How to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa (2013 edition)

[UPDATE October 13, 2015] Here’s a guide on how you can easily, quickly, and cheaply apply for an Australian tourist visa online

[Update: September 15, 2014] Philippine passport holders can now apply for an Australian tourist visa online through the IMMI website. Application fee must be paid via credit card. You can still apply in person through VFS.

I am not a visa officer, nor am I migration agent. I am in no way affiliated with the Australian Embassy Manila nor with the Australian government. This post comes from my experience with preparing and submitting visa applications for family members and for myself. Also note that this entry pertains to my experience in applying for an Australian tourist visa in April 2013. This is geared towards applicants who holds a Philippine passport, though the preparation can be applied for other nationalities as well. The Australian immigration update their forms every 3 months. I will try to answer your questions the best way that I can, but bear in mind that I can’t answer all your questions. If you ask a question I’ve already answered in the post, I will ignore you.

Australian tourist visa

After almost seven years, I finally have an update to my now epic How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa series. I have written two posts on the topic, both garnering over a thousand comments, with one getting over 4,500! I have stopped replying to comments, since I don’t think I’m not the best person to be talking about it, as my knowledge of the visa process is largely obsolete, so the visitors have taken upon themselves to answer each other’s questions, with successful applicants coming back to share their good news and help others. It has become a mini forum of sorts and I have to admit I’m happy it turned out that way. I found it to be a great help when I took another chance to apply for an Australian tourist visa once more.

Before I get to the visa application process, here’s some background about me and my circumstances: I am a Philippine passport holder, and have applied and received a visa from Australia before. I have a valid US Visa, with used tourist visas to Canada, Japan, and Myanmar. I also have more than 70 arrival and departure stamps from various countries, and that’s just in one passport. I am single and have my own company registered with the DTI. I have a bank account and a couple of credit cards, and I have two sisters who live in Australia, one of which is a temporary resident and the other a citizen. My intention to visit was for a short break from life in Manila, and to hopefully visit places I missed during my first two trips to the Australia.

Step 1: Download and read the necessary pages, documents, and forms.

This is very important, I can’t stress that enough. It won’t do to just ask questions without reading these web pages and documents first, because you’ll look like an idiot. Majority of your questions would likely be answered by the information written in these files. All these are available for download at the Australian Immigration website,, and they are all free.

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There is no need to print all of those pages or forms (unless you prefer to read them off the computer), but the one thing you should print is the visa application form. It’s a fillable form, wherein you can type in your answers on the form itself and print it afterwards. If you use Adobe Reader to open it, it will not save the changes to the form, so fill it out only when you are ready to print and submit. However, if you’re using Foxit PDF Reader, it can save the changes to the form, so you can fill it out and edit it later on before printing.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

Page 15 of Form 1419, Part M is actually an application check list. The column on the left lists all the required documents, while the column on the right lists the additional documents you may submit.

Here are the documents I submitted:

  • Certified true copy of the identity page and pages with visa stamps of my valid passport
  • Recent passport photo taken within the last six months
  • Visa application charge in manager’s or cashier’s check

The Australian embassy do not affix visa labels anymore, so there’s no need to send your passport when you apply, unless you specify that you want a visa label. I would have done this, but the label costs AU$70.

Step 3: Gather your supporting documents

Here are the supporting documents I submitted. Remember that this vary depending on your circumstance. You’re not required to submit all of these, but it is advised that you submit as much supporting documents as you can to prove that you can fund your trip to Australia, and that you have a strong reason to come back to the Philippines.

  • Birth certificate printed on security paper
  • Certified true copy of my DTI Registration
  • Certified true copy of my BIR Registration (Form 2303)
  • Certified true copy of my Income Tax Return (From 1701)
  • Certified true copy of the invitation letter from my sister
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s pay slip
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s passport bio page and employee ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Itinerary

The Australian immigration require that all photocopied documents you submit are certified true copies. You can do this by going to the Notary Public.

