How to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa (2013 edition)

I am not a visa officer, nor am I migration agent. I am in no way affiliated with the Australian Embassy Manila nor with the Australian government. This post comes from my experience with preparing and submitting visa applications for family members and for myself. Also note that this entry pertains to my experience in applying for an Australian tourist visa in April 2013. This is geared towards applicants who holds a Philippine passport, though the preparation can be applied for other nationalities as well. The Australian immigration update their forms every 3 months. I will try to answer your questions the best way that I can, but bear in mind that I can’t answer all your questions. If you ask a question I’ve already answered in the post, I will ignore you.

Australian tourist visa

After almost seven years, I finally have an update to my now epic How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa series. I have written two posts on the topic, both garnering over a thousand comments, with one getting over 4,500! I have stopped replying to comments, since I don’t think I’m not the best person to be talking about it, as my knowledge of the visa process is largely obsolete, so the visitors have taken upon themselves to answer each other’s questions, with successful applicants coming back to share their good news and help others. It has become a mini forum of sorts and I have to admit I’m happy it turned out that way. I found it to be a great help when I took another chance to apply for an Australian tourist visa once more.

Before I get to the visa application process, here’s some background about me and my circumstances: I am a Philippine passport holder, and have applied and received a visa from Australia before. I have a valid US Visa, with used tourist visas to Canada, Japan, and Myanmar. I also have more than 70 arrival and departure stamps from various countries, and that’s just in one passport. I am single and have my own company registered with the DTI. I have a bank account and a couple of credit cards, and I have two sisters who live in Australia, one of which is a temporary resident and the other a citizen. My intention to visit was for a short break from life in Manila, and to hopefully visit places I missed during my first two trips to the Australia.

Step 1: Download and read the necessary pages, documents, and forms.

This is very important, I can’t stress that enough. It won’t do to just ask questions without reading these web pages and documents first, because you’ll look like an idiot. Majority of your questions would likely be answered by the information written in these files. All these are available for download at the Australian Immigration website,, and they are all free.

There is no need to print all of those pages or forms (unless you prefer to read them off the computer), but the one thing you should print is the visa application form. It’s a fillable form, wherein you can type in your answers on the form itself and print it afterwards. If you use Adobe Reader to open it, it will not save the changes to the form, so fill it out only when you are ready to print and submit. However, if you’re using Foxit PDF Reader, it can save the changes to the form, so you can fill it out and edit it later on before printing.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

Page 15 of Form 1419, Part M is actually an application check list. The column on the left lists all the required documents, while the column on the right lists the additional documents you may submit.

Here are the documents I submitted:

  • Certified true copy of the identity page and pages with visa stamps of my valid passport
  • Recent passport photo taken within the last six months
  • Visa application charge in manager’s or cashier’s check

The Australian embassy do not affix visa labels anymore, so there’s no need to send your passport when you apply, unless you specify that you want a visa label. I would have done this, but the label costs AU$70.

Step 3: Gather your supporting documents

Here are the supporting documents I submitted. Remember that this vary depending on your circumstance. You’re not required to submit all of these, but it is advised that you submit as much supporting documents as you can to prove that you can fund your trip to Australia, and that you have a strong reason to come back to the Philippines.

  • Birth certificate printed on security paper
  • Certified true copy of my DTI Registration
  • Certified true copy of my BIR Registration (Form 2303)
  • Certified true copy of my Income Tax Return (From 1701)
  • Certified true copy of the invitation letter from my sister
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s pay slip
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s passport bio page and employee ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Itinerary

The Australian immigration require that all photocopied documents you submit are certified true copies. You can do this by going to the Notary Public.

If you look at the form, it doesn’t list the birth certificate as part of the documents needed. I included it anyway, since I have an extra copy. Also, when I called to have my document picked up, they mentioned something about the NSO and I asked if I still need to get another since I already have a SECPA copy. They said I can include my copy instead of getting a new one.

Supplementary reading: How to apply for birth, death, and marriage documents in the Philippines – National Statistics Office (NSO)

The NBI clearance isn’t really required either, but I included it since I have it anyway. I got it because it was required in the previous form, 48R. A medical isn’t required, but you may be required to get one if you are applying for a 6-month visa, or if you’re over 75 years old. The medical is only done through accredited clinics. From what I understand, you have to submit your application and use the reference code the embassy will give you when you go for your medical.

I also included a cover letter [Download sample of intent letter] explaining the purpose of my trip and that I wish to get a multiple-entry visa, since I want to make a side trip to New Zealand. This isn’t really necessary, since the form now asks for your trip’s purpose. You are also asked to provide an itinerary of your trip, though you are not required nor advised to make any bookings until your visa is approved.

Step 4: Buy a manager’s check for the visa fee

The visa fee is AU$115, which is Php 5,100, based on the conversion rate at the time. Please double check the fees and the conversion rate, as this can change anytime. I bought my manager’s check from BDO, since I have an account there. Based on the comments in the previous blog posts, there are banks that would not let you buy a manager’s check if you don’t have an account with them. Best to call and inquire with the banks in your area if they’ll let you buy a manager’s check from them even if you don’t have an account.

Step 5: Lodge your application

Required reading: Where to Apply

You don’t have to go to the embassy to submit your application. There are two ways to submit: you can either call the embassy hotline and have them pick up your documents or submit them in person at the VIA Center.

I opted to go with the call center, since it was summer and don’t want to be away for too long from my electric fan. Calling the hotline costs Php 32 per minute, not including the charges from your network provider, if you are calling from a mobile phone. My phone call took about 10 minutes (which included a long wait for them to finish a spiel, and another wait for an operator to be available), and cost me Php 339.29. If you’re going this route, listen closely at the start of the spiel, because there is an option to skip that and go directly to request for a pick up.

The courier fee for Metro Manila is Php 320, paid directly to the messenger who will pick up your documents. This fee covers both pick up and delivery after your application as been processed.

VIA Center have offices in Makati and Cebu.

Step 6: Wait for your visa

Visa processing takes about ten days all the way to 30 days. I called to have my documents picked up on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. It was almost 5pm when I called, and was told that they have already reached the quota for pick up the follwing day. My documents were picked up on Thursday, April 4. I received a text from the embassy that my documents were received on Monday, April 8.

By the third week of April, I was wondering what’s happening to my application. Someone who commented on my previous post said her application was received around the same time and she already has her visa. I started worrying when someone who submitted a week after I did said she already got her visa grant. That’s when I also found out that the embassy conducts phone interviews.

Apparently, they don’t do this to all applicants, only for those they feel they need to clarify certain answers to the application form. Worry changed to distress when I missed not one, but FOUR calls from the embassy. The first call was to our house phone, and my sister gave them my mobile number since I was out of the house. The first call to my mobile came while I was struggling to get off a packed LRT, so I had to cancel it. The next two came when the phone was in silent mode because I was at an event. You can just imagine how frantic I was.

I ended up calling the number, but it was the consulate’s trunkline number. I was told to just call the visa information number (845 9200). Because I do not know how to follow instructions, I called the hotline instead, and was told to send them an e-mail, which can be found on the immigration website. I sent an e-mail using the contact form there, and did not receive any response.

On May 7, just a day shy of one month since they received my documents, I called the hotline again, after getting no response or call from the embassy. The operator took pity and gave me a number to contact, which is the consulate hotline. I wasn’t able to talk to anybody, but I did get an e-mail address. I sent another e-mail, which again did not receive any response.

