Bangkok, Laos, Thailand

Day 14: From Vientiane to Bangkok

A songthaew picked me up at the guesthouse just a little past 5pm yesterday afternoon. It made a couple more stops, picking other passengers from the other guesthouses in the area. I guess I miss talking to people, since I started a conversation with the traveler who was picked up after me, and the third traveler as well. It was the usual small talk between fellow travelers (where are you from, how long are you traveling, what do you do, etc.), but it was great to connect with others. Once the group was complete, the driver started driving out of the city center, to what we assumed was to the bus station.

A lovely welcome at HI Sukhumvit

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Bangkok, Thailand

Day 7: Stumbling upon the path to dollie heaven

True enough, I had a hard time sleeping last night. Though I can easily blame it on my insomnia-inducing medicine, I think it’s also partly because I wanted to watch as much episodes of Voice that I can. I ended up turning off the lights at 2:30am, after watching the finale episode. It was much more quiet last night than it was the previous night. Still, it took me almost an hour before finaly drifiting off to sleep.

Khao San Road
Khao San Road on a Sunday morning (well, 11am)

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Bangkok, Thailand

Day 6: Sick in Bangkok

Once again I woke up too early for my liking. It has been a fitful sleep. I had a hard time sleeping, and then when I finally fell asleep, I was woken up by noises from outside my room. First it was a gaggle of ladies having a big laugh from the ground floor of the hostel. The windows of my room were shut tight, so I was wondering why I could hear them so clearly. A quick inspection of the window showed that one jalousie panel was missing. Darn it. They left eventually, and peace was back in the land.

The neighbor's windows
The neighbor’s windows

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Bangkok, Cambodia, Thailand

Day 5: Overland crossing from Cambodia to Thailand

I woke up early, because my taxi is picking me up at 6:30am. I decided to cross the border to Thailand on my own, instead of taking the bus with the rest of the other tourists. The bus is actually so much cheaper than doing it on my own, but I guess I wanted to the DIY route. Also, Tales of Asia (TOA) don’t really look highly on these buses.

First class bus seats
First class Government bus seats

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Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui, Thailand

May 21

I am so out of it. I only realize today that it was around this time of the year that I took my first backpacking trip overseas. So what was I doing on May 21, 2006?

Looking at my photo directory, it appears that it was the day I made my way from Ko Samui to Ko Phangan. Ah, yes, how could I forget?
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