If you look at the form, it doesn’t list the birth certificate as part of the documents needed. I included it anyway, since I have an extra copy. Also, when I called to have my document picked up, they mentioned something about the NSO and I asked if I still need to get another since I already have a SECPA copy. They said I can include my copy instead of getting a new one.

Supplementary reading: How to apply for birth, death, and marriage documents in the Philippines – National Statistics Office (NSO)

The NBI clearance isn’t really required either, but I included it since I have it anyway. I got it because it was required in the previous form, 48R. A medical isn’t required, but you may be required to get one if you are applying for a 6-month visa, or if you’re over 75 years old. The medical is only done through accredited clinics. From what I understand, you have to submit your application and use the reference code the embassy will give you when you go for your medical.

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I also included a cover letter [Download sample of intent letter] explaining the purpose of my trip and that I wish to get a multiple-entry visa, since I want to make a side trip to New Zealand. This isn’t really necessary, since the form now asks for your trip’s purpose. You are also asked to provide an itinerary of your trip, though you are not required nor advised to make any bookings until your visa is approved.

Step 4: Buy a manager’s check for the visa fee

The visa fee is AU$115, which is Php 5,100, based on the conversion rate at the time. Please double check the fees and the conversion rate, as this can change anytime. I bought my manager’s check from BDO, since I have an account there. Based on the comments in the previous blog posts, there are banks that would not let you buy a manager’s check if you don’t have an account with them. Best to call and inquire with the banks in your area if they’ll let you buy a manager’s check from them even if you don’t have an account.

Step 5: Lodge your application

Required reading: Where to Apply

You don’t have to go to the embassy to submit your application. There are two ways to submit: you can either call the embassy hotline and have them pick up your documents or submit them in person at the VIA Center.

I opted to go with the call center, since it was summer and don’t want to be away for too long from my electric fan. Calling the hotline costs Php 32 per minute, not including the charges from your network provider, if you are calling from a mobile phone. My phone call took about 10 minutes (which included a long wait for them to finish a spiel, and another wait for an operator to be available), and cost me Php 339.29. If you’re going this route, listen closely at the start of the spiel, because there is an option to skip that and go directly to request for a pick up.

The courier fee for Metro Manila is Php 320, paid directly to the messenger who will pick up your documents. This fee covers both pick up and delivery after your application as been processed.

VIA Center have offices in Makati and Cebu.

Step 6: Wait for your visa

Visa processing takes about ten days all the way to 30 days. I called to have my documents picked up on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. It was almost 5pm when I called, and was told that they have already reached the quota for pick up the follwing day. My documents were picked up on Thursday, April 4. I received a text from the embassy that my documents were received on Monday, April 8.

By the third week of April, I was wondering what’s happening to my application. Someone who commented on my previous post said her application was received around the same time and she already has her visa. I started worrying when someone who submitted a week after I did said she already got her visa grant. That’s when I also found out that the embassy conducts phone interviews.

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Apparently, they don’t do this to all applicants, only for those they feel they need to clarify certain answers to the application form. Worry changed to distress when I missed not one, but FOUR calls from the embassy. The first call was to our house phone, and my sister gave them my mobile number since I was out of the house. The first call to my mobile came while I was struggling to get off a packed LRT, so I had to cancel it. The next two came when the phone was in silent mode because I was at an event. You can just imagine how frantic I was.

I ended up calling the number, but it was the consulate’s trunkline number. I was told to just call the visa information number (845 9200). Because I do not know how to follow instructions, I called the hotline instead, and was told to send them an e-mail, which can be found on the immigration website. I sent an e-mail using the contact form there, and did not receive any response.

On May 7, just a day shy of one month since they received my documents, I called the hotline again, after getting no response or call from the embassy. The operator took pity and gave me a number to contact, which is the consulate hotline. I wasn’t able to talk to anybody, but I did get an e-mail address. I sent another e-mail, which again did not receive any response.

