Snapshot Japan: Oh Tokyo!

Snapshot Japan: Oh Tokyo!, a photo by nina_theevilone on Flickr.We arrive in Tokyo today via the shinkansen (bullet train). Getting off at Tokyo Station, I immediately get a feel of just how fast everybody (and I guess everything) move in this city. It's rather overwhelming if you're a first time visitor, and I am just grateful that my friends already…read more

Snapshot Japan: Enchanting Kyoto

Snapshot Japan: Enchanting Kyoto, a photo by nina_theevilone on Flickr.Kyoto, Japan's old capital, is a Unesco World Heritage city. All the guidebooks and travelers recommend stopping by the city when they're in Japan. Just three hours out of Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train), the major sites can be seen in a day, but if you want to see more and…read more

Snapshot Japan: Just keep walking

Snapshot Japan: Just keep walking, a photo by nina_theevilone on Flickr.Like many fans of Japanese manga, anime, and dramas, Japan ranks high in my dream destination list. Plans have been made a couple of times, but things have a bad habit of popping up, and the Japan 2010 became a Japan whenever. I pretty much gave up on seeing Japan…read more
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Wandering with Muji to GO

This is an advertorial I've been a fan of Muji since I discovered the brand, and have been to many places with their travel items. The hanging toiletries case served me well, specially in hostel bathrooms that have very limited space, and the neck cushion helped make those long bus and train rides comfortable. First in my shopping list: the…read more
Destination, Morocco


When Morocco is mentioned, people always think of Marrakech. This vibrant city is the most popular destination in the country, thanks to budget carriers that have direct flights from various cities in Europe. After Fez, we were ready to face the touts at Djemma El Fna Square and the souks.

Djemma El Fna Square
Orange cart at Drjemma El Fna square. The freshly squeezed orange juice is really yummy!

As the petit taxi drove through the gates of the medina, we eagerly took it all in, the crowds, the traffic, the noise. It was the complete opposite of Ouarzazate. After the driver insisted we pay more than what the ride should cost, we dragged our luggages down the street beside Cafe de France, the favorite meeting place of tourist and guides in the medina. As soon as I whipped out my iPod to look at the map, touts came to offer to show us the way. Waving them off, we continued walking, following our instincts and finding the derb where Amour Riad is.
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