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Taste Asia at SM Hypermarket

August 23 marked two firsts: my first time to go to the Mall of Asia, and my first “major” blog meet. I’ve attended a couple of blog events before, but never with over 400 bloggers!

Filipino Travel Bloggers
Thank you, Clique Booth!

It was really overwhelming; I found myself suddenly getting shy and anti-social, as I do in huge gatherings. On the otherhand, it was great to meet other Pinoy travel bloggers: Anton of Our Awesome Planet, Eric of, Ivan Man Dy of the Old Manila Walks, and THE Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town. Oh, and counted din daw si Aileen Apolo because she has a travel blog. Heehee. It was also great to see and chat with Chris & Apples Haravata. Mr. Chris told me about his month long backpacking trip to Hong Kong several years ago. A month! In HK! Living in a tent! Yeah, I don’t think I can do that.

Taste Asia II was held to announce the winners of the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest. AnitoKid won the Kuala Lumpur trip with his heartfelt entry, with Anton close behind with his 8 reasons why he and his family loves SM Hypermarket.

My favorite part in this whole shindig? Free photos from the CliqueBooth! (OMG they’re using the same WP theme!)
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