NAIA to collect P200 security fee

If you’re travelling international via a low cost carrier from [tag]Manila[/tag], you’ll be paying 3 fees at the airport: the Php 1,620 travel tax (though I think this is only for residents/citizens), Php550 airport tax, and the new Php200 [tag]security tax[/tag].

The security fee, recently approved by the MIAA Board, will be used for the “total upgrading” of security equipment at the NAIA terminals, added Oscar Paras, MIAA senior assistant general manager, in an interview with Inquirer. This would include the purchase of new surveillance cameras and state-of-the-art X-ray machines, among others.


I think it’d be better if we work on getting Terminal 3 up and running before we go on upgrading the security equipment in the old dilapdated [tag]NAIA Terminal 1[/tag]. Then again, at the rate things are going, Terminal 3 seems like an unattainable dream.

Back to the topic at hand, I share the sentiments of one member at the GT forum: I wouldn’t mind paying the Php200 if it really will be put towards upgrading the equipment, and not into the pockets of corrupt airport officials. But damnit, each time you leave the country you’ll have to pay Php2,370?! Ay caramba!

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7 Responses to NAIA to collect P200 security fee

  1. bchai says:

    What’s next—they’ll tax commode usage too? lol.

    How bad is terminal 1?

  2. nina says:

    How bad is Terminal 1? It’s an antiquated building, too small for the too many airlines using it.

  3. Anna says:

    Hmmm. That’s funny. We also had to pay an extra PhP200 each, but that was already two months ago when we traveled domestically.


  4. nina says:

    That Php 200 at the domestic airport is the terminal fee. In other airports locally, it’s just 10 or 20 pesos -_-

    All airports actually have airport/terminal fee. It’s just that for most, it’s already included in the fare quoted by the airline. This method of collecting at the airport is (i think) an avenue for corruption -_-

  5. justin says:

    UHHHMMM…i had a chance of travelling other country and the good thing is i didn’t even pay any single centavo when i leave their terminal SO SAD that a citizen of phillippines need to pay a total of Php 2730 in order to leave their terminal..

  6. chrisile says:

    ano ba yan, parang may kahinaan naman mga utak niyo,,…

  7. chrisile says:

    nakakainis, ang terminal fee po ay talagang sinisingil para mapaganda at mapaayos yang airport. hindi po ang Pilipinas ang NAKAKAHIYA kundi IKAW JUSTIN..
    Pilipino ka pa naman.. tsk tsk tsk

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