I finally got a text on May 14 that my documents have been dispatched to the courier for delivery. It did not mention if my visa was granted or not. My documents came the following day, and I was so relieved that my application was granted. It wasn’t a multiple entry visa, as I was hoping for. The visa was granted on May 10, and since it was a long weekend, it wasn’t dispatched until after election day.

Unlike before, the embassy not just issue visa grant letters for tourists. You need to bring this when you leave Manila, as the local immigration would ask for your visa before they stamp you out of the country. Also, instead of having a one-year validity, my Australian tourist visa is only valid until November 2013.

Supplementary reading: Frequently Asked Question – Australian Embassy Manila

I hope you find this helpful. I would also suggest you check the previous entries, How to apply for an Australian visa and Applying for an Australian tourist visa, because the discussions over there are a great resource, as it have inputs from applicants with different circumstances.

You’re welcome to post your questions here, but please read the entire blog post and read all the documents I linked to before asking. Did you apply for an Australian tourist visa recently? How was your experience?

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      1. Hi mga sis ako rin n na grant na rin visa ko 44 days ako nghintay nglodge kc ako april 6 finally andto n sya..thanks god and thanks din sa forum na ganito mlking help din sa info n nkukuha dto sa mga sis na willing i share ung mga tips nyo..thanks

    1. Congrats! Are you a first time visitor to Australia? My 2 friends are still waiting up to now. Ang tagal! Nag lodge sila April 20 and both are first timers sa Oz.

  2. Hi sis matagal process page agency.

    I apply last April 8th then nag follow up AKO ma 11 since I know more than a month na tas nag pm sila kaka process Lang saw ng application ko first week ng may then Wala silang exact date na bibigay sakin.kaka in is nga e.

    1. Hi ms jha pwede mo yan ma track im 100% sure hindi pa yan nila na pass. Ganun din before yong agent ko sabi nya na submit na daw kasi almost 1 month na ako ng pass sa kanya lahat ng mga papers ko pero hjndi cya nag submit. Yon hiningan namin ng tracking number wlang naibigay. Hindi pa pala nag pass. Ang daming reason tinatakot ko talaga kasi malaki na ang nabayran namin then humingi pa ulit kasi makita kasi nila kung magkano ang bank ceritificate ng boyfriend mo. So after that nag pass na cya im grateful after he send my papers na recieve ng embassy the next day i recieve my visa. Anyway goodluck sis jha

    1. Pag sponsored ka ng bf mo Sis. .
      Scan mo passport mo..
      Scan passport ng bf mo..
      Birth certificate mo and bf mo.
      Pa’y slip or bank statement nya..
      Pag nag papadala sau sa Western evidence un Sis. .
      Invitation letter..
      Intent letter mo.
      Ung iba nag lalagay ng mga pics nila.. pero diko un ginawa..

  3. Sa mga marunong sa computer.. mag online nlng kau.. at least ma checheck nyo palagi ..un ang advantage ng online. Pero pag may pambayad kau mga Sis. Mag agent kau hehe. :) peace..

  4. Sis Sam. Worry na nga din ako e baka dipa na pass and application ko. Baka umabot pa ng July e so bf nag pa book ng ticket nya dito ngayon August. Kakaasar talaga page agent.

    1. Hi sis Rochelle if Pal airlines no need to pay travel tax especially if your ticket bought overseas. Cheers….include na ang tax sa pagbilu ng ticket.cheers again…

  5. Mga sis ask ko ksama ko kc yung anak ko tourist lng nman kmi ung husband ko di kasama owan sya dto pinas may idea ba kyo kung may hinhingi pa na docs sa chkin counter or immigration ..nung nagpass kc ko requirements sabi sa dswd ofc di na need kasi kasama nman daw ako …

  6. Hi mga sis.. need help sa mga my experience na dito.. nagpakasal sa oz..after ng kasal nyo anu ginawa nyo mga Sis? ? Need help. Thanks.. I mean papers..

