typhoons and strikes make for a very inconvenient trip.
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Money matters on the road

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Money is one of the biggest concerns when traveling. Aside from saving enough for your trip, the other pressing concern is how much to bring and how to bring it. When I travel, I usually bring cash (peso and US dollar, when overseas), my ATM and my credit cards. I developed this terrible habit of relying on my credit cards for more expensive items, specially when the establishment accept credit card payments. This of course, results to me going beyond my budget.

On the other hand, having a credit card proved useful when I found myself unable to find an open money changer upon arriving late in Kota Kinabalu and specially when I found out that the US dollar bills I bought were practically useless as the money changer wouldn’t accept it for exchange. It also helped a lot when I ran out of cash on the last leg of my Southeast Asian backpacking trip in 2009.
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Travel Expenses: Boracay 2011

Oh my, it’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Most of the travels I’ve done since Brunei and Myanmar last year were either sponsored or paid for by my siblings, so I had no material. The trips I *did* pay out of my own pocket, I opted not to blog.

Drama aside, this is one trip I’ve been looking forward to since early this year. I had a self-imposed travel ban and it was really great to get away from Manila, even just for a weekend. This was my first time to fly Zest Air. I was anticipating the worst, owing to some friend’s lousy experience with them, but apart from an hour delay due to changing planes and document double checking by the ground staff, the experience wasn’t too bad.
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My Muji

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Friends Rotch, Kaoko, Cla and Chris had been waxing poetic about Muji after trips to Singapore, so naturally, I was intrigued and determined to know for myself what the fuss was all about when I finally found myself back in the tiny island state. It was easy to see the appeal of the store: Japanese food items and beverages, stationery, home and kitchen items, clothes and accessories, all with clean and simple designs. What appealed to me most about Muji’s products is that there is no logo of the brand anywhere.

Muji neck cushion
My companion in travel and at home, the Muji neck cushion

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