I finally got a text on May 14 that my documents have been dispatched to the courier for delivery. It did not mention if my visa was granted or not. My documents came the following day, and I was so relieved that my application was granted. It wasn’t a multiple entry visa, as I was hoping for. The visa was granted on May 10, and since it was a long weekend, it wasn’t dispatched until after election day.

Unlike before, the embassy not just issue visa grant letters for tourists. You need to bring this when you leave Manila, as the local immigration would ask for your visa before they stamp you out of the country. Also, instead of having a one-year validity, my Australian tourist visa is only valid until November 2013.

Supplementary reading: Frequently Asked Question – Australian Embassy Manila

I hope you find this helpful. I would also suggest you check the previous entries, How to apply for an Australian visa and Applying for an Australian tourist visa, because the discussions over there are a great resource, as it have inputs from applicants with different circumstances.

You’re welcome to post your questions here, but please read the entire blog post and read all the documents I linked to before asking. Did you apply for an Australian tourist visa recently? How was your experience?

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  1. jifa sorry lasnyt di ako nkapagreply kasi wala ako load, bali\finorward sa ate ko ung text mo nasa manila kasi ung ate para sa connecting flight niya.. have a safe trip jifa sa inyo friend mo.. salamat din sa ginawa mo din ako isa sa mga bridesmaid mo.. :) ciyaa puhon2x

  2. hello po…gusto ko lng po maliwanagan…may bf kc ako for a year nkapunta na cia dito.gusto nia na mag apply ako ng visit visa na cia ang mag sponsor…pwede ba cia mag sponsor skin…di ko na ikahiya ha…may asawa kc ako dito pero matagal na kaming hiwalay..pwede ba magsponsor ang bf ko sa akin inspite of my status as married person…gusto ko lng mkahingi sa nu ng opinion…pcncia na ponaguguluhan lng…kc may dala na cia form skin to fill up…natatakot ako..salamat po sa pag basa…god bless po sa lahat

    • Sis anabelle, yes you can apply for tv. Just make sure docu were all complete. And most important be honest in answering the form. Good luck and God bless us all.

      • ces thank you po sa reply…yung sa form na may friends or relatives sa australia kailangan ba talaga i fill up yon?di ka ba pwede mag leave ng blank sa ibang questions sa form?thank you ces in advance…god bless

      • hi sis..kung may friends or relatives ka sa Australia much better kung ilalagay mu dun..ung full name i think including birthday and address..kung wala ka naman kakilala dun then leave it blank nalang…just be honest lang sa pag fill out ng form…be sure nasagutan mu lahat ng questions sa form. goodluck sis.

      • hi sis ces…wala po ako work dito sa pinas…actually yung bf ko na talaga ung sumusuporta sa amin ng mga kids ko…ok lng ba yun?do i need show money?sabi ng bf cia na daw mgprocess dun sa oz?ok ba un or ako talaga ang magprocess dito..thnk you sis ces…pcncia na sa abala..god bless us all

      • Sis Anabelle, ok lng kht waley ka work as long as may proof ka na babalik ka ng pinas. Maraming nagrant ng visa kht wala sila work bsta complete docu ng bf mo. Good luck! God bless us all

  3. catcraig..thank you sa reply…ask ko rin na sabi ng bf ko cia na ang magprocess dun sa oz…ok lng ba yun..isa pa wala kc ako work dito pinas…ma grant pa rin kaya ung tv ko..pcncia na talaga sa mga tanong…pero ngpapasalamat talaga ako sa mga reply ninyo…god bless

    • no worries sis..sabihin mu sa boyfriend mu epadala nya sa g-mail mu or email lahat ng documents nya including bank statements at statutory declaration and pa scan mu nalang sa kanya ung passport at drivers license nya tapos epa print mu yun lahat.. at ilagay mu sa brown envelope.. pagsama samahin mu pati ung documents mu..ako kasi sis. wala din akong work dito sa pilipinas..tska hindi din ako ngpasa ng bank certificate na ngpapakita na may pera ako sa banko ang pinasa ko lang sis photo copy ng birth certificate at passport ko,2 pictures passport size, pictures naming dalawa ng bf ko, ung form 1419 tapos sis if ever na ganun ka din walang work at if ever insufficient funds ka..gandahan mu nalaang pag gawa ng letter of intent..kumbinsihin mu silang babalik ka dito sa pinas..or may babalikan ka you can see sis sa form kasi kylangan may work kang babalikan or my property or business kang babalikan.. kaylangan nila ng proof nun to make sure sis na di ka lalagpas sa stay mu dun.dun sila mahigpit i think..gandahan mu ung letter of intent mu at e convince mu sila.then sis pag ok na at kung nasa manila ka naman punta kang makati sis sa may allegro center..ipapasa mu dun ung lahat ng documents.. at mgbabayad ka sa kanila ng P700 for handling fee at regarding sa visa processing fee sis..dapat may account ka sa banko BPI or BDO tapos sabihin mu sa bf mu ilipat sa account mu ung pambayad sa visa tapos punta ka ng banko at mag pa issue ka ng managers cheque ung bayad sa visa is 5,600 .isama mu ung cheke na un sa documents mu kasi di sila tumatanggap ng cash. pag andun kana sa allegro sis.dont worry e aasist ka nila.goodluck sau sis.

      • @catcraig..sis cat taga cebu lng me…pwede bang thru courier nlng ipasa?kailangan din ba na mgpadala c bf ng letter of invites…about sa letter of intent..kailangan ba mahaba or 2 or 3 pages ganun?at dun sa status ko…ano ba talaga dapat separated ako pero wala din nmn me papers to married pa rin bah ilagay ko…pcncia na cat…dami ko tanong..para lng po malinawagan..salamat…god bless

      • sis may via center din sa cebu pwedi ding ikaw na mag lodged mas maganda un..pero sis its up to you. sa letter of intent kahit 1 page lang sis basta kung sa tingin mu ma coconvince mu sila.kung gusto mu 2 page pwedi naman. regarding naman sa status mu..married ka pa din ..maging honest ka nalang sis ilagay mu married ka..hanggat wala k pang proof na pwedi mung ipakita na divorced kna.pwedi ding sabihin mu sa letter of intent mu na di pa kau divorced ng dati mung asawa at kaylangan mu din bumalik dito pinas after 3 months or 6 months kasi andito mga anak mu.for me ok yun pero nasa sayo yun sis.. be honest lang lagi sa sagot mu :)

      • hi sis tanong lng,pg sat and sunday ba my ngddliver din,yesterday lng sinubmit ung tv ko nung agent nmin,and sa friday aalis ako pra sunduin sa airport c hubby sunday noon ang blik nmin dito sa province,just incase dumating un ng wla ako ano mangyyari,db nila iiwan un dito samin?

      • sis..kung na submit na ng agent nyu un..etetext ka ng PIASI i think 3 days na pinaka mabilis ma grant..pinaka matagal na yung 1 month .ung sa result ba tinatanung mu ? if ever ma dispatched na sa courier ung documents mu e diliver naman yun sa address mu ng air 21..kung wala ka para tumanggap nun..dapat ung tatangap may ipapakita silang i.d kahit postal lang kasi di nila ibibigay yun pag walang i.d.

