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I have to admit that I'm being a bit of a hypocrite for making a widget when I hardly use any of the widgets I installed. But hey, it's leopard print. It's cute. It's basically a RSS feed reader. Run this widget and presto! You can check and read any updates on justwandering.org. The catch: You have to switch to…read more
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Why is the sky green?

Can asking questions change the world? The people behind dropping knowledge thinks so. In a world of complexity and contradiction, apathy has become a sort of survival technique. How could you face the evening news without it? Another famine, another flood, another terrorist attack - if we truly identified with the pain and suffering of others, it would paralyze us.…read more
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Music is my life

Not that I'm a musician (can't play any instrument, sings off key, don't even ask about dancing), but music is important to me. It has the power to affect my moods and cheer me up when my friends are not around. When I started planning for this trip, I never considered buying an MP3 player. That's because my phone then…read more