Thailand, Wandering thoughts

I’m alive!

Fourteen hours, two plane rides, two bus rides and a walk in the rain. I'm still alive, and somehow managed to survive. Whee! I kept on dozing on the plane to Bangkok that I never even took ONE picture. Wow. I'm feeling kinda woozy, probably the result of not eating or drinking much. Must rest now, long day more

Pack Me

I *think* I have everything I'd need for a 10-day trip. Somehow, I was able to accept the fact that I can only bring 3 shirts. Then again, I cheated and bought one big shirt for a cover up, which I can also use for going around the city and two tank tops. I've also managed to fit in a…read more
Geek stuff

Music is my life

Not that I'm a musician (can't play any instrument, sings off key, don't even ask about dancing), but music is important to me. It has the power to affect my moods and cheer me up when my friends are not around. When I started planning for this trip, I never considered buying an MP3 player. That's because my phone then…read more