Food discoveries that are Sooo Pinoy

What is Filipino cuisine? The people behind the movement Sooo Pinoy took us to around Metro Manila to taste the best of Pinoy food.

Adarna Food and Culture 02
Adarna’s Bicol Express

Sooo Pinoy feeds your national pride through the appreciation of Filipino cuisine. Thru Sooo Pinoy, you will learn more about the history of Pinoy food and discover where to find the best Filipino restaurants for these dishes. Ang sarap maging Pinoy!

Sooo Pinoy’s purpose is to feed every Pinoy’s love for Filipino food by providing information about the most popular Pinoy dishes and helping diners identify the top Filipino restaurants in the country.

Source: Sooo Pinoy Facebook page

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Varekai in Manila

It was an invite that was very hard to turn down. Nevermind that there was a typhoon, nevermind that it would make me late for work, I will not pass up the chance to watch Varekai. Of course, getting to watch it for free, bring along two friends and get to take pictures of the performers (a big no-no in any Cirque du Soleil show), sealed the deal.

Varekai in Manila 06
Fall of Icarus

Varekai is just one of 19 Cirque du Soleil shows in 2011. Premiered in 2002, it has since toured around the world to more than 15 different countries and 60 cities to an audience of over 6 million. The show is currently touring Asia, with Manila as one of its stop.
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Exploring Chamorro Cuisine

Chamorro cuisine is pretty basic and centers on key ingredients: meat, coconut and chilies. If you’re to attend a party in a Chamorro’s house, you’ll mostly likely to find the dining table heaving with platters of meat dishes, dishes with grated coconut or coconut milk, and they would be spicy (for some Chamorros, the spicier, the better).

Chicken Kelaguen
Chicken kelaguen with titiyas on the side

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Maila Ta Fan Boka Festival

The primary reason why I, along with fellow travel blogger Ivan of Ivan About Town, food nerd JJ of Pinoy Eats World and writer Angel of Travel Life, flew to Guam for 5 days last May was for the Maila Ta Fan Boka Festival. Meaning “come and let’s eat,” that’s exactly what we did in Guam.

Maila Ta Fan Boka Festival 01
Victoria at the opening of the Maila Ta Fan Boka festival

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The Smart LTE Experience

This is a paid advertorial.

To say that the internet plays a big part in my life is an understatement: the internet is my life. My full-time work is online, my projects on the side are all online, more than half of my siblings are overseas so we keep in touch online, I share my travels through this blog, which is of course, online.

Smart LTE Speedtest results
Smart LTE Speedtest results

I’ve experienced the slowest of slow connections: our first modem was a 1400 baud dial-up modem. I’ve experienced fast: 24 Mbps in Hong Kong. Last weekend, I experienced holy-frack-that’s-fast!: download speeds of up to 50 Mbps using Smart LTE.
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