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Metroblogging Manila

You may be wondering why I don't post much about Manila, my grimy, dirty, lovable city. That's because I write about my city over at the Manila Metroblog. Metroblogging is "the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web." There are currently around 50 cities in the Metroblog network, among them Bangkok, San Fransisco, Singapore, Rio de…read more
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I’m on TV!

Well, no. :P

I went to to look for movies showing currently, when an article about Manila walking tours caught my eye. Having joined one recently, and interested in joining another, I clicked on the link to read the full article.

It featured two guides: Carlos Celdran and Ivan ManDy. The article started of with Carlos, and when it shifted to Ivan, I leaned forward eagerly, since his Big Binondo Food Wok was the one I took last July.
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