Davao, Philippines, Travel Budget

Travel Expenses: Davao 2008

My to-blog list is so long, I have pending entries from JUNE -_-; BUT! I’m slowly going to work my way through the list, provided I can still remember the details of each trip >_< Anywhoo, I finally dug out my notebook and tallied my expenses from our Davao trip last August. This is fairly expensive for a 3-day trip. The fare wasn't on sale when I bought it, specially since it was during the Kadayawan weekend. Also, I took this opportunity to start on my Christmas shopping because hey, how often do I go to Mindanao? The best thing about this trip was, since we were a fairly large group, we were able to divide the major expenses into 6, letting us save some money in the process. read more

Davao, Philippines

Back from Kadayawan 2008

I scheduled a post to go live last Saturday, announcing where I was headed for the weekend, but Wordpress has failed me >_< Anywhoo, I'm back from Davao, where I went along with Gail, Marc, Karla, Eric and Melo for the Kadayawan Festival. I've always been in awe with the colorful costumes and amazing performances of the contingents from Mindanao,…read more