  4. @ivydels28…di kita ma add sa fb…ako nlng i add mo..ok lng bah..para na akong nanay nio coz im 42..annabelle tarega ung fb ko…thank you so much…

  5. hi mga sis just want to update,i ask our visa agent if they already submit my tv application,sbi nila oo na raw and ako raw yung unang mkkaalam ng result kasi derekta dw yun mkkrating sakin from embassy. hope i get a grant notice..yesterday lng pinasa,since nsa sampaloc lng cla at sa mkati ang embassy today kya ntanggap na agad ng embassy tv app ko?

  6. thank u sis catraig,i pray na sna granted ang result ng tv far wla p akong nttanggap na text from PIASI cguro d pa nila nrreceive application ko,usually ba gano ktgal sila bago mgtext?

    • sakin kasi sis na grant ung tourist visa ko last January 21 na lodged ko sya sa via center january 15 tapos ngtext agad yung PIASI kinabukasan January 16 na narecieve na nila documents ko.January 21 ng text yung PIASI ulit na dispatched na documents ko at ede deliver na sakin.nung araw ding yun na received ko ang result via air 21 ang visa grant notice ko.6 days lang inantay ko. dont worry sis tourist visa lang yan. ma approve yan for sure.keep on praying sis and be positive :)

  7. Hello everyone. Now I just lodge my application for Tourist Visa again, for the 3rd time. 1st one was my bf, we broke up. Then the 2nd time, my friends who got married there invited me to come over and was again approved. Concern ko lang, this time kc I got a new bf na nagsponsor sakin. I lodged it last Feb. 18. It will be my 3rd time so as much as I wanted to be confident, medyo scary din since baka medyo sumemplang. Is there anyone here na pang 3rd time na rin nila and was granted? How long na ba ung Visa processing ngaun? Kasi I asked the woman sa VIA center and I was told minimum daw is 1 month. Then she told me to do a follow up abt 2 weeks. Share naman ur TV timeline. TY :)

    • Hello sis Jay, mine I lodge my tv last feb 16 till now wala pa ko narereceive na txt from piasi. But in my 1st tv same situation no txt from the office and was granted after 9 days including weekend. Hoping this week may result na ko. How about you sis? God bless us all.

    • Hi sis Jay, finally the much awaited result finally come! Got a multiple entry visa now. Thank God.
      Feb 17-visa lodge at the centre
      Feb 25 -visa granted ( multiple entry this time )
      God is really good! And for those who are still waiting for the result for sure granted yan. God bless us all!

      • hi sis Ces, congrats.. I lodged mine thru via center last january 28 2014 .. i dont receive any messages from embassy that they had my application… this coming feb 28 my application will be one month … so sad…

      • Hi sis Rose Anne, tv ba inapply mo? Kc kng tv at mag1 month na sa 28, you should call and follow up your application. Good luck and God bless us all

      • rose ann email ka follow up about ur tv, kasi mag 1 month na. yan ginawa ko dati the nextday i receive my tv granted that was last year.. gdluck

      • Hi Ces! Congratulations! Sarap naman! <3 Anyway, sis, ano inapply mo, 3 months multiple talaga? I want to get 3 months multiple sana for my 2nd Tourist Visa application. Thanks! And congratulations again!

      • Huhuhu. Congrats to you. Almost same lang tayo. At ngaun lang, I missed 3 calls from the embassy. Tried to return the call but it was just a trunk line number. Called the hotline but they just told me na mag email. Kakaistress! bakit naman kasi naka silent phone ko eh :(

      • hello rose… i received an email from embassy this afternoon regarding for my medical… they only required me having an x-ray… I hope they gonna grant me the six month tourist visa rose… hehehe… Rose, naa kay gifill apan sa online before niadto ka sa clinic?

        Sis Jay, nagmiscol din sa akin ang embassy …same tayu hindi ko rin nasagot kasi nakasilent din… i called back but the operator says hihintayin ko na lang daw ang next call…

      • Hi sissies! Paano ba if magrant na 3 months multiple entry visa? Pwede ka mag stay in Australia for 3months, and then fly to Singapore for a few days, then pwede ka ulit bumalik and stay for 3 months again in Australia? Ganon ba yon? I’m confused. Hehehe

    • may mga ganun talaga minsan di natetext ng PIASI etetext ka naman nila pag na dispatched na ung documents mu at edidiliver na lang sayo ung result.bka after 3 weeks lang may result na yan. tourist visa lang naman kasi yan sis. di yan patatagalin.

  8. confused ako masyado and nahihiya na din ako magtanung.. may napagtanungan na din ako about CFO pero may nababasa din ako sa mga websites mga blogs na di naman daw talaga required ung CFO for tourist visa holder kasi para lang daw un sa fiancee or spouse visa holder..share naman ng idea nyu mga sissy.

    • In my 4 tourist visa I never had CFO on it. But this time I got my partner visa already so about time for CFO. I have lots of friends while in their tourist haven’t got CFO. So I guess depends only. If you are in the age bracket like 25 above you can do it without. Just haven’t had a chance to get out in NAIA 1 since it’s really strict that sheyt hole :) Went out NAIA 2 every time I traveled.

      • thanks sa reply sis @ivydels28. madami kasi ako nababasang blogs pero wala naman for tourist visa para sa CFO .lagi cnasabe walang ganun kasi for immigrants or sa fiancee at spouse visa holder lang. nakakatakot lang baka di ako payagan maka alis sa airport..22 pa lang ako. i just dont know what to do :) i thought everything is ok since i was already granted for my tourist visa..but I was told by someone i need to impress the immigration of NAIA and show some documents. :)

      • Hi Catraig, I had a friend in her first travel outside Philippines even with her boyfriend the immig stopped them to travel or her twice bound to Bali and Hongkong. What they did was they need to get the CFO. From then on she was allowed or I guess NAIA 2 are not that strict.. lol…. But for me you need to and save you for the next time when you really need it for partner visa or fiance visa … If you are in Cebu or in Manila madali lang yan tyaga lang. Ako nga mga 2am ako pumunta mga 6pm na ako natapos. But lesson to learn you can go there 5am.

      • thanks sis ivydels. i think need ko nga mag attend ng cfo simenar just to make sure. do you think need pa nila ng original copy ng birth certificate? ng mag attend ka ba ng ganito hiningian ka nila? i only have passport and visa and photocopies of them.and also NBI clearance and postal id for requirements.

      • No need na sis but if you have just photocopy only BC. You need to be prepared some proof.. like photos, etc.. that defines your relationship with him.

        ID’s (postal, passport, NBI) any proof of your identification
        Fee – 400php
        Visa – (you need to photocopy each documents)

        When you arrive there facing in front of the building just fall in line in the right side of a simply slope stairs… alam mo na yon pagdating huwag don sa front door talaga basta sa gilid non right side for fiance, spouse and partner visa yon. The front door are for skilled worker or any visa bound like Canada immigrant… Kung mahaba na ang linya huwag kabahan kc if your bound Australia di lahat Australian naka pila don halo2x sya. The door will be open 7:30am So you need to be there 4:30am.

    • ahi Catraig.. nag’attend kanaba ng CFO? plan ko din kumuha month flight ko..under tv din ako, at may ongoing process ng partner make sure para walang problema pag alis ko kukuha nako.. wala akong kasabay, Gusto ko sanang ma ma’meet ako na kukuha din na cfo para may kasabay ako..hehe.. sa Manila ako.kukuha..

