Lakbay Norte 2: Destination Pampanga and Bulacan

Bacolor and Betis Church

The Bacolor and Betis churches in Pampanga are two of the most well known and visited churches in the province. They are known for different reasons.

Bacolor Church
Bacolor Church

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Lakbay Norte 2: Destination Subic

C’ Italian Dining

C' Italian Dining
C’ Italian’s Panizza

Before leaving for Subic, we had a sumptuous Italian meal at C’ Italian Dining in Angeles. Chef Chris mans the kitchen, whipping up pasta sauces to match every craving and taste. The best seller though, was his original creation: the Panizza. Soft thin crust pizza that you top with arugula and alfafa sprouts then rolled like Japanese maki. The original Panizza trumps any copycats — Chef Chris has perfected the crust and toppings to match the veggies.
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Lakbay Norte 2: Destination Pinatubo and Angeles

Pinatubo Crater

Hiking to Pinatubo

Though I’m not a fan of hiking and trekking, this is one trek I just couldn’t say no to. Mount Pinatubo has considerably calmed down since its last major hissy fit eruption in 1991. What was once the site of calamity is now a popular tourist destination, attracting outdoor enthusiasts to fearlessly hike and swim in the volcano’s crater lake.
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Review: Crumpler Chinese New Year Limited Edition Rabbit Collection

This is a paid advertorial.

Oh, Crumpler. Where do I start? I’ll start by saying that I like being different. I avoid the popular brands because everybody has them. That’s why I ended up with a Victorinox backpack instead of The North Face that every backpacker has on their backs.

The Hillman Hunter
My Five Million Dollar Home and the Limited Edition CNY Rabbit Hillman Hunter

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Who gets the basket of travel goodies?

Before I announce the winner, I just want to thank everyone who joined and played along with this crazy contest. I know the questions can be pretty tough (specially the busker’s song), but I designed this contest to reward Just Wandering readers, not rabid contest joiners. If you’ve been reading the useless crap I’ve been dishing out in this blog, the answers would’ve come to you easily.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the answers, so here they are:

1) What is traditionally served for lunch among the Portuguese?
Answer: Cozido a Portuguesa
Source: Day 4: Delving into Macau’s heritage and jumping off the Macau Tower
We headed to the Macau Military Club for lunch. What was waiting for us was the traditional Portuguese Sunday fare: Cozido a Portuguesa. It’s basically a meal that combines different kinds of sausages and meats, chicken, pork and beef. It was a buffet so you can pick your choice of meat. It was our first encounter with Portuguese-style sausages. I couldn’t remember the names of the two other sausages served, but I took quite a liking to the Portuguese blood sausage. The cozido is quite a heavy meal. Traditionally, it is followed by a siesta. Thankfully, our itinerary allowed us to have a siesta — we had free time after lunch.
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