Philippine passport renewal guide for senior citizens

Thanks to the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Courtesy Lane, renewing the passport for your parents or relatives who are already senior citizens, the process is a breeze. Senior citizens are exempt from the appointment system; they just need to go to the DFA Consular Office in the ASEANA Business Park along Macapagal Avenue and apply.

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Those renewing must bring their expired/expiring passport, along with a photocopy of the first and last page, amendments page, and the page with the last Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps. For holders of brown passports (issued before May 1995), applicant must also bring a copy of their birth certificate printed on security paper (SECPA). If you forgot to photocopy the documents before going to the DFA, there’s a photocopy machine inside the passport processing area. Copies costs Php 3 per page.

Step 1: Fill out form
The passport renewal application form is available at the counter beside the door to Passport Processing Area 2 (PPA2) in the 2nd floor.

Step 2: Have documents checked and get number
Line up at the counter and have your application form and documents verified. You will be given a queue number. You can now enter the Passport Process Area 2.

Step 3: Submit application
Once your number is called, go up to the window and submit your documents. You will be asked to take a seat while they verify your information. Once finished, you will be asked whether you want the expedited processing (Php 1,200, 10 working days) or the regular processing (Php 950, 20 working days). You will be issued an invoice,

Step 4: Pay processing fee
Go out of PPA2 and go to the cashier section just beside it. Once you’ve paid, go out the same door. If the guard tells you that the exit is on the other side, tell him that you are in the courtesy lane.

Step 5: Have pictures and biometrics taken
Once you’ve paid, go to the photo and biometrics section within the PPA2. Give the receipt of your payment, then your picture and thumbprints will be taken digitally. You will also be asked for your signature and to verify your information.

Step 6: Pay for courier service (optional)
If you live far from the DFA or do not have time to go back to pick up the new passport, you can opt to have it delivered instead. Go to the LBC table near the door and pay Php 120 for each passport (even if they are going to be delivered to the same address). The new passport will be delivered the following day after the passport’s release date.

That’s it. All in all, the entire process only took us 30 minutes.

The DFA Courtesy Lane is open for senior citizens, infants and minors, government employees and their families. For a guide on how to apply for a Philippine passport for children/minors, read the Hippie Mum’s guide.

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26 Responses to Philippine passport renewal guide for senior citizens

  1. chyng says:

    renewal for Dyan.. hihi

  2. al says:

    I wish it was that easy renewing Philippine passport abroad. In Norway, one of my friends waited for more than 6 weeks, can you imagine?

  3. HELLO NINA.Good Day to you? says:

    mam, paano po ba ang mag renew ng passport – kasi birth year ko naging 1957 instead of 1951….ano po ba nag requirements.thanks…….more poer.

  4. siyempre ngayon ko lang nalaman: dahil government employee pareho ng magulang ko, di ko na pala kelangan mag pa appointment at diretso nalang sa courtesy lane KAINIS NAGPAKAHIRAP PA KO :|

  5. rona says:

    ..ask ko lang po if may araw na nakalaan for schedule ng pagpunta ng senior citizens??or any day po pwede mag-walk-in??

  6. gina saygo says:


  7. florence says:

    Hi. If my 20 year old son is with his grandfather (senior citizen) and they go together for passport renewal, will my son be allowed to use the courtesy lane? thank you.

  8. van says:

    Hi do i need an appointment for my 2.5years old baby? Thanks. Is walk-in possible?

  9. Dorcas says:

    I’m a senior citizen. Di ba available dito sa page na ito ang application form for renewal? Kung meron sana I want to print a copy para ma-fill up ko na before going to the DFA. Also, yung present location ng DFA ay bago na ba or nung 2006 eto na ang address nila? Thanks.

    • Nina says:

      The form isn’t downloadable. As a senior citizen, you don’t need to apply through Teleserv. Just go to their new office along Macapagal Ave., and fill out the form there.

  10. zenaida santos says:

    I am a senior citizen,but I lost my birth certificate copy will my LTO ID, voter’s ID, SSS ID, and Senior Citizen ID be enough for renewing my passport?

  11. Nina P. says:

    Di ba po pag senior citizen, pede kahit walk-in lang yung pag aasikaso ng passport. Yung sa Mama ko po, renewal lang tas senior citizen sya. Ang di po namin sure ay kung pede sya kahit sa Megamall, sabi po kasi nung iba pede na daw po. Pero yung nabasa ko po dito along Macapagal Ave. Thnks! :D

  12. joy gacayan says:

    sir madam do i need to renew my passport coz i will go to japan next month my passport wii expire at oct.13 2013

  13. missytwix says:

    Thanks Ms. Nina for this helpful blog post. I sent an inquiry at DFA because my lola also has to renew her brown passport and they replied that the special lane for senior citizens is available at ASEANA as well as Megamall and Galleria from Monday to Saturday and at DFA Manila from Monday to Friday only.

  14. we want to renew the passport of my father who is already 78 years old do you have other channels near cubao areas for senior citizen?

  15. Eric says:

    Hello… Clarify ko lang kung lahat ba ng requirements at supporting documents ay dapat complete kahit senior citizen na ang magaaply ng new passport? Thanks…

  16. Riana Charisse Reveche says:

    Hi tanong ko lang kung kailangan bang sa Macapagal pumunta? Hindi ba pwede yung DFA sa Megamall? Thank you!

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