    1. Hi sis Sam and sis Ena. Yes second extension worth $740 according doon sa tinatanungan namin sa Perth DIBP desk. Tiningnan niya sa computer kasi nagtanong ako.kala niya second extension ko na. Last year yon. So first extension ko worth $340 plus chest x ray $118. Din last December umuwi ako sa Pinas.balik ako dito last February at nag extend ako still the same $340 plus medical $218 no chest x ray na. Bakit sayo $1000?baka counted na yong medical mo niyan hehehe. Yong $1000 ata for 3rd extension na yon…if extend tayo ng extend dito mahal talaga.kahit umuwi pa tayo kasi umuwi tayo hindi pa expire yong extension tv natin. Not same sa akin umuwi ako expire na.kaya back to $340 ako.cheers….

      1. Nong cinabi mo $700 sis go nlang kami then $1000 hehe go nalng din. But its fine its worth it nman. Ok nlang c bf naman nagbayad hehe.
        Cheers sis.

      2. Hi sis josephine I want to ask u again please advice
        What if my visa grant was May 19 and then after a month pa ko umalis June 19 pero Im planning to extend our TV 9 months more total lf 1yr.
        ang count ba nun is from june o from the visa gant ko ng May?
        Im just wondering how??
        Pano ba yung sayo??

      3. Hi sis Miyu.. yung counted is ung june 19,that day that you came here in Australia. Before 3 or 2 weeks your visa will get expire pwd ka ng mag apply ng extension for 9mos. Mine i lodged through online i applied april 14 granted may 06..

      4. Hi sis Miyu nasagot na ni miss Ena ang katanungan mo sis. Thanks sis Ena , punta kami sa location mo soon hehe. Goodluck sis Miyu. Cheers…

  7. Hi, i applied for a tourist visa last april 11 and sadly i received my visa application today and it was denied. Im wondering why kse i’ve passed all the requirements including leter of invite from my aunt and uncle. Their payslip and certification of their house and their citizenship. Ive also passed my bank account with 6 digits on it. Letter of leave from my company which im working with, coe, passport with my travel stamps to asian countries. :( im a fresh grad but already working for 9 months as hr staff. It says on the letter that i have less evidence of going back here. Can i ask for recheck on my results? Who should i contact at the embassy? I was really disappointed.

    1. Poor bugger @ Ejay…it happened to my cousin when she applied for tv when our Aunt invited her…sadly, at times the decision depends on the mood of the visa/case officer. Maybe you can send them an appeal or try to apply after 6 months.Goodluck and God Bess.

      1. Ganda ng jetstar sis Chastie, magaganda yong crew nila .pero if bumili tayo sa pagkain nila hindi sila tumatanggap ng cssh. Yong papunta ako dito merong Aussie man nag offer sa akin credit card gamitin niya if gusto ko bumili, bigay ko nalang sa kanya ang cash. Cheers

      2. Thanks miss nina. Oo yon ginawa ko nagbaon ako at nagdala ng noodles. Pero yong noodles ko hindi ko nagamit kasi shy ako humingi ng mainit na tubig.kaya pag landing dito sa perth binigay ko sa crew yong noodles ko at yong tosted bread ko hehehe. Thanks again.

      3. Mga sis Ask lang ako kung sino naka try Singapore Airlines.first time ko kasi pauwi next year via Singapore Airlines. PERTH direct to Davao. My free foods ba? Kasi sa PAL free foods na. Jetstar hindi. Singapore air first time ko. Hindi kami naka ask sa travel agent or flight center here.Thanks again.


    VFS Lodgement Date: May 17, 2016
    Visa Granted: May 24, 2016

    Only 5 days of waiting!!!
    Napakalaking bagay talaga ng blog na ito sa visa application! Lagi akong nagbabasa dito. Thanks Ms. Nina!

