Wandering thoughts

Wandering thoughts

The lucky number 9: My 2009 year end post

The number 9 has always been my lucky/unlucky number. Maybe I’m just thinking too much into it, but I’ve noticed that through the years, things happen on the 9th. Doesn’t help that I’m the 9th kid in the family either. Travel-wise things have been really great for me this year. I’ve been to a lot of places and traveled more than I ever had in the past years. When this year started, I said I do not have major plans for travel, except for a couple of trips. Much to my surprise, I ended up taking trips I never really planned for (a month’s headstart is considered not planned for!).

Singapore Pullip Meet 14
My doll Tina getting really friendly with the locals in Singapore

While going through some past entries, I came upon a list I made back in 2007: 10 Places I want to visit in the next two years. I have totally forgotten writing this year and reading it again, I was so proud of myself for taking out 7 out of 10 places. Six of those places were also visited just this year. My year-end post for 2009 will be a recap of that list from two years ago.
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Finally home

While I have been back in the Philippines since July 6, I haven’t really been “home.” My sister who lives in Australia arrived on the same day that I did, and I stayed with them in their rented flat until yesterday, when they left to go back to Melbourne. Since I came back from my trip, I have been to our house exactly twice, and I didn’t even stay longer than three hours on each occasion. I just went back to pick up some clothes and things before heading back to Makati.

Have a break..
Where the last two weeks was spent

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Keeping connected with Sandbox

Whenever I travel, the usual text messages I send home to my parents are “about to board” and “just landed.” I’m not really one for sending SMSes — I would rather send photos and let them see what I see. Picture messages or MMS is rather pricey to send and to receive, so this is a problem if I want to send to many. Luckily, there’s Sandbox, the newest social networking site.


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iBlog5: The 5th Philippine Blogging Summit

Though iBlog is at its 5th year, this is actually just my 2nd time to attend. Started in 2005, iBlog is a whole-day affair of talks about what else? Blogging. Through the years, iBlog has covered a wide spectrum of topics, from personal blogging to blogging professionally. This year's blogging summit still covers varied topics, but with the addition of…read more
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Ways to save up for your dream holiday

Traveling is sadly, an expensive hobby. Unless you’re filthy rich, if you want to pursue this, you need to save up a lot of money to sustain this lifestyle. Though airfare has gone down dramatically over the years, and more budget-friendly transport and accommodation has sprung up, traveling can still take a chunk of your savings. Weekend trips can be as low as Php 2,000, but do it every weekend for a month, that adds up to Php 8,000 per month! The figure goes up dramatically if you plan on traveling overseas, and even more so if you plan to travel for a long time.

But as I, along with thousands of Filipinos who’s been bitten by the travel bug, it is possible, even on a third-world salary. Here’s some tips that I personally practiced to keep me traveling:
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