Do you love your Mother?

I’m not one for fads, but one fad that I do like is the switch from plastic bags to reusable bags (which I’m hoping wouldn’t just be a fad). Before, there was just Envirosax. Then retail stores followed, offering their own branded reusable bags in lieu of plastic, often for a fee. These bags are cute, but sometimes come with a price tag that raises the eyebrows.

I ? My Mother

Mother Earth Bags is an advocacy project of four friends Nena, Joey, Kat & Angela, who believes in saving the planet one bag at a time. It may be hard to make a dent on the trillion plastic bags used every year, but saving hundreds a year per person is still something, right? Besides, how can you resist these cute bags?

The bags come in printed canvas (Php 95) and flour sacks, both plain (Php 35) and embellished (Php 65).

Now on to the good part! I just got my Mother Earth Bags, and I’m absolutely impressed. The craftsmanship on each is superb! The bags are made at The Livelihood Shop, a program that employs underprivileged women of Taguig. Not only are you helping the environment when you use the bags, you’re also providing these women with livelihood when you buy.

Mother Earth Bags

Mother Earth Bags are available on a per order basis, through their Multiply site. Or, you can win a couple of bags for yourself from! To join, simply tell us which one of these phrases describes you perfectly:

  1. I’m a mama’s girl.
  2. I’m a mama’s boy
  3. I’m one hot mama.
  4. I honor my mother.
  5. I’m bringing this to my mama.
  6. My mother loves the Village People, Gunther and Hard Gay.

Post your answers in the comment box, and be sure to leave a valid e-mail address! This contest is open to all readers, both in the Philippines and overseas. Contest closes on October 31st, and the winner will be drawn and announced on the 1st of November. I’m running a similar contest over at my food blog, and yes, they’re independent of each other. You can join both contests to increase your chances of winning :D

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. L.A says:

    I really want one ‘coz I’m a mama’s boy! lemme win haha :D

  2. Shari says:

    Ako rin, I’m a mama’s boy! I mean girl pala. Harhar.

  3. Bong says:

    Can’t I be a Mother Packer? :c anyway, definitely I’m a mama’s boy :P hee.

  4. eric says:

    oi tumigil kayo sa pag aambisyon!

    ako mananalo ng MAMA’S BOY!


  5. kaoko says:

    #5 pa rin. I’m my mama’s girl pero I express my love by showering her with stuff :D

  6. Badet says:

    I’m bringing this to my mama. =)

  7. Meikah Delid says:

    “I honor my mother!” best describes me.

    Now that I’m also a mother, I honor Mama more than ever! It’s no joke being a mom. ;)

    And I remember that way before people were environment conscious, Mama was already refusing plastic bags when she would go to the wet market. Instead, she would bring a big native basket and would ask the vendor to put the tomatoes and other stuff in there. :)

  8. Christine says:

    Ang galing naman, it’s here too! :) Thanks again so so much! :) Have fun with the contest!

  9. Rael says:

    I’m one hot mama! – not yet a mama pero keri na :3

  10. freeze says:

    wow, may pa contest pala dito.

    If i get this, I’m bringing this to my mama for sure. :)

  11. dyanie says:

    #5 I’m bringing this to my mama! — the bag is cute and i already seen it personally! :) I wanna give one to my mom coz she loves going to the supermarkets and this one surely fits! :)

  12. janine+ says:

    #3- I’m one hot momma! (Well, not yet, but I intend to be. The very reason why I’m supportive of actions that will save the future generation. =)

  13. jinides says:

    I’m bringing this to my mama. Mama, being the motherload, shopping bag stash (Yes, I have a utilized collection) for stashing more shopping loads!

  14. jengkie says:

    I’m bringing this to my mama!

    oooh! i love this bag!

  15. Ada says:

    I love that “Honor Thy Mother.” Matry nga bumili :D

  16. Kaye says:

    #3- I’m one hot mama. Indeed, I am!

  17. shing says:

    I and my now-grown-up brothers truly, truly honor our mother. :D *bow*

  18. cayce says:

    I do think I am one hot mama… :D

  19. Nina says:

    I’m proud to be a mama’s girl!

  20. RJ says:

    I’m bringing this to my mama.


  21. Ivan Girl says:

    wow! my mom is going to love this!
    she always wants to use bags like this
    because it’s environment friendly nga and
    makes her feel a little old daw. hehehe.

    maybe #3 will do it for her. :D

  22. DLT says:

    Im one Hot Mama!

  23. I definitely am “a mama’s girl (#1)”!

    I love her with my my heart coz’ she makes me feel important. She takes time to cuddle me, help me feel safe and comfortable at night; greets me with a hug and kisss every morning.

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