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Travel Budget: Bangkok and Penang

You know I’m out of topics to blog about when I start posting my travel budget. This one is from my one-week trip to Thailand and Malaysia at the beginning of the month. The main purpose of the trip was for the tennis, but we ended up dollie shopping in Bangkok instead. I extended my trip to include a week in Penang, just because.

This trip is expensive, compared to my month-long trip back in June spanning five countries. However, it still came out cheaper than the budget I drew up when I was still planning for the trip. And this is the moment when I admit that I really cannot be a hardcore backpacker (that sounds sooo wrong). Haggling will never be my forte, and I will splurge whenever I can. And I will never stop buying doll clothes and books.

Shopping aside, the biggest expense in this trip was my 4-day stay at the Sunway Hotel in Georgetown. I needed to work during those four days, so I splurged on a hotel to ensure that I have a stable Internet connection. Ironically, the Internet at the guesthouse where I transfered to was much better. Hmp.
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Walking in Georgetown

My work week has ended at 6am this morning, so I checked out of Sunway to move to a more budget friendly accommodation. I’m now in my room at the Hutton Lodge, a beautifully restored colonial-style house. Ironically, despite the huge price difference, my Internet connection here at Hutton (wireless, very low reception) is heaps better than my Internet connection at Sunway (wired).

Still, rather than regret the amount I spent, I just tell myself that here at Hutton, I don’t have this view outside my window.

Georgetown sunrise
Sunrise in Georgetown

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Rain or shine

Penang was shrouded in gray when I looked out the window. I went back to my book, resigned to the fact that there’s nothing I can do to change the weather. The plane’s descent seemed to take forever, the landing bumpy and for lack of better term, swerve-y. Soon enough, I was stamped back into Malaysia and driving through highways and streets made familiar by my previous trip.

Penang 02
KOMTAR from my window

The rain poured in earnest as we were driving towards Georgetown, where I’ll be staying for the next couple of days. I decided to go back to Penang because I felt I missed a lot when I hurriedly left the island last June. This time, I’m taking my time to get to know the city.
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Shooting for the stars at Genting Highlands

“Oh wow,” we exclaimed, almost in unison. We were 185 feet off the ground, riding the Space Shot, one of Genting Highlands’ most popular rides. Genting Highlands sits approximately 1,850 meters above sea level, so we were really high up. We marveled at the scene before us: Kuala Lumpur in the distance, the Petronas Twin Towers looking like tiny cellphone charms rising above the clouds that shroud the city. Majestic blue mountains surround the sprawling metropolis, making the view much more breath taking.

Genting Highland 02
Genting Highland outdoor theme park

“Damn, we should have brought our camer–WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHH!!!”
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