    1. Hi ms. nina tanong ko lang po i am confused kc bout sa naka state sa visa na Last date to arrive pano po just just like mine last date to arrive is 2 Feb.2017 it means po ba i can re-enter australia before feb 2?….I am planning po kc to get back here in aus in November and stay here for 3 months again so to be exact that would be till February ang target date ko po kc to come back here will be after undas most probably 5th of november so is it still possible pa rin po ba even its stated last date to arrive is feb 2?

      Hope to hear from u po miss nina….i am so confused…
      Thanks a lot…..God Bless

      1. Hi Ashi, last date to arrive means you have to enter Australia before that date. After February 2, your visa is not valid anymore: you cannot use it to enter Australia.

        However, if you arrive before that date, you are allowed to stay up to 3 months after your arrival. So if, for example, you have a multiple entry visa, you can enter Australia in November, fly to New Zealand or Bali for one weekend in January, and get another 3 months when you arrive again in Australia.

        Ganyan gagawin ko when I go back to Australia this July. I’ll go to New Zealand for 10 days in September, and enter Australia again before my visa expires in October.

    1. Hi nancy congrats to ur visa ext.
      Pwede mo ba share sakin how Im planning extend din for 9months
      Ano mga sinubmit mo requirements po? What’s ur point of return?
      And un sinubmit mo ba nung first application un ulit ginamit mo sa ext. ?
      Pls help thanks Nancy

      1. oo sis yung requirements mo ganun din… gwa ka ulit ng intent letter why you are extension visit places, to be together with your bf or event … ganun lng nman yung ginawa ko din

      2. Ok thanks :) nancy
        Ask ko lang din what’s ur point of return.?
        Like property nag submit ka ba ulit nun?
        Medyo mahina kasi un doc. Ko for that wala ksi akong property na under my name thanks

    2. Hi nancy congrats po! :)
      Can u pls share how did u get the 9months ext. ?
      Same requirements po ba sinubmit nyo for ext.?
      What did u submit?
      Please help Im planning to apply din po for extension hoping to get 9months too ?

      1. sis ang nilagay ko s intent letter n all my family is there and we are planning to go have a vacation reunion with my bf in the pinas tpos nilagay ko din n my anak ako dun.. tpos inadd ko s requirements ko yung birth cert ng anak ko… dont worry sis di nman strikto ang immi eh
        .. gingrant nila kung ano nirequest mo

      2. Talaga nancy hindi ba sila strict?
        Thanks for the idea ?
        9 months ba talaga ang hiningi mo? Pero meron din ext. na hindi na aapproved diba????
        Magkano ang bank cert dapat?pag ganun katagal

  9. Hi mga sis,ask ko lang kung sino dto nka.try ng.apply tru vfs. Usually ba pag.nagchecheck sa application ung lumalabas lng is “application being processed at australia visa office, australia embassy Philippines” lng? Thanks

      1. Okay sis Mara bka malapit na ung sayo. Lets wait nlng cguro,hopefully maging okay application natin. Kelan alis mo sis? San ka sa OZ?

  10. @Sis Lara, i didn’t booked yet Sis since wala pa akong Visa, if have my visa that is the time i will book…my plan is first week of June but seema medyo matagal…when did you apply sis?… Perth ako incase.

    1. Same tayo sis Mara,hindi pa rin ako May 20 sis,medyo bago lng. Vfs ka bah ng.apply? Sa perth din ako if ever. San ka banda sa perth?

      1. Yes Sis Lara Vfs din ako…May 20 ka nag apply? Naku sis medyo matagal…i was expecting mabilis lng kasi png 3rd ko to pro matagal din…dependi ksi sa case officer…will be staying in Perth at Wembley for 3-4days cguro then sa Sister ko sa Porthedland, 2hrs by plane from Perth.

        San ka sa Perth sis? Wembley just near city Sis.

  11. @ sis Mara, ou nga sis. Baka matagalan ung sakin since first time ko mg.apply ngaun then first travel ko outside the country. Hopefully maging okay. Sa city ako sis if ever. Bali 3 weeks lng bakasyon ko taz uwi ako dito pinas after.

