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Bungy Jumping at the Macau Tower

I was all set to take it easy in Macau, when a reminder from 43 things came into my inbox. The reminded was for a SkyJump, but I ended up doing a bungy jump instead (something I never though I’d ever do). Upon reading the reminder, I quickly Googled for the Macau Tower bungy and found the necessary information. I was so gung ho, I was literally jumping in my seat as I read through the requirements.

AJ Hacket Bungy
AJ Hackett Bungy at the Macau Tower

The jump was always in my mind in the days before and during the trip. When we arrived in Macau, I found myself looking at the tower in amazement — though most of the time I refrain from looking at it, as if to deny its existence. It felt so real when we were actually in Macau, and up until the last moment (well, until I got my ticket which says “no refund”), I asked myself if I really wanted to do it.
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Day 4: Delving into Macau’s heritage and jumping off the Macau Tower

Our last day in Macau was relaxed compared to the past two days. We even started later than the usual: 9:45am. Our first destination was Mandarin House, a restored traditional Chinese-style compound. Tucked in an unassuming street surrounded by Western-style buildings, it’s a gem. Built around 1881, this former residence of Zheng Guanying has been restored to its former glory. It was only open to the public this year, so the Mandarin House is pretty bare. Still, it’s an interesting stop and a great addition to Macau’s heritage sites.

Mandarin House
At the Mandarin House

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Day 3: Lots of walking and lots of food in Macau

Too exhausted to write a complete recap of today’s activity, so I’m just going to list down the places we went to, with some notes.

Macau Day 3 01
Dancing at the Camoes Garden

Camoes Garden
Lovely place on a hill where the people of the neighborhood go for their exercises and tai chi. The highlight was this foot massage by pebbles where we had to walk sans shoes through a pebbled path. Rather painful and quite an ordeal, but once we put on our shoes and walked on the paved path, it felt oh so good.
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Day 2: Walking through Macau’s historic district and casinos

We started the day with a walking tour of Macau’s old quarters. Lucky for us, Sofitel is centrally located, so we only had to walk from the hotel. João from the Macau Government Tourism Office walked us from Ponte 16 through the small streets leading out to the Senado Square.

Sayuri at the St. Paul's Ruins
Sayuri Version 2.0 at the Ruins of St. Paul’s

It was surreal — we snaked through small streets with cramped shop houses and emerged in a very European plaza. The area is home to many gorgeous heritage buildings that has been adapted for modern use. Almost all of them now house Starbucks or McDonald’s.
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Day 1: Bem-vindo a Macau!

Hello from Macau! Kaoko, Ferdz, Estan, Ivan, Christine and I touched down at 9:30pm Thursday night. Aside from Ivan, Christine and Charina, the representative from the Macau Government Tourism Office in Manila, we are all first timers. We were welcomed with the glittering lights of the casinos, and as we drive towards the old city, the scenery has changed to old buildings and dark streets. Even with that short preview of the city, you know that this is a city of contrasts whose charm is its ability to seamlessly mix the old and the new.

Turtle Man
Turtle Man cooking up a storm

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