The winners are…

Thank you so much for everybody who joined and tried to guess my next destination! Reading your guesses was quite fun and an eye-opener as well. It showed me how much people know about me and the places I really want to go to (Japan, Italy, Antarctica). Since the contest is only open to Philippine-based readers, I suppose it also reflects the destinations that are in the forefront of the Filipinos: South Korea. Unfortunately, the Korea I’m interested in is the one where Kim Jong Il reigns supreme.

Only three people got the correct answer: Mica, Doi and Lois. They correctly guessed that I’m going to Morocco!

Mica was the first to guess in the blog entry, so she gets the Eagle Creek Travel Journal. Doi posted her guess all three medium. Since Mica’s guess already closed the contest for the journal, she wins the Headware 3-pack. Nobody got it right on Twitter, so I’m just awarding it to Lois, who guessed correctly in the blog.

Once again, thanks for playing the game!

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Let’s play the Guess the Destination game

It’s almost D-day! I’m flying out tomorrow, starting the trip I’ve been planning and preparing for months. I’m terribly excited about this and I want to share some of that excitement with you!

Just Wandering Contest Prizes

As the title suggest, let’s play a guessing game. Guess where I’m traveling to and you win a prize! Up for grabs are the following: Issue 7 of Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines, 3-piece Headware pack and a Travel Journal from Eagle Creek. There will be three winners: one from the blog, one from Twitter and one from the Just Wandering Facebook Page. You can join all three to raise your chances of winning, but you can only win once.
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What’s going in my bag

A sort of spin-off my usual What’s in my Bag post because I haven’t packed yet. I’m leaving on Friday, for a trip that I’ve been looking forward to since the start of the year. I really don’t know how to pack for this destination, so I’m sticking with some tried and tested stuff, as well as a new addition to my packing list.


Sha and Winston sort-of modeling the Headware for me

It’s one of those stretchy, tubes of fabric that you wear mostly on your head, but if you’re built like Olive Oyl, you can probably wear it as a tube top or a mini skirt. The wonderful people at Headware sent me a couple to try out, and I’ve taken a liking to it. It keeps sweat from dripping to my eyes and camera when I’m taking pictures and it keeps my hair from flying around the place when it’s very windy (or when I’m on a boat). There are different ways to wear it, but if you’re creative enough, you can use it as a makeshift burka for your doll.
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An Unexpected Weekend at Hamilo Coast

A phone call awakened me one Thursday morning. The details are hazy now (as with all phone calls answered, text messages and e-mails read and replied to when I’m half-awake), but I recalled being asked if I was able to go to Hamilo Coast, SM Land’s exclusive enclave in Nasugbu, Batangas. I had to decline — I work Friday nights, just as people are starting to enjoy their weekend. He hung up and I went back to sleep.

Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club
View from the Pico Sands Hotel

When I woke up later that afternoon, I had to ask myself if I dreamt that conversation. A text message confirmed that I didn’t. It was Niel again, asking if I can still join them if they arrange a van to pick me up in Makati on Saturday morning. Why not, I asked myself. Might as well go since they were making all these effort for me.
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Dinner at Zubuchon and island hopping with Islands Banca

It was already 10pm, and I still don’t know our itinerary. The flight was at 9am the following day and while I have packed already, I still need to make sure I have everything I would need for the activities they have in store for us. As 11 o’clock roll by, our itinerary finally comes via e-mail. Within seconds after opening the document, my annoyance melted away: we were having dinner at Zubuchon and island hopping with Islands Banca!

Zubuchon 03
Inside Zubuchon. This restaurant is just too pretty.

While Cebuanos might argue that Zubuchon isn’t really the authentic Cebu Lechon, I was still quite excited to try the restaurant. Being an avid Market Manila reader, I’m really excited to try the dishes Market Man has been writing about.
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