  12. Hi guys, I need help. My visa got refused last feb and i want to try my luck applying again but this time i want to make sure ill make it. Any advices? Thanks in advance.

    1. did you know twice ako n denied heheheh… at yung pangatlo ko nagranted din s wakas.. …. ano ano ba yung mga requirements mo nung una? what is the reason denied ka?

      1. The agency filled my application na nag lapse na un supposed to be travel date i think yun talaga reason. Ilang months ka ulit bago ka nagtry magapply ulit? And ano mga binago mo sa application mo? Thanks for the response.

      2. Hi. I havent recieved an email from you. I need help on my application i hope you could give me details based on your experience.Thanks

    2. Hi Sis Anne, what was the reason for your visa refusal?
      Make sure to certified your documents.
      You should have job here in Ph as a reason to comeback. Include certificate of employment and leave of absence if possible.
      If you have properties or business under your name you can include that as your asset and reason to comeback.
      If you have kids include their birth certificate.
      A big mount of money in your account doesn’t guarantee for approval of visa.

      At times the grant of visa depends on the visa/case officer who handles your papers.

      Hope it might help you.

      1. sis anne do you have viber.. pwede ko ishare sayo ginawa ko n ngrant ako… .. agency tpos denied kpa… e ang laki ng byad s agency dba…

    3. Three things:
      1) Make sure that you have evidence that you can afford the trip. If you have sponsors in Australia, provide proof that they can afford to host you while you are there.

      2) If you are presenting your bank account, make sure that it is more than 6 months old. Kapag less than 6 months kasi, mukhang na-open lang ang account para may ma-submit para sa visa. Actually, mas importante ito kesa sa amount ng money sa account.

      3) Proof that you have a reason to come back to the Philippines. Ito ang pinaka importante para hindi nila isiping mag over-stay ka sa Australia. If you have kids, provide their birth certificate and pictures with them to show that you are their primary guardian. If you are taking care of your parents, show that you are their primary carer. If you have work, provide a COE and your leave approval. This would work best kung matagal ka na sa company (di ka basta bastang mapapalitan). Kung may event kang pupuntahan in couple of month’s time (weddings, trips, conference, etc.), provide proof of that (I included my friend’s wedding invitation and our pictures together with her fiancee).

      1. Hi Nina! Thank you for your tips, it really helped guide me with my application. I just have a few questions. I wrote on my application that I was planning to leave this weekend, but I still don’t have my visa, should I send an email informing them I’m changing my travel period and send a new leave of absence letter from my employer? Thank you! :)

      1. Hi. I havent recieved an email from you. I need help on my application i hope you could give me details based on your experience.Thanks

    1. Hi Miss Nina good morning. Can I ask, my boyfriend planning to sponsor my 2 nieces to visit here in Australia for holiday even 2 weeks only. My mga pictures din sila wd my bf at my mga evidence na nagpapadala siya ng pera sa kanila while im here because my daughter is still there and they are the Guardian. My posibility ba na ma grant tv nila? Thanks ahead. God Bless…

    2. hindi nman strict ang cebu… sometimes they ask a picture of your bf and you, address, how did you met…. cebu din ako nung pumunta ako ng oz
      . yong visa mo, passport..

      1. Nancy, Can you tell me the details of your 2nd try and 3rdtry anong mga binago mo para maapproved? I bafly needed help before ako mag 2nd try. Thanks

  13. Hi everyone. Thank you for this blog my visa is graned kht first time traveller ako abroad. Anyone flying here on june 1 Pal. To Brisbane.?
    Is it safe sa terminal 2 nakakatakot kc ung issue ng tanim bala.omg

      1. Hello Anne. Yes granted po sabi q nga unang labas ko ng country oz pa. Yes husband ko sponsor ko which is mahirap kc buti hnd n question n baka magover stay ako. But then ung baby kc namin maiiwan dito. I pass invitation letter. Stat.Dec. passport nya at sakin. Birthcert ko at sa baby namin. Payslip nya at payslip ko. Tenancy agreement nya statement ko. Passport pic ko. Cover letter ko. Remittances from my husband picture together un lang po. :-) nakalimutan ko pang iattach bank statement nya. But with God’s will na approved tourist visa ko.

