One birthday, two countries

Like most blog posts, I started writing my birthday entry in my head. However, I was in such a state earlier that everything came out sounding like a eulogy.

Rui at the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

I suppose it is something like a parting — me parting with my much loved youth and heading towards a new phase in life. Eeew.
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Wandering thoughts

Turning 28 on the 28th

“Well you certainly won’t forget this birthday, Tita,” my niece said. I certainly won’t.

For days, I’ve thought about what to write for my birthday post, specially since I decided to stay put in Manila and NOT do anything special. This year has been so busy, with new projects at work, events left and right, and of course, traveling. I thought that instead of going out, I would stay at home with my family, whom I haven’t really had time to be with this year. I’ll go to the supermarket, buy ingredients and cook for them. However, after paying for my groceries, I went to this redemption booth the cashier told me to go to, and for a couple of seconds, I took my attention off my loaded grocery cart. I felt it move, and since I knew my niece would be walking back from the package counter, it might have been her. But then I looked around, and I saw my niece walking towards me, carrying the cake my co-worker gave me. Somebody took our grocery cart! Four thousand pesos worth of groceries gone in an instant.
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