Wandering thoughts

Wandering thoughts

Solo flight

In eight days, I will be boarding a plane to Singapore on my own. I’ve done that before, but after that, I’ll be taking another plane to Bangkok on my own and I haven’t done that yet.

It’s easy when you’re travelling with someone or travelling to a place where you’ll be living with people you know. You take precautions, of course, but at the back of your mind, you know that if something happens, there’s somebody *there* to take care of things. But if you’re travelling alone, what then?

I’ve had countless paranoid thoughts about this trips. Of course I try to be optimistic, but you just can’t totally shrug off all the what-ifs.

I think travelling is a state of mind. You can travel to the other end of the globe and still remain where you originally are if you keep on comparing what you encounter with your standards at home, not opening your mind to new experiences. On the other hand, you can also feel at home if you embrace the country and the culture. Of course it will never be *home* but at least you had a very enriching experience.

Le sigh. I haven’t gone yet and I’m already hating myself for a horrible trip that I haven’t taken.
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