      • sis sabay na tayo.anung date ka aalis nextmonth? ok lang ba kung sabay na tayo? kinakabahan kasi ako. san ka dito sa manila sis?

      • Hi sis.. Add moko sa fb gusto mo? Para chat tayo, oo gusto ko din may makasabay, para may kausap habang naghihintay.. Sa march 26 alis ko, pero blak kong punta ng CFO sa march 3.., sa Pampanga pako sis, pero punta ako ng Manila the day before CFO para maaga…
        Taga San sis?

        fb ko- Chilyn Guintu Dungca

      • hi sis angie.. balak ko mag attend ng seminar na to..nakahanap ako ng kasabay dito kanina, si sis chilyn.. madami ngsasabi di na kaylangan daw pero takot akong di payagan maka alis since hinahanapan daw ng ganun sa NAIA. just to make sure lang. pwedi din naman ata mg attend nito kahit wala pa ung visa mu sis. certificate lang daw to kasi ung cfo sticker is for immigrants lng :)

      • as far as I know CFO is required for those who have foreign husband or fiance that will leave Ph and live in other country.

      • hi catcraig and chilyn sis hindi nman required ang cfo for tv. i been to oz twice as tv but nver ako nag cfo.. ok nman .. di nman ako hinapang nang taga immi abt sa cfo…ung cfo para lang yan for immigrats, tapos na din ako nag cfo, last monday… pero kayo bahala sis.. kay sis chilyn mag cfo ka nadin pala sis, para f ever na recieve mo na ung partner visa mo.. sticker nlang kulang para sayo.. u dnt have to attent seminar…

      • sis rose thanks sa reply.. madami kasi ngsasabi required na daw to ngaun.. hinihingi na daw to sa airport.. kaylangan may ipapakitang cfo certificate.. nakaka confuse lang masyado.. sana nga di sya required kasi tourist visa lang naman..kaylangan na naman magpasa ng mga requirements. NAIA 1 kaba dati ? di sila strict?

      • catcraig ganyan din kasi ang nararamdaman ko dati like you. wen i had my 1st tv pero.. di padin ako kumuha nang cfo sis, kasi.. i am confident nman sa mga ksagutan qo f ever na tatanungin ako taga immi.. pero siguro sa NAIA strict ung immigration nila.. ako kasi cebu na ako nagdepart noong 1st at 2nd punta ko sa oz as tv.. im just keep pray sis.. pero ikaw bahala sis thats up2u besides magagamit mo din nman yan for ur pv in the future pag mag aply na kayo…

      • hi sis rose..thanks sa reply. strict nga daw sa NAIA naalala ko taga cebu ka pla.. :) much better nga na mg attend ako nito para magamit ko din nextyear..thanks for the info sis :)

      • Hi everyone.. kaninang umaga tumawag ako sa CFO office. nagtanong ako kung kaylangan ko pang mag’attend ng seminar or kung ano man yun kung under tourist visa lang ako, tapos tinanong ako nung nakausap ko kung may foreign partner ako at ano ang nationality nya. tapos sabi ko oo meron Australian..tapos sabi nya oo need na daw yun ngayon mag’attend ng seminar kung may foreign partner.. and then dun ko cnabi na may ongoing process din akong partner visa, mabuti na daw na mag’attend na ako kz magagamit ko daw sya everytime lumabas ako ng bansa.. 3 times nako nakapunta sa Oz last year, kakauwi ko lang last feb.19, wala naman naging problema. next month babalik ulit ako ng Australia still under TV, I decided better na mag’attend nako nung seminar na yun kesa biglang magkaproblema pako sa day of my flight.. tutal tumawag namam ako sa CFO para iconfirm yun.. share ko lang nalaman ko..hehe

  9. Hi guys! I just want to ask sino here naka apply na ng 2nd Tourist Visa? I was granted a 3month TV last time, and now bf and I want to apply again but not sure what to get na Tourist visa. Can you give me an advice? I know we can apply for whatever we want but we just want to make sure. Thanks!

      • Hi Rosseeee! How are you? Yes, we are going to use all the requirements we used before, edit lang the intent letter. But we are just wondering what maganda kunin na Tourist Visa this time? 3mos pa rin or try namin longer? Of course we want longer sana or multiple but ano kaya maganda?

      • hello there im okay, im so happy got my pmv granted already anaway sis, that s up2u,, sis.. f u wish to aply multiple try mo sis, malay mo bibigyan ka nang multiple exmaple balak niyo magholiday sa new zealand or singapore.. kong bakit multple entry ang kukunin niyo..sis..dw granted pa din yan sis

  10. hi ms nina share ko lang ung slide show pics namin.. nang dahit sa forum mo.. nagkakilala kami.. ni marie,jifa, dessy,ilyn, ana marie.. plus adelaide pa ung 1st meet up namin.. thank u so much ms nina, for create ds very helpful informative forum.. god bless po..

  11. hi sis catraig..napaisip tuloy ako, mas mbuti nga mag attend aq ng cfo khit na ngaantay p ako ng visa result,i want to meet u,kelan mo plano mgattend? march 4 kc wedding nmin ,march 7 blik ni hubby sa oz., sbi ni hubby ok na rin dw mgattend aq ng cfo just in case hnpan aq sa naia..

    • hi sis angie..balak namin ni chilyn sa march 3.. ng prepre pare na ko sa mga documents ko..pati ung sa birth certificate ko..need ata original copies just in case lang.. if u want sa march 3 kna din para may kasabay ka.. add mu ko sa fb.. need mu talaga un since ikakasal kna bka pwedi mu sya magamit pag ng apply kana for pmv.

      • hi sis nkakakaba nman,its been 2 weeks and 2 days na wla pa aq blita,next tuesday is 3rd week and i plan to follow up ok lng kya yun? knino ba dpat aq mgfollow up,email or text,mga sis give me details please..

      • sis ok lang naman yan may mga ganun din naka experience walang text from PIASI mayroon din 1 month bago ma received ung result sis. pero its up to you i think pwedi mu na sya e follow up.since may agent naman kayo tanung mu sa kanya kung pwedi nya ma follow up ung application mu or hingi ka ng # sa agent para ma contact mu embassy im sure mayroon yan.kaylan mu pla balak mag attend ng seminar. pwedi ka ba ngaung march 3 ? dito kana sa manila para may kasabay ka if pwedi :) .

  12. Hello sis Hellothere, 3 months lng inapply ko but sa question na do you wish to visit au more than 1 ocassion I check yes and give details why. Kya tlga ineexpect ko this time multiple entry ang ibigay sa akin. Hintay ka lng sis, mabilis na din yan sau kc 2nd time u na rin pla apply. God is always with us. Good luck to all of us mga sis

  13. Hi everyone and to Nina!
    Ask ko lang Nina, you said kasi they usually conducts interview when there is something they have to clarify abt your application. You also had missed calls from them. Did you find out kung ano yung concern nila when they tried to call you? Nagwoworry kasi ako. With my previous application eh wala namang interview. Also did the same thing as you, called them and emailed them today.
    And sa mga sissies natin. Meron ba sa inyo na tinawagan din ng embassy when you were applying for TV? Please share naman ng experience nyo. Thanks!

    • And also Nina… when you said abt the calls. Did they happen all in one day? Or the following calls occurred the next day? Kasi I got mine between 1:23- 1:25PM and tatlo na ung namiss kong calls. Sana man lang one hour or kahit 30 mins ung difference :P Sigh! hope its not something detrimental to my application.

    • I was thinking they wanted to clarify why I was asking for a multiple entry visa, or why I am staying that long in Australia. Honestly, I have no idea :( previous comments have said that they were asked about their work

      • Thanks! They called me again abt 5:30PM the same day. They just asked few questions abt my sponsor. I just got the Visa today and its granted! Yay! See you again, Australia! :) Anyone planning to fly Mla- Brisbane?

  14. Hi sissies! Paano ba if magrant na 3 months multiple entry visa? Pwede ka mag stay in Australia for 3months, and then fly to Singapore for a few days, then pwede ka ulit bumalik and stay for 3 months again in Australia? Ganon ba yon? I’m confused. Hehehe

  15. Good morning po mga sis… ako din po nkareceive ng call from the embassy kahapon actually regarding nga sa application ko kc hnd dw sila nagiissue ng 1 yr multiple so tinanong ako kung ok lng dw 3 months multiple and xempre pumayag nako.. ask ko lng po kung ok lng ba na lalabas ng bansa for only 2 days then balik agad sa australia pag multiple entry tourist visa holder.. wla ba silang number of days required na magstay outside aussie bgo bumalik?

    • hi maggie this is stella, yes puede ka mag exit ng bansa for only 2 days then balik agad sa australia. ako naman sana magtanung sayo, pang ilang beses kna napa punta ng australia ng bigyan ka ng multiple entry? tv ba madalas ang iniapply mo? gusto ko lang malaman kc yun unang punta namin ng australia hindi ang fiance ko nag invite sa akin, business visa ang kinuha ko. pero gusto uli namin pumunta ng anak ko sa australia at pano kaya kmi maka2kuha ng multiple entry? help me about this maggie, and if anyone can answer this it will be very much appreciated. thank u very much mga sis. keep blessed.

      • hi stella.. =) nagreply ako kanina pero parang di nagappear.. anyway, 2nd time ko pa lng mag-apply ng tv pero nung 1st ko kc eh kinasal na kme dun ng hubby ko so nitong paguwi ko inasikaso ko lng mga requirements for spouse visa and sabay kong sinubmit ung spouse and tourist visa na multiple entry… ang balita ko kc mas maluwag na cla mag-issue ng multiple pag may pending partner or pmv application na… ung iba naman pag may relatives dun eh iniissuehan din ng multiple….

  16. Hi sis Angie! Liza here. I was applying for tv and waiting na lng. Ask ko lng coz we are thinking of getting married while im there. Do i need to change my passport detail since machange na din family name ko or dito na sa Pinas pag uwi ko ichange? May isa pa ako tanong sis, if ok lng pag uwi ko mag aapply ako ng sv. SA pagkakaalam ko matagal ang processing nun and i have to be in the Philippines when it is granted. Pwde kayang mag apply ulit ng tv while nag aantay ako ng grant sa sv ko? Need enlighttenment po. Bka meron kayo alam jan mga sissies. Thank you

    • Hi sis liza! It’s ok of you will get married there on a tourist visa. yan dib din ginawa namin ni hubby last yr.macchange mo lng passport mo pagbalik mo dito at pag nakapag seminar ka ng for cfo at pag kay nso copy ka na ng report of marriage. once kc nakasal tyong mga pinoy sa ibang bnsa eh required tyo magsubmit ng report of marriage sa philippine embassy.. just visit the website of our embassy in aussie or u can call them for additional info. Nung umuwi aq last it took me how many months to gather all the reqts and finally nasubmit ko na lahat nitong january ung spouse and tourist visa application (sabay) and now granted na ung multiple entry tourist visa q kya dun ko na aantayin ung spouse visa ksma c hubby..and yes dpat daw andito pag nagrant ung spouse pero iinform ka naman nila once maffinalize na so may tym ka pang umuwi ng pinas :) need mong iinform ung aussie immig dito na ppunta ka ng aussie at may pending spouse visa application ka..

      • Hi sis Maggie, we are planning as well to get married while im in Aus with my bf. I just lodged my tv last March 26th and waiting na rin nalang, Nabasa ko rin ung comment mo, pero kasi kung ok lang pahingi ako ng detailed info? Once i get married in Aus may docu ba silang iiissue sa akin? and pagbalik ko dito sa pinas paanu magreport of marriage sa Philippine Embassy? ang pagkakaintindi ko kasi sa comment ko is need ko lahat magchange ng surname ko bago ako magapply for CFO na kailangan para sa spouse visa. Anu-anu ung mga form na need ko isubmit at magkano? sa Via center ko pa rin ba ilolodge ung mga requirements ko like i did nung naglodge ako ng Tv? How long will it take for the temporary visa or spouse visa na magrant? nalilito kasi ako eh. pasensya kana at ang dami kong tanong, i hope u could help me. Thank you ;)

      • Hi sis tin! =) pag nagpakasal kayo dito sa australia iissuehan kayo ng marriage certificate ung (registry extract) alam ng magkakasal sa inyo kung ano un… ksama un sa issubmit nyo sa philippine embassy. kelangan isubmit nyo ung mga requirements dito sa philippine embassy within 15 days. hnd pwedeng sa pinas mo isubmit un kelangan sa philippine embassy kung saang bansa kayo nagpakasal.. just check the philippine embassy website in australia for additional info. then ung CFO hnd nama n tlga required isubmit sa australian embassy pag nagsubmit ka ng spouse visa app pero kung magcchange ka ng passport kelangan may CFO attendance certificate ka at nso copy ng report of marriage.. hnd nila ipprocess ung new passport mo pag wala kang CFo certificate… ngayon para makapag attend ka naman ng CFO seminar kelangan may report of marriage form ka from philippine embassy or ung nso copy ng report of marriage nyo. kse once nagsubmit ka ng report of marriage sa phil embassy eh may ifforward cla sayo na copy mo after how many days and un ang kelangan mo pra makapag seminar ka. ung nso copy naman na report of marriage eh makukuha mo after mga less than 3 months… just call dfa hotline and magpaconnect ka sa consular department pra malaman mo kung mo ung dispatch # ng report of marriage mo… tawag ka naman sa nso hotline pra magrequest ng nso copy ng report of marriage then iddeliver nila un sayo. … sis email moko or add moko sa fb for additional info/…

  17. hello mga sis… and sis catraig, i just got my visa grant notice this morning this is a really great gift for our wedding on march 4.. hubby will go back first and after a few days ill go in oz to join him and enjoy as newly wedd..

  18. Hello. Good day!
    Need some help here friends. Nasa Malaysia ako ngayon, as tourist and il be staying here for 28 days with my boyfriend as my sponsor. I am still considered as a student since naghihintay pa naman ako ng graduation ko at wala pa akong trabaho. Gusto ng boyfriend ko na isama ako sa Australia for a short vacation. Is it possible for me to get visa here in Malaysia or kelangan ko tlagang umuwi ng Philippines to acquire tourist visa to AU. Thanks a lot :)

  19. @kelly, ung piasi kc un ung ngttxt smn if the docu are ready to dispatch or pick up, idk if I am correct but personally I use to lodge my visa application via centre and then if theres already a decision piasi will send us sms. God bless us all and Goodluck sau sis.

    • Thanks ces… So if my invitation from a friend… Need pa back ng itinerary or hotel reservation info… And as bank statement mag kano required Nila ..mga 10days LNG ako dun…..and she need to indicate ba same letter na I will stay sa place nia?

