Pack me again.

As a follow up to my post about my packing list, here’s how my items fared in this trip.

Items in normal font are the things I have used once or twice.
Items in bold are the things I have used often.
Items underlined are the things I never had the opportunity to use.
Items in italics are the things I could have done without.
Items that are bold, underlined and italized are things I’m so glad I brought.

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Travel Expenses: Thailand and Singapore 2006

Updated 17 June 2006

Let’s start off with the most painful one – the post trip accounting.

Sans my shopping expenses, I managed to stay within my estimated budget. I had a couple of expenses that I didn’t allocate for: Internet and laundry. However, since I got a free and loaded ez-link card in Singapore and decided to skip Sentosa in favor of shopping, my actual expenses was almost US$100 below my estimate. Unfortunately, if we don’t count the Singapore estimates and expenses altogether, I went over my Thailand budget by US$60.

And it’s a whole different story if you add in the amount I spent shopping.

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I have no life

Damnit, why am I online again? They shouldn't Internet cafes in every corner *grumble* It's drizzling outside, so I ducked in this one building to get out of the rain. There's an Internet Cafe so might as well go online. I like this computer though... they have Opera! Yay! The computers also have this coin thingie beside it. Fifteen minutes…read more