  14. Hi everyone, this blog and the comments are very helpful, naging clear na yung ibang information saken. tanong ko lang po if sponsored ka ng bf mo (not de facto) mas malaki ba ang chance na maapprove? yung ate ko kasi she applied for a student visa pero sabi nya hindi nila ininclude any information about sa bf nya in australia to prove na wala syang reason mag stay dun and she’s coming back here sa phil. after her study. help naman oh. Thank you.

  15. Hello mga apply po ako last april 25…ang documents ko po ay statutory dec. Invitation letterpasport copy nya bank statement land title at birth sa akin nman birth.passport..passport size pic.pictire nmin together.nbi at reciept sa pafla nyang pera…hanggang ngayon po wla pa ring balita sa application ko..when i track it says visa application still process at the australian visa embassy manila…i dont know how to follow up or to contact the embassy…is there anyone who can help me?thank you

  16. Hello po, i lodged my tourist visa application po just today, pero sbrang kinakabahan ako sa result, fresh grad ako and bf ko po sponsor ko. Sana magrant, sa perth din po ang visit ko. Hopefully ma-grant july10 po cnbi ko na requested date ko

    1. Hello mga sis, sino naka experience dito na naka sponsor bf nila sa mga relatives natin. For example like us dito ako Australia at plano ng bf ko na e invite niya dalawang pamangkin ko at anak.siya sponor lahat for tourist. Pwdi kaya yon? Yong dalawang pamangkin ko nag aaral pa at yong anak ko din. Invite here for holiday. Kasi uwi ako February 2017 pa. Thanks ahead.sana my naka experience na dito sa blog nato. Thanks again..

  17. Guys, I need advice my first visa application was refused. Any advice as i will try again. The first time i didnt declare i know someone in Australia. Will i declare on my next try? I need help. Thanks.

    1. Hi sis anne ,Not just the matter of u know someone in Oz , it’s a matter of they sponsored you? Are they related to u? Do they invited you? Do they declare that they will support you whilst youre there..

    2. Hi Anne, tiyaga ka lang, basahin mo lahat dito sa blog anjan na lahat ang kasagutan. At tingnan mo kung bakit ka na refused my reason naman yan. At kung ano reason yon dapat e secure mo. APPLY u again sis. Goodluck.

    3. Hi sis anne! What was the reason for your visa application refusal?
      I applied for the 1st time and got my visa grant yet i stated in my application that i am travelling solo and don’t know anyone in australia.
      If the one you know in australia will sponsor you, of course you need to write them down in your application form.

      1. Hi Bern i was thinking i should just stick on my first application na solo traveller than to declare na i have a friend there which i didnt declare on my first application kasi baka lalo maging complicated and maconfused sila. What do you think?

  18. Hi! Thanks for this blog site. btw, my Cousin is inviting me to visit her in Sydney on Nov2016. I am employed in a food manufacturing company in makati. Anong buwan ako dapat mag apply ng visa? Ano maganda mag pa assist ba ako ng travel agent or submit directly sa online? Anong site. Salamat ng marami

    1. You can apply as early as 3 months before your intended date of depature, but there are others who were able to apply 6 months ahead. I strongly suggest that you apply as early as possible, as visa processing can take up to 40 days. That gives you enough time to wait for the visa (if it takes that long), and to appeal or apply again before you need to travel.

      Applying online is easy, but requires you to have a credit card, and access to a scanner. You would also need to convert files to PDF and optimize their file size to meet requirements.