      • Oo sis kng cia magsponsor sau she needs to state na she will sponsor everything. And she also need to send you her bank statement. Regarding sa amount as long as she can accomodate you sa 100 days na pagstay mo dun and much better you do also have your own bnk acct. Makakatulong din yan iterenary mo and you need to make an intent letter stating why do you need to go to au. Hope it will help you and you can also ask our sissies here. Goodluck.

    • Hi sis ces! Question lang po. Ano ang mga documents na dapat ipa JP for TV? Complete na mga documents but walang JP. So i was wondering baka may dapat pang ipa jp sa mga documents na pinadala sa akin. Im applying for a 3-month TV. I am ready to lodge na kaso medyo nagiisip ako baka may dapat ipa jp sa docs na pinadala ni hubby. Salamat ha.

      • Hello sis belle, im my case ang may sign ng jp ay ung statutory of declaration lng. Hndi need lahat ay ipasign sa jp. Goodluck sis! God bless us all

  20. Hi sissies,

    been a while…:) hope everyone is well:) i just need some help from those who have applied for tourist na unemployed and without kids and granted ang visa.

    i was in oz last year to visit my bf. the company allowed me two weeks holiday and provided me with letter of loa. im still working for the same company for almost two years na but i dont think they will allow me to go on holiday this year kase super busy. my bf was here two weeks ago and he wants me to go to australia on July. next month we will apply for a tourist visa and though im still working il declare na unemployed ako kase i cant provide letter of leave of absence. ung worry ko is how i can convince the embassy that i will be back. can anyone share their experiences please? i dont have kids, family ko lang ung pwd ko ireason.

    really hope to hear from you.


      • hi anna:)

        enough na ba un sis kahit isang family picture lang? babalik din tlg ako kase one of my bestfriends is getting married and i will be part of the entourage. kaso wala pang inivitation letter kase sa december pa un wedding. my bf is also going overseas with his mates sa august, punta silang us. worried lang ako sis baka hindi ako bgyan ng leave ng company. so im thinking of plan B, and un nga il apply unemployed then after i get the visa il render my resignation nlng.

        thanks sis.:)

    • roch familyties submit mo sis sulat mo sa latter na uuwi ka bfore ur visa expired cz of ur family i was granted tv twice unemployed and no kids. granted nman sinubmit qo iintenent ;ater state my reason i promise sa letter na uuwi ako bfore my visa expired at my family picture dapat kasama ka din sa photo not just ur family…. im sure u granted again kasi nga nkapunta ka na pala sa oz.. so dw.. u will be granted again gdluck sis god bless

      • hi rose:)

        thanks for the reply sis. :) im still hoping that the company will give me leave of absence. but if ever ill do that nlng ung mag submit ng family photos. pwd ko din kaya gawin reason na i look after my younger sister? our youngest is 17 yrs old studying here in mnl and living with me.

        thanks sis:)

    • hello roch kung sakaling man hindi ka papayagan ng yung employer mag leave ng tatlong buwan ,grab the opportunity na makapunta ka sa oz, tualad ko dati pinagpalit ko yung magandang trabaho ko , nag resigned ako kasi mas maganda yung lugar na aking tatahakin at para din maka hanap ako ng mapapangasawa doon.. at successful naman nakahanap ako….provide mo lang yung mga documents …. tama c best rose dapat sa picture kasama ka , kahit luma pwede rin….

      • thanks for your reply girls:) im starting to gather my documents na rin. il apply my visa next month. my bf wants me to go there in june. this is my second time and i have asian travels but im still nervous. first week of april il apply na my leave of absence sana payagn but if not rsign nlng.

  21. ah hello po sa mga kababayan ko here in australia asked ko lng po if pwede ba ako mag extend here in australia kc gusto ng bf ko mag stay pa ako dito…..panu ba makakuha ng extension visa here or im just apply again a new visa.

    • hi rowela malay, kung ang visa mo ay walang condition na 8503 puede ka mag extend bago mag expire ang visa mo. just go to the immigration sa lugar mo kung saan ka sa oz.

  22. HI there :) ask ko lang mga sis,wala kasi akong nabasa about sa famili sponsored stream kaya magtatanong ako. May auntie kasi ako sa Australia na iniinvite ako na magholiday sa kanila while magbabakasyon sa school. Nagfillup na ako ng Form 1418 (Family Sponsored Stream). Pwede bang ako nalang maglodge ng lahat ng documents/applications dito sa via center sa makati? Or need talagang siya ang magfile duon sa OZ? Maraming salamat :)

  23. hello there, Im here in Sydney visa ia multiple entry for 3 months..I’m thinking to apply a De facto visa..Anyone of you who knows how this visa works and can I apply it while Im here in Australia? please, i’ll be happy to know what you think about this so I will have an idea..thank you very much and have a nice day.

    • Hi Em.. Eto yung mga requirments na pinasa ko noon…

      De facto (subclass 309)

      SPONSOR requirments:

      -Income Tax Assesment (for the past 2 years) (payslip)
      -Bank Statement (for the past 2 years)
      -2 pieces of passport size photos
      -history of relationships (hand written)
      -certified copy of birth certificate
      -certified copies of ID’s and passport
      -employment record
      -proof of properties like car, house, etc.


      -Certified copies of BC, Passport, I’d
      -NBI clearance
      -Police clearance
      -Proof of Singleness (CENOMAR )
      -form 80
      -Medical exam
      -4 pieces of passport size photos
      -history of relationships

      OTHER Requirments

      -Form 888.. 4 person or more with their passport copy
      -chat logs
      -photos (together, with friends/family)
      -proof that your support him/her (receipts)
      -Certificate of Registration of Relationships
      -proof of living together (apartment lease)
      -wedding/birthday invitations (address to both names)

      You can still add additional information that can help your application, yung list na yan yun lang yung nkapasa ko… If your partner is divorce have to add his divorce docs and etc. Wala pa din akong balita sa de facto visa ko, it’s been 4mos since I lodged.. Hope to hear from them soon… Goodbless and goodluck sa application nyo;)

      • Hi Chilyn thanks sa response..i have another problem Chilyn, I dont have any proof that we live together for a couple of months, however, last 2011 nag visit ako sa kanya for one month and now Im here in Sydney and will stay for 3 months so dun kami nag kasama sa bahay. sa philippines pag nag vivisit sya sa hotel paano un Chilyn?..7 years na kaming mag BF and GF and we just want to get a De facto Visa..possible kaya na makakuha ako ng De facto visa kung hindi naman talaga kami nag kasama ng 12 months na tuloy tuloy..Thank you sana malinawan ako..

      • Hello ulit.. Isama mo nalang yung mga hotels receipt or mga proof na magkasama kayo sa hotel or kung Saan man or mga travel together kung meron kayo… Kame ng ng bf ko wala pang 1 year na nagsama nun nag’apply kame.. Naka’2 stay ako sa Australia.. Lalo na siguro kayo mas big ang chance kung may 7 years na kayo just show proofs na continue pa rin relationship nyo kahit na magkahiwalay kayo…. Ang ginawa namen humingi kame ng letter dun sa may are ng bahay na tinirirahan namen na tenant kameng dalawa dun sa nirerentahan ng bf ko, kung nagrrent si bf mo siguro pwedeng kausapin yung may’ari na gawan kayo ng letter kung Hindi naman I think Hindi naman problema yun, indicate mo nalang sa gagawin mong History of your relationship kung pano set’up nyo nung magkasama kayo sa bahay,,,,,

      • glad to see your trail. we’re also planning to apply for defacto. we’ve been together for more than a year na, but haven’t lived together longer than one month. we frequently visit each other though, i go to oz or siya punta dito. we will be together for two years by time na mag apply kami ng defacto. i spoke to an immigration agent from sydney. he told me the 12 month living together requirement will be waived if me and my bf will register our relationship in his state. my worry is we dont have joint account, he doesn’t support me financially coz im working here. ok lng kaya un?

