How to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa (2013 edition)

[UPDATE October 13, 2015] Here’s a guide on how you can easily, quickly, and cheaply apply for an Australian tourist visa online

[Update: September 15, 2014] Philippine passport holders can now apply for an Australian tourist visa online through the IMMI website. Application fee must be paid via credit card. You can still apply in person through VFS.

I am not a visa officer, nor am I migration agent. I am in no way affiliated with the Australian Embassy Manila nor with the Australian government. This post comes from my experience with preparing and submitting visa applications for family members and for myself. Also note that this entry pertains to my experience in applying for an Australian tourist visa in April 2013. This is geared towards applicants who holds a Philippine passport, though the preparation can be applied for other nationalities as well. The Australian immigration update their forms every 3 months. I will try to answer your questions the best way that I can, but bear in mind that I can’t answer all your questions. If you ask a question I’ve already answered in the post, I will ignore you.

Australian tourist visa

After almost seven years, I finally have an update to my now epic How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa series. I have written two posts on the topic, both garnering over a thousand comments, with one getting over 4,500! I have stopped replying to comments, since I don’t think I’m not the best person to be talking about it, as my knowledge of the visa process is largely obsolete, so the visitors have taken upon themselves to answer each other’s questions, with successful applicants coming back to share their good news and help others. It has become a mini forum of sorts and I have to admit I’m happy it turned out that way. I found it to be a great help when I took another chance to apply for an Australian tourist visa once more.

Before I get to the visa application process, here’s some background about me and my circumstances: I am a Philippine passport holder, and have applied and received a visa from Australia before. I have a valid US Visa, with used tourist visas to Canada, Japan, and Myanmar. I also have more than 70 arrival and departure stamps from various countries, and that’s just in one passport. I am single and have my own company registered with the DTI. I have a bank account and a couple of credit cards, and I have two sisters who live in Australia, one of which is a temporary resident and the other a citizen. My intention to visit was for a short break from life in Manila, and to hopefully visit places I missed during my first two trips to the Australia.

Step 1: Download and read the necessary pages, documents, and forms.

This is very important, I can’t stress that enough. It won’t do to just ask questions without reading these web pages and documents first, because you’ll look like an idiot. Majority of your questions would likely be answered by the information written in these files. All these are available for download at the Australian Immigration website,, and they are all free.

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There is no need to print all of those pages or forms (unless you prefer to read them off the computer), but the one thing you should print is the visa application form. It’s a fillable form, wherein you can type in your answers on the form itself and print it afterwards. If you use Adobe Reader to open it, it will not save the changes to the form, so fill it out only when you are ready to print and submit. However, if you’re using Foxit PDF Reader, it can save the changes to the form, so you can fill it out and edit it later on before printing.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

Page 15 of Form 1419, Part M is actually an application check list. The column on the left lists all the required documents, while the column on the right lists the additional documents you may submit.

Here are the documents I submitted:

  • Certified true copy of the identity page and pages with visa stamps of my valid passport
  • Recent passport photo taken within the last six months
  • Visa application charge in manager’s or cashier’s check

The Australian embassy do not affix visa labels anymore, so there’s no need to send your passport when you apply, unless you specify that you want a visa label. I would have done this, but the label costs AU$70.

Step 3: Gather your supporting documents

Here are the supporting documents I submitted. Remember that this vary depending on your circumstance. You’re not required to submit all of these, but it is advised that you submit as much supporting documents as you can to prove that you can fund your trip to Australia, and that you have a strong reason to come back to the Philippines.

  • Birth certificate printed on security paper
  • Certified true copy of my DTI Registration
  • Certified true copy of my BIR Registration (Form 2303)
  • Certified true copy of my Income Tax Return (From 1701)
  • Certified true copy of the invitation letter from my sister
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s pay slip
  • Certified true copy of my sister’s passport bio page and employee ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Itinerary

The Australian immigration require that all photocopied documents you submit are certified true copies. You can do this by going to the Notary Public.

If you look at the form, it doesn’t list the birth certificate as part of the documents needed. I included it anyway, since I have an extra copy. Also, when I called to have my document picked up, they mentioned something about the NSO and I asked if I still need to get another since I already have a SECPA copy. They said I can include my copy instead of getting a new one.

Supplementary reading: How to apply for birth, death, and marriage documents in the Philippines – National Statistics Office (NSO)

The NBI clearance isn’t really required either, but I included it since I have it anyway. I got it because it was required in the previous form, 48R. A medical isn’t required, but you may be required to get one if you are applying for a 6-month visa, or if you’re over 75 years old. The medical is only done through accredited clinics. From what I understand, you have to submit your application and use the reference code the embassy will give you when you go for your medical.

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I also included a cover letter [Download sample of intent letter] explaining the purpose of my trip and that I wish to get a multiple-entry visa, since I want to make a side trip to New Zealand. This isn’t really necessary, since the form now asks for your trip’s purpose. You are also asked to provide an itinerary of your trip, though you are not required nor advised to make any bookings until your visa is approved.

Step 4: Buy a manager’s check for the visa fee

The visa fee is AU$115, which is Php 5,100, based on the conversion rate at the time. Please double check the fees and the conversion rate, as this can change anytime. I bought my manager’s check from BDO, since I have an account there. Based on the comments in the previous blog posts, there are banks that would not let you buy a manager’s check if you don’t have an account with them. Best to call and inquire with the banks in your area if they’ll let you buy a manager’s check from them even if you don’t have an account.

Step 5: Lodge your application

Required reading: Where to Apply

You don’t have to go to the embassy to submit your application. There are two ways to submit: you can either call the embassy hotline and have them pick up your documents or submit them in person at the VIA Center.

I opted to go with the call center, since it was summer and don’t want to be away for too long from my electric fan. Calling the hotline costs Php 32 per minute, not including the charges from your network provider, if you are calling from a mobile phone. My phone call took about 10 minutes (which included a long wait for them to finish a spiel, and another wait for an operator to be available), and cost me Php 339.29. If you’re going this route, listen closely at the start of the spiel, because there is an option to skip that and go directly to request for a pick up.

The courier fee for Metro Manila is Php 320, paid directly to the messenger who will pick up your documents. This fee covers both pick up and delivery after your application as been processed.

VIA Center have offices in Makati and Cebu.

Step 6: Wait for your visa

Visa processing takes about ten days all the way to 30 days. I called to have my documents picked up on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. It was almost 5pm when I called, and was told that they have already reached the quota for pick up the follwing day. My documents were picked up on Thursday, April 4. I received a text from the embassy that my documents were received on Monday, April 8.

By the third week of April, I was wondering what’s happening to my application. Someone who commented on my previous post said her application was received around the same time and she already has her visa. I started worrying when someone who submitted a week after I did said she already got her visa grant. That’s when I also found out that the embassy conducts phone interviews.

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Apparently, they don’t do this to all applicants, only for those they feel they need to clarify certain answers to the application form. Worry changed to distress when I missed not one, but FOUR calls from the embassy. The first call was to our house phone, and my sister gave them my mobile number since I was out of the house. The first call to my mobile came while I was struggling to get off a packed LRT, so I had to cancel it. The next two came when the phone was in silent mode because I was at an event. You can just imagine how frantic I was.

I ended up calling the number, but it was the consulate’s trunkline number. I was told to just call the visa information number (845 9200). Because I do not know how to follow instructions, I called the hotline instead, and was told to send them an e-mail, which can be found on the immigration website. I sent an e-mail using the contact form there, and did not receive any response.

On May 7, just a day shy of one month since they received my documents, I called the hotline again, after getting no response or call from the embassy. The operator took pity and gave me a number to contact, which is the consulate hotline. I wasn’t able to talk to anybody, but I did get an e-mail address. I sent another e-mail, which again did not receive any response.

I finally got a text on May 14 that my documents have been dispatched to the courier for delivery. It did not mention if my visa was granted or not. My documents came the following day, and I was so relieved that my application was granted. It wasn’t a multiple entry visa, as I was hoping for. The visa was granted on May 10, and since it was a long weekend, it wasn’t dispatched until after election day.

Unlike before, the embassy not just issue visa grant letters for tourists. You need to bring this when you leave Manila, as the local immigration would ask for your visa before they stamp you out of the country. Also, instead of having a one-year validity, my Australian tourist visa is only valid until November 2013.

Supplementary reading: Frequently Asked Question – Australian Embassy Manila

I hope you find this helpful. I would also suggest you check the previous entries, How to apply for an Australian visa and Applying for an Australian tourