Preparation, Thailand

Sawasdee Ka

With only seven days to go, I realize that I have to start learning some Thai phrases soon. I've come across several Thai phrases in the websites I've browsed through and my Thailand travel books, but it's not enough that I know the words; I have to know how to say them properly. One of the first website I went…read more
Preparation, Thailand

21st century travel

Back in the 80’s, when you want to travel, you go to your travel agent to book a flight or avail of a tour package. When you want to learn more about places you want to go to, you go to the library or the embassy, or talk to people you know who’s already been there.

Nowadays, you just have to go online. You book your flight through the carrier’s website, pay via credit card and print out your ticket. If you want to research, you Google your destination and instantly read about stories and advice from people around the world. Instead of being limited by a tour package, you get enough information to get off the beaten track.

So where to go for information? If you find Google overwhelming, here are some links to site I’ve found useful for my research.
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