    • Thank you Chilyn, so how much is the payment. and how will I pay is it also through manager’s cheque?at ano naman ung Certificate of registration of relationship na nakaindicate sa sinubmit mong requirement? para saan un at pano kukunin? thank you ulit..pasensya kana, wala talaga ako alam sa De facto eh..

      • No worries Em..ganyan din ako nuon nung ako nag’aapply..tinatanong ko lahat ng makita ko ko na nag’aapply ng de facto para magka’idea.. thats im happy to help.. Yung bf ko nagbayad nuon sa Oz, tumawag lang ata sya at yun binigay lang credit card details, pwede din managers check diko lng alm kung papano gawin yun.. Yung bayad e, more than 3k Australian dollors na.. senxa na diko na din matandaan and eksaktong amount..ill find out later then send yung link dito sa payment.. Kz kame ni bf wala pang 1year nun nag’apply kame, Jan.1, 2013 lang kame unang sabi para daw ma’waive yung 12mos. living together iparegister daw relationship namen sa Oz.. yun ginawa namen.. Madali lang yun gawin kaso hintay kapa ng 28days bago makuha yung cert.

      • okay, thank you Chilyn, cguro hindi ako makakakuha ng Certificate of registration together kase hindi naman kami nagkasama ng 12 months straight sa iisang bahay..pero ask ko nalng kung pwede makakuha ng certificate since 7 years na kami mag-on.. and three months naman kase ang stay ko dito sa try nalng namin kumuha noon.. saan kinuha ng BF mo ung certificate sa Australia, sa lawyer ba?.pasuyo naman Chilyn ask mo BF mo kung saan sya nakakuha noon. kase pag balik ko ng pilipinas mag aaply ako ng De habang nandito ako sa Australia kukunin naman kelangan na document..salamat Chilyn..

      • Punta ka sa website ng Registry of Births, Deaths and Marraiges at kung saang state kayo sa Australia..makikita mo dun kung anong requirments kaylangan nyong isubmit at yung form andun na din print at fill’upan nyo kung saan address nyo isesend.Yung instruction nakalagay na din dun Em.pde din naman ibigay kung gusto nyong pumunta sa department nila ng personal.. may bayad din yun AUD207 nun kame nagbayd…

      • Chilyn, may tatanong ako ulit, paano ung medical..ikaw ba ang pipili ng hospital or ung embassy ang mag iinform kung saan ka mag much din ang bayad sa medical and anong klaseng medical examination?..before ba mag submit ng application kelangan pa medical muna or what?thank again Chilyn senxa sa abala..

      • Thank you Chilyn sa information atleast may Idea na ako kung paano ung process..salamat..aasikasuhin ko bago ako bumalik ng pilipinas..thank you inform kita ulit sa application ko very soon..Salamat Chilyn..

      • ical irerequest ng immigration yun after mo maglodge ng application Em.. mag’eemail sila sayo.. may 2 option ka kung saan mo gusto magpamedical sa St Lukes or dun sa Makati, nakalimutan ko na pangalan ng sa Makati..ako dun ako sa Makati, mas madali.. 4k+ binayad ko nun… x’ray’test sa dugo, urine, etc.. mga ganun lang…

    • hello em, this is stella when i was in sydney last year i consulted a solicitor there in sydney regarding that 12 mos of living together, the solicitor said it doesnt really need to be straight 12 mos. dahil how can u live together in straight 12 mos. when u have to go back to the phils coz your visa will gonna expire so mabibilang mo ang pag stay nyo together thru your travels to australia. im sorry sis sobra yata late ng comment ko, ha ha ha. keep blessed

  24. Hello sissies!

    Another question, sa mga nag walk-in sa Via centre. What time kayo pumunta? Madami bang tao or mahaba line? Balak namin ni boyfriend mag apply na walk-in kasi when he gets here.

    Thank you again!

    • Hello sis! had lodged my application a while ago (March 25) arrived at the VIA around 11. Konti lang ang tao and medyo mabilis naman. It would have been faster if puno ang staff dun. Otherwise, it was a breeze.

      Oh by the way, if you intend to go there using the MRT, magipon ka ng pasensiya. Had fallen in line for an hour before nakasakay sa MRT. Then it took me another 45 mins from GMA to Magallanes. MRT sucks nowadays. So good luck sa pag pila :)

    • Hellow po, i will lodge my application tomorrow walk in lang sa via centre sa Makati, Ask ko lang, from Eco Building, pwede na bang lakarin? or from Mantrade mrt station pwde ko lang bang lakarin? natatakot kasi ako maligaw :) salamat

      • i lodge my application in via centre march 21, then i receive a txt message from piasi that the embassy got my application march 24. Now waiting for grant visa.

      • thanks Nina, kagagaling ko lang dun kahapon, yup pwde namang lakarin pero i chose na magjeep, Alam naman pala ng mga jeepney drivers ung allegro or pwede mo rin pala sabihin Solid house. Goodluck sa atin. :D

  25. i’m here now at Naia2 for my flight to brisbane..thank u mga sis and oh thanks god i got all clear and easy check in and immigration….

  26. hi, to those have just applied recently like this year lang. marami ba nakakuha ng multiple entry visa? im just gathering all the docs now and apply soon as everything is complete. this is my second time. im really aiming to get a multiple entry kase im going sa june and beack again sa october.

    • hi good afternoon sa lahat sissy here ask lang me if panu kayo nagbayad ng visit visa tourist subclass 600 pa din ba? pln ko kc lodge my application pero diko lam panu bayad now kc di na sila tumatanggap through call in australia. online p[ayment da naw. sino dito may alam? help naman po, salamat

      • hi angel:) have u tried manager’s check sis? just address it to “AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY” i think u can buy mc at any bank. i bought mine before sa BPI. :)

    • hi sis shelly, ako kapipick up lang kahapon ng air21 documents ko. try ko apply multiple sis pero if single lang oks lang din. Yong iba kc dito kahit single lang minsan binigyan sila multiple entry. medyo worried lang ako duon sa cashier’s check sis cashier sa banko sis kc wala daw sila manager’s check sis tsaka pwede naman daw yon pangbayad sis sa australian embassy kc dati daw may kumuha na din sa kanila same matter pero ok naman. C lord nalang bahala sis sa lahat. 2nd time ko din yon sis, san ka sa aussie sis? Brisbane ako sis

      • hi angel:)

        kakabsa ko lng ng reply mo sis. mejo close lng tau, sa goldcoast lng ako mga 45 minutes away from brissy. did u get multiple entry? mag apply plng ako visa ko sis, wait ko lng leave approval letter ko. sana mbigay ng hr after the holy week. pero im going there sa june 14 pa.

        when alis m sis? r u flying pal?

