Project Japan

A lot of you got scared when I posted my Japan travel expenses. It’s understandable — that’s a lot of money to spend for two weeks in one country.

Japan is worth it. It’s very very expensive, yes, but it’s also a really really beautiful country to explore. To those who I haven’t scared off yet, here’s my Project Japan (2494) file, which contains my itinerary, pre-trip budget (which I completely disregarded in the face of sushi), resources and other information. I hope it would help you in planning your dream trip to Japan :D

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19 Responses to Project Japan

  1. Denise says:

    As soon as I get a job, I’ll start saving that heap of money I’ll need to visit Japan, but yes, in the end I think it will be worth it :)

  2. Though I marvel at japan’s beauty, I can’t help but fear the language barrier. Lol at the face of sushi :))

  3. travelph says:

    I really had a great time reading your post. Thanks for the information.

  4. Kristel says:

    Thanks for this Nina! :) It’s amazing how diligent you are in tracking your expenses! This will help me a lot, hopefully in the near future! :)

  5. June says:

    Hi Nina, great posts! thank you for sharing. This just shores up my desire to go to japan even more ;)

    I’m trying to download your Project japan file to no success though. I keep getting the rar file instead of an excel file… please help? Thanks!

  6. Sara Louis says:

    Your Project Japan is so cool! I think that even the most expensive journey is not a waste of money! Since I started working I try to save money to travel at least twice a year! I just need to go away even for a short period of time! look forward your next posts on Japan

  7. wandershugah says:

    Hello nina! This is awesome! Im wishing and will be praying for this success :) You are an inspiration :)

  8. It’s all relative when you travel! If you have that passion to visit Japan as well as the means then go for it! I like how clean your budget is, Nina. A lot of travelers are spontaneous but I am a stickler with my bank account and usually opt to tabulate something similar. Enjoy Japan!

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  10. Dan Guiam says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for sharing your Project Japan trip.

    Ask ko lang kasi nakita ko sa VISA requirements mo na may DTI ka rin. Bale kasi nagresign na ko sa work ko nito lang Oct 2012 and nagstart ako ng real estate business ko this November so pwede ko iattach yung DTI and BIR papers ko. do you think na makakaapekto sa application ko na bago lang ang business ko?


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  12. sheilarouge says:

    Hi I see that you use airbnb for your accommodations. I don’t mind the idea of a private room in a share house as long as I have a friend who’s traveling with me. However, by end of the year, actually by 3rd week of November, I’m planning a trip to Japan alone and I’m considering airbnb, do you recommended it to single travelers? any tips on safety?

    • Nina says:

      Hi Shella,

      We didn’t use Airbnb for this trip. That was just part of the list of accommodations that we were looking into. I have a friend who Couchsurfed in Japan, and she traveled solo. Both Couchsurfing and Airbnb have feedback ratings, so be sure to read them to read about the place and your host.

      If you’re renting a room, do check the price difference between the apartment/room vs. a dorm room/hotel room. I find that some places costs as much, and Airbnb also charges a fee for booking through them. Also, before booking, check the location of the place you’re staying in. Is it in the suburbs? How close/far is it from the places you want to visit? The cost of your transportation might eat up the savings you get from getting an apartment far from the city.

      You can see all the places we stayed at in the Expenses tab of the file (or download the separate Japan expenses Excel file). The one in Tokyo, Sakura Inn, is close to the train station, has a kitchen, and there’s a place that sells cheap food nearby.

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