      I have a guide for applying online here:

  19. hello mga sisters,

    ask ko lang kong sino sa inyo nka experience na ung flight ay nag stop over sa singapore? bali mnla to singapore….singapore to australia… ano hinahanap nila sau sa singapore immigration? thank you.

    1. Hi sis, is that connecting flight? What time u arrive SG then what time is your next flight to Oz? Because if connecting flight you will not going through over clearing customs ,u will go to the connecting flights . Otherwise if not , they only need your passport and your next flight tickets, and to be completed some of them some show money , if you’re lucky they don’t bother you about show money ,just because SG is legally strict…

    2. Hi sis shanie, I experience that. From Manila to Singapore. Connecting flight ako kaya lang ang Pal hanggang singapore lang.kaya nid ko pa kunin bagahi ko. So daan pa tayo sa immigration para stamp ang passport natin din sa likoran ng immigration doon natin kunin yong bagahi. Nid to fill up first the card form for custom.bigay sa immigration officer na mag stamp ng passport natin. After dat kunin baggage natin at check in na naman ulit kasi scoot airlines ako from Singapore to Perth. No problem naman sa immigration ng Singapore. Thanks.

    3. Sis shane yan ang experience ko for my first travel here in Australia kasi walang Pal from Singapore to Perth. Kaya transfer ako ng ibang Airlines din ang Pal Davao advice sa akin nid ko kunin bagahi ko pagdating SG. Yon punta muna immigration to stamp ng passport natin at kunin niya yong form for custom at makukuha na natin bagahi natin. At check in Ulit. Hindi naman strikto ang Immigration ng Singapore. Basi ng experience ko. Thanks again.

    4. Kung magtatagal ka sa Singapore, doon ka tatanungin kung paano mo popondohan ang stay mo dun. Di naman kailangan magpakita talaga ng pera (kasi baka mapagkamalan pang nagsusubok kang mag bribe), sabihin mo lang na mag pocket money ka, credit card, ATM.

      Kung 2 days lang, malamang tatanong lang kung san ka mag stay. Sabihin mo kung ilang days lang tapos ipakita mo ticket going to Australia.

  20. Thanks sis Josephine and sis Cherrylene. hindi kc connecting flight ung kukuning ticket sa akin ng bf ko… mag sta stay muna ako 2nights sa singapore bago puntang Oz.. bka kako my mga documents png ipapakita sa singapore airport… gaya ng binanggit mo sis cherrylene my ipapakitang show money, now ko lng nalaman yan. naku sana, di magyari sa akin un..hehe! thanks tlaga mga sisters..Godbless sa inyo’

    1. Hi shanie if you are entering and staying 2nights in Singapore u must have show money ,or if u have a savings card/ credit card? Or if u have booked your accommodation in Singapore u can also show that then

    2. Hi sis shanie nako baka my show money sis haha.kasi papunta kapa Singapore at mag stay kapa bago pumunta Oz. .Okay lang sana if galing kana Australia at mag stay ka ng ilang days sa Singapore , yon 100 percent no show money. Kasi yon ginawa namin, from here in Australia before kami umuwi ng pinas stay muna kami sa Singapore ng 3 nights para maka punta sa marina bay sands at iba pa.yon no problem sa immigration ng Singapore. Goodluck sis. Have a nice trip…Cheers.

  21. Hello po. Just want to ask kung possible mag travel mako from philippines to australia pero sa bangkok thailand po na approve kung visa ko? nag work po mako sa bangkok and i’m planning to apply for a visit visa this month, then uwi po mako ng pinas sa july 4. ok lang po ba na dun na ako mangling to australia or need ko pa bumalik ng bangkok? first time ko po in case ma approve ang visa. Thanks

  22. Hello.
    Ask ko lang po sana kung sino dito ang naka experience mag apply ng citizenship by descent.?
    May 5 months baby’s father is an australian citizen but my baby born here in Manila.
    Ano po mga requirements if im going to apply online?

    Thank you.

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