  27. thank you sis shelly yah nakabili na me cashiers check lang sis 5,600 ipadala ko ba to together with my documents? salamat sis tatawag lang kc me sa hotline nila kc wala center dito davao. yo ko din punta cebu kaya call nalang me for picking up my documents air 21 . thanks sis

    • Hi sis angel..the payment is thru manager’s cheque. Im not familiar with cashier’s check. Saan mo nakuha yunz? Manager’s check puwede makuha sa bank. And yup you have to include it sa documents na ipapapick up mo :)

      • thanks sis belle,wala daw kc sila manager’s check kaya binigay sakin cashier’s check nalang ng metrobank. may kumuha daw din sa kanila before naging ok naman daw. pick upin na kc now air21 docments ko i keep praying hope everything will be fine

    • ur welcome sis. im not familiar with cashier’s cheque but if u have already verified it with immi ok na siguro yan. yes girl, u send it together with your docs. :) i had mine picked by air21 din, but il apply next month pa for my second tv.:)

    • Hello angel. First time ko kc kumuha ng Tv. Ang sponsor ko ay bf ko aussie. Tulungan mo naman ako. Panu pag fill up ng form dapat ba completo sasagutin lahat ng questions? Panu pagbayad ng visa fee, anu yung manager check? Anu ano documents dapat ipasa? Dapat ba lahat ipanotaryo sa atty lahat ng documents pati yung sa sponsor ko? At pag nakompleto ko lahat saan ko ipapasa? Sa iyo ba air21 ang kukuha, paano? Sana matulungan mo ako. Salamat. Hingin ko sana ang cipy mo leeter of intent. To email ko:

      • Hello sis belle. First time ko kc kumuha ng Tv ano mga documents po? Kailangan pa po ba ipanotaryo lahat ng documents pati yung sa nagsponsor sa akin. Ang sponsor ko po ay aussie. Panu po pagbayad ng application fee?, ano po yung manager’s check? Pagkatapos po makumpleto ang documents saan po ipapasa? At kailangan po ba ng letter of intent panu po paggawa nun. Tulungan niyo po ako. Salamat.

      • Hello sis May ann…i had submitted:

        My documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of employment, ITR, authority to travel (issued by my office), intent letter, 1 passport size ID pic

        My sponsor: his IDs, payslip, bank statement, income tax return, rental agreement (sa apartment niya since he is renting lang), australian citizen certificate, invitation letter…all of his documents were sent through my email. Most of them were scanned copies.

        ang pina-notarize ko lang sa docs ko were my passport biopage including the stamps therein, my ITR and ID. Tapos kumuha ako ng manager’s cheque sa BDO (I had an account there kaya madali lang ang pagkuha sa kanila) worth Php5,600.

        after mo makumpleto lahat yan, dalin mo na lang sa VIA kasi i have observed na if you personally bring it to VIA, the following day narereceive na ng embassy.

        Good luck sis may ann :)

      • Sis may ann, ang manager’s cheque kinukuha sa bank yun. If you have an account with a bank puwede mo sila irequest. Parang bibili ka sa kanila ng cheque. You have to include the manager’s cheque sa mga documents mo pag sinubmit mo sa VIA. ang intent letter naman, you have to tell there bakit gusto mo pumunta ng australia, ano ang purpose mo sa pagpunta dun and most of all, dapat naka indicate dun na you will abide by the condition that may be imposed on the visa that will be granted to you (like di ka mag overstay, uuwi ka rin sa pinas after mag expire ang visa etc) I hope all is clear na. God bless you :)

    • Hi sis ivydels28, congratulations! Can you help me how did you apply for de facto visa under partner visa. Im currently here at oz and planning to apply as soon as I arrive phils. God bless us all and happy for you sis :)

    • hi ivydels28 this is stella can u please help me also how did u apply for a de facto visa? i will really appreciate your kind response. thank u so much. keep blessed sis.

      • If Jan pa kayo in Australia planning to apply partner visa in Philippines after you get back, you can pay the visa in nearest embassy and take the receipt with you saves time than paying here in Phil.
        My partner and I did the relationship registered in Perth though we haven’t got 12 months physically at that time I think was 10 months in all including travel overseas but only have good chances if your partner is working which is busy for a fact, we had our joint account at ANZ bank and we both used it but mostly I did hahahaha that proves its active, we still renting a unit in Perth and my name is put as tenant in a lease of contract that’s includes as proof of documents, invitation in various occasion from friends that includes both our names, activities together outdoor or indoors sports or any clubs, proof of rimmetance while your in Phil, proof of conversation, more photos, when your together you must keep all the receipts.

        We did the relationship history written too each, form 888 from your friend or your partner’s friend that knew him for long at least two, if divorce you need the copy certificate certified, stat declaration, of course download the forms for the partner visa read it now coz its pain in the ass, form 80 is a must I don’t know why, your partner might get some certificate from work like employment cert that helps, your travel proof together like stickers, accommodation…

        Its too long… Hahaha if you like just let me know your emails so I can’t send my samples … Like table of contents for partner so you can arrange your defacto docu by chapter. I did mine before was like a live story by chapter with titles for easy access….


  28. good morning to all sissy here, just wanna ask about your idea if which one is better to apply-PARTNER VISA or PROSPECTIVE VISA? kc diba almost the same lang ang requirements and fee pati processing period din. sa ngayon kc visit visit lang muna me sa aussie while waiting sa annulment ko then pag ok na plan talaga namin pakasal dito pinas then lodge for partner visa. kadalasan kc dito prospective visa inaply nila kaya confused lng me. pa share naman idea…thank you

  29. Got my visa today! Thank you Lord! It Took 5 days for the embassy to grant my visitor visa. Salamat sa lahat! :)) God bless us all and hope to see some of you down under!

      • Hello sis belle and sis angel..Pwede po ba scan copies lang documents sa sponsor ko, kc ang sinend lang sa akin passport certified, driver license, child care government approval, copies of entry visas in Philippines,cinvitation letter also bank statements, pwede po kahit iyon lang?

        Ang sa akin po ba lahat dapat ipanotaryo? Salamat po

  30. Hello sis belle…Pwede po ba scan copies lang documents sa sponsor ko, kc ang sinend lang sa akin passport certified, driver license, child care government approval, copies of entry visas in Philippines,cinvitation letter also bank statements, pwede po kahit iyon lang?

    Ang sa akin po ba lahat dapat ipanotaryo? Salamat po

    • Sis may ann, okay lang na scanned copies ang documents ng sponsor mo. um, i think you need to get his payslip (for 3 months) and bank statements (3 months rin) as well to prove na kaya ka niyang supportahan while in oz.

      Yung sayo no need na ipanotaryo lahat ng documents mo. Yung biopage lang ng passport ang kailangang ipanotarize.

  31. Hi sissies! I am going to buy a manager’s check na tomorrow for my visa application! Ano lalagay ko sa payable? Australian Embassy ba? Nalito ako kasi sa website at the end of the application form nakalagay ” If paying by bank cheque or money order please make payable to the Department of Immigration and border protection.” Help please!

  32. Thank you Lord so much got my visa grant today at 2pm takes 5 working days only from lodgement date. Thank you Lord Thank you sa nagapproved and thank you sa nagpray…kayo na susunod sis

    • hi angel pang ilang punta mo na sa australia? its quick it took u only 5 days. did u get a multiple entry? pleas help me how to get a multiple entry. this is the 2nd time that my son and i will go to australia. hope to hear from you. thank u.keep blessed. stella