How to apply for an Australian visa

[UPDATE May 19, 2013: I have an updated Australian tourist visa application guide.

I am not a visa officer, nor am I migration agent. I am in no way affiliated with the Australian Embassy Manila nor with the Australian government. This post comes from my experience with preparing and submitting visa applications for family members and for myself. Also note that this entry pertains to my experience in applying for an Australian tourist visa in October 2006. The Australian immigration update their forms every 3 months. I will try to answer your questions the best way that I can, but bear in mind that a lot has changed since 2006. If you ask a question I've already answered in the post, I will ignore you.

One of the questions people ask me when I tell them I've been to Australia is if it's easy to get a tourist visa. Almost everybody in Manila have heard of stories of how hard it is to obtain a US tourist visa: compiling documents like birth certificate, bank statements, even land titles O_O, paying a high application fee, waiting in line for hours for an interview. Is it as hard to get a tourist visa for Australia as it is for the US?

Actually, it's not whether it's harder on not, but it really boils down to how complete your documents are. I believe all embassies would be very meticulous about all the applications they receive, and it is really important to send them all the required documents.

Be it the Australian embassy, the US embassy or the Chinese embassy, they all want to know the same thing: that you are who you say you are, that you have the means to fund your trip in their country, and that you will be returning to your home country.

Proof of identity
This of course, is your passport and your birth certificate.

Proof of sufficient funds
Bank statements, credit card documents stating your credit limit, payslip

Proof that you're not going to be an illegal immigrant
Certificate of employment if you're already working or certificate of enrollment if you're still studying

If you're thinking of visiting Australia anytime soon, head on to the Australian Immigration website to learn more about the Australian tourist visa, as well as download the necessary forms. Here are some helpful links to get you started:
Tourist Visa (Subclass 676)
Tourist Visa Charges
Visa application checklist (PDF file)
Application form 48R (PDF file)

[UPDATE April 5, 2013] Please note that as of March 23, 2013, the visa subclass for Australian tourist visa is subclass 600 and the application form is now form 1419.

Coming up next: How I went about applying for my Australian tourist visa

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6,888 Responses to How to apply for an Australian visa

  1. abie says:

    Thank you sis……god bless

  2. jm25 says:

    hello PO sino PO dito nkpgtry mag TV n ksma anak.nila NA sa pinoy. NA grant PO BA kayo?plan q PO IX maglodge ulit ng TV pang 2ng time q PO Ito pero gusto q isama anak q Yong oz bf q PO sponsor nmin

    • stella says:

      hi jm25 ako nakapunta na ksama ang anak ko tv ang visa namin, wala naman problema kung ksama mo anak mo basta tama ang mga documents na isusubmit mo. anu ang puede ko maitulong sau just email me and i will coach u how to go about it here is my email or u can talk to me on skype ano skype name mo i will add you into my contacts. keep blessed. stella

    • stella says:

      hi jm25 i was granted a tourist visa with my son. ilan taon na yun anak mo? ito email ad ko, puede mo ko email and im willing to coach you anu ang dapat mo gawin. hope to hear from you. have a blessed day. stella

  3. abie says:

    Hello po my visa granted june11 maraming salamat po my ask ulit po aq about namnaman po sa ticket like po kc ng sister ko dun cla bili ng ticket jetstar po pwde po b un andto aq stin wla po ba mgiging prblm un s airport bka po kc dmi hingin skin eh at wla rn po kc aq pera kng my mngyring prblm s ticket hnd agd aq mkkbli s airport at nttkot po aq first time ko sskay ng airplane hahahahaha cno po b jan my flight ng june hahaha bka my mksby aq thank you……

    • stella says:

      hi abie this is stella congratulations sis, ang bilis mo nkuha ang visa mo Praise God. wala naman problema kung dun manggaling ticket mo basta kailangan 2 way na ang bi2lihin nya kc nka tourist visa ka. saan ka nga pla sa oz pupunta? sna magkasabay tayo. sis can u please email to me kung anu mga isinubmit mo documents sa part mo at yun galing sa nag invite sau (sister mo ba sya)? kc meron ako friend sister din ang mag invite pra masabi ko sa kanya. here is my email thank u. keep blessed.

  4. Kate says:

    mga sis, fyi lang po kung sino po aalis.. me promo po Cebu Pacific ngayon to Sydney.. September to December po travel

    • Kc says:

      Hello kate meron na palang cebu pacific na flight pa punta dito sa aussie? Dito ako ngayon sa brisbane

    • stella says:

      hello kate this is stella would u know how much is the return ticket manila sydney with that cebu pacific promo? hope to hear from you. and thank u so much for the info. keep blessed sis.

      • Kate says:

        hello mga sis, yes meron pero bago lang sya Sydney pa lang.. ung price depends on the availability nun promo.. If you already have your Visa better book before the promo’s the link nun cebupac: promo ends on June 19 less than 15k lang ang round trip.

      • stella says:

        hello kate stella here, thank u for taking time to reply, yes i have seen it but im not so familiar about promo fare, well that is really cheap, 15k included na ang travel tax and other charges dyan? hope to hear from u again. thank u. keep blessed sis.

    • anna says:

      Hi,kate! Nasa Sydney ka na ba ngayon?

  5. jenny says:

    Hello everyone.. This may be a “bit” off topic, but its somehow related.
    Has anyone here married a New Zealand Citizen living in Australia?
    My bf said, his friend who is a New Zealand Citizen living in Melbourne will marry a filipina. The girl was granted a TV and they will get marry once she come to Melbourne. And they will just get a New Zealand passport for the girl to be able to enter australia without applying for the PMV because its expensive to get PMV right?
    Bf wants us to do the same, but I can’t research any details if thats possible or a detailed requirements or qualification in obtaining a New Zealand passport for someone who didnt even lived there. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

    • M.Sleeman says:

      Hi Jenny,
      My boyfriend is a new zealand citizen who is living here in australia we been together for 10 years and im applying for defacto relationship andto ako ngaun sa australia as a tourist visa. Parang hindi ata ganun kadali makakuha ng nz passport lalo na ikakasal palang sila she needs to be a nz citizen before she can get a passport. Kailangan niya padin mag apply ng visa before siya makapunta dto sa oz and mahaba pang process bago niya makuha ang passport ng nz its not because kasal ka sa isang nz citizen eh automatic makaka enter ka ng australia without visa.. Like me i been into relationship for 10 years but still everytime i need to enter i australia nag apply ako ng visa

      • jenny says:

        Hi M.Sleeman, sorry for the very late reply.. Palagay ko nga talaga hindi ganun kadali kasi masyadong strict ang Australian border proctection.. But have you considered visa 461 sis? We learned na yun pala ang plano nila kunin para less requirements.. I read the visa description ang pwede nga ata sis..

  6. rhea says:

    naguguluhan po ako about dun sa manager check , san po ba banko un pwede anykind po ba,? by august p kse ako apply pero my application for visitor visa na ako and ready to submit nlang, thanks

  7. rhea says:

    naguguluhan po ako about dun sa manager check , san po ba banko un pwede anykind po ba,? by august p kse ako apply pero my application for visitor visa na ako and ready to submit nlang, thanks

    • Anne says:

      kung san ka may account dun ka mag-apply.just tell them na magpapagawa ka ng mc payable to australian embassy. ngayon kasi 5,600 ang cost ng processing fee..

    • Anne says:

      ako sa september pa brisbane kapag naapprove visa ko..wahahha…i submitted it only last week..goodluck sa akin

      • Ces says:

        Hi sis Anne, would like to ask walk in ka ba or courier? Nagpaschedule k b for an appointment or direct ka na nagpunta ng vsf? At saan pla un sis? Ty and good luck sa application mo.

      • stella says:

        hi ces this is stella i read your queries to anne, just want to be of help to u. here is the address of VFS MO1 Mezzanine floor 2305 Ecoplaza Bldg., Chino Roces Ave. extension. pareho din ng street ng PIASI, kung sa edsa ka galing lampas siya ng PIASI, just tell the driver Ecoplaza Bldg., puede pa rin ang walk in, galing kmi dun nung monday nag lodge ng application at walk in lang kmi. We hope and claim that God will grant us visa again and this time we wish its multiple entry pra mas maganda. God bless us all sisters.

      • anna says:

        Hi,Anne! Grant na ba visa mo?

      • anna says:

        Hi,Anne! Anung latest update ng visa mo? Next week pa plan ko mag lodge ng application ko if ma grant sa Brisbane din punta ko.

      • Anne says:

        hi!anna, wala pang update nung nitrack ko nasa embassy pa rin. Kailan ka ba pa Brisbane?

      • rhea says:

        thanks anne, nkapag inquire n din ako.. san ka sa brisbane?

  8. mabel says:

    Ask ko lng cnu po nag apply uli (2nd time) ng TV at na grant po uli.

    • Anne says:

      Ces, nagpacourier lang ako eh..kapag walk in kasi eh along magallanes xa. sa ecoplaza building makati….ang charge ay 620 kpag walk in kasi..mine kasi is 1,330 including the courier fee at yung sms update daw kaso hindi naman ako i called them up then they just gave me the VLN tracking number which you can use sa website ng VFS…here’s the link ……I lodged mine only lastweek eh…

  9. jenny says:

    Another off-topic..
    Has anyone here applied for 461 visa?

  10. anna says:

    Hi..could anyone please help me i am planning to lodge my tv application nextweek..pero i am worried na baka di ma grant visa ko kc ofw ako dati pero bago na passport ko now will they still trace up na i worked abroad last 2012 or pwede ba na wag ko na lng e declare na ofw ako dati.. may business ako now and i have a son na babalikan ko dito sa pinas.Kung meron sa inyo na same with my situation please help me.

    • Anne says:

      better tell them the truth kasi they have their way talaga para malaman ang totoo, tska it doesn’t matter eh sa gusto mong bumalik eh tska basta kaya mong isupport sarili mo dun.

      • anna says:

        Hi,Anne! I have a boyfriend in Brisbane dapat kasi nung December ako mag aaply but I was too lazy to gather all my docs. We registered at migration xpert before to process my papers and he paid for it pero di ko na submit docs ko and he got upset cause he really wanted me to spend xmas with him and he felt that i am not interested to spend time with him kaya nawalan sya ng gana but we still keep in touch sa fb and minsan skype so i decided to lodge my docs nextweek kasi i wanted to surprise him .NZ citizen din sya.Sigurado naman pagdating ko ng oz he will support me sa lahat ng needs ko pero since di nya alam na im coming over there so wala ako hiningi sa kanya but I would still write his name in my application..sana nga ma grant visa ko.

  11. Anne says:

    Hi! Anna, ilodge mo na. Where can I contact you?

  12. lovely says:

    what if po wala akong work tapos mag apply ako ng tourist visa, ano po ba ang ibang req. instead sa certificate of employment.?

  13. Mary says:

    Hi Nav thanks for the info, ikaw nag attend ka naba ng cfo? my co for my pv is eamiling to me that she will grant my visa until I leave aus, im here for tv multiple entry but i will have to rebook my flight to be in the phils sooner. kailangan ba talaga tayo mag cfo or ok lang kahit hindi na mag attend? thanks Mary

  14. mary says:

    sa Melbourne
    Hi Anna, im here in Melbourne

  15. Anne says:

    @rhea, di ko pa alam kung san ako ako sa brisbane. pwede rin ako sa goldcoast. basta kumuha lang ako ng visa eh at yun nga gusto kong mamasyal.

  16. joms says:

    Hello there.. I just want to ask paano ba ang procedure to apply TV from KSA Jeddah to Sydney AU? May relatives kasi ako dun then they invite me to take my vacation there. hindi ko kc alam kung saan ako mag sisimula.. Thank u sa mga sasagot.

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