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Wandering thoughts

2013: The trips I never blogged about

When writing my year end posts, I browse through my photo archive and my blog archive. I noticed that there’s a huge discrepancy between the two: there were plenty of photos, but hardly ever any blog posts.

Cintai Corito’s Garden is made for relaxing

Frankly, I am aghast at my laziness with my blogging, with most of the blog posts I wrote this year were for sponsored products, hotel stays, and advertorials. It seems I am only arsed to blog when I’m obligated to. There was no pressure to write about my personal trips, so I kept putting it off until I find myself not wanting to write about them anymore.
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Boracay, Wandering thoughts

Happy places, happy faces

Back in 2006, I couldn’t think of anyone who would want to travel with me for two weeks in Thailand. That’s why I decided to go alone. I love the freedom of doing whatever I want when I travel, seeing only the places I’m really interested in, eating where ever and whatever I want.

Traveling is so much better with the right people

It’s very different now. Travel blogging has led the way for me to meet like-minded people, who are game to go when I think of a trip to make. That also meant I get to tag along with their trips. That’s how this trip came to be.

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Wandering thoughts

Just Wandering turns 7

Time flew by so fast, and I’m now celebrating seven years of travel blogging. Who’d have thought? Honestly. I started this blog just so I can share my thoughts and experiences about a trip. I wanted it to be a resource for other travelers who, like me, turn to the web to find any and all the information they can about a place they want to visit. I never thought I’d be able to accomplish so much in seven years.

Balay Idang
One of my favorite places, Balay Indang

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