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Flight tracking websites

My 15-year old niece took her first flight out of the country last night. She’s due to arrive in Melbourne right about now, but so far, I haven’t received any text messages or calls from either her or my sister. And joy of joys, I’ve also run out of pre-paid credit on my mobile, so I can’t call them.

Naturally, I Googled for flight tracking websites. The biggest downside with these flight tracking websites is that most of them are limited to flights coming in and out of North America.

I did find one that covers Asia and Australia: Flightstats.com. I liked the website because aside from its nice interface, once you register, you can receive alerts on flights you are tracking.

Unfortunately, I’ve refreshed the page a million times and it hasn’t updated the flight status, nor have I received any alert. Worse still, Philippine Airline’s website only track flights that depart and arrive in Manila. Bleah.

Maybe I should just sneak into my sister’s (my niece’s mother) room and check her cellphone, no?
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5 reasons why I travel

Dave of GoBackpacking blogged his 5 reasons for traveling, and has tagged me to do the same. Hmm, why *do* I travel anyway? Something new. I'm always eager for something new and different. Take a break from the usual I easily get bored and demotivated by routine. I lose focus on matters that need my full attention (i.e. work), and…read more
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Missed opportunities

One of the sad facts about traveling is that there will always be missed opportunities. Like, not being able to go to Warner Brother's Movie World because you'd rather shop, or taking a pass at visiting the temples you haven't seen yet because of the terrible heat (I'm looking at you, Christine!) As much as we try to take it…read more
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Travel Expenses: Sydney 2007

Ah, Sydney. How I loved thee.

I’ve fallen inlove with Sydney, mainly because of the harbour and the ferries. I don’t know why, but I just love riding commuter ferries. It’s one of the reasons why I loved the Chao Phraya in Bangkok.

I only spent 3 days in Sydney, though I wish I could have stayed longer. Sydney has so much to offer to travelers, and admittedly, a weekend in Sydney isn’t too expensive. I was surprised when I saw the total myself.

Here’s my 3-day Sydney expense breakdown to give you an idea when you plan your own trip to this lovely city.

[EDIT March 5, 2009] I am an idiot. I made a HUGE mistake in summing up all the expenses, hence the ultra cheap total *facepalm* From Php 13K for a weekend trip, the real total finally came out (after TWO FRICKING YEARS): Php 23K!
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Subjective Travel Guides Wanted

Found this over at the BnA Forums: "Subjective Travel Guides Wanted for www.roadjunky.com - $150 We are looking for writers to help us build our coverage of countries and cities around the world. PLEASE check out the website and observe that we are NOT looking for compilers of listings and prices but rather seasoned writers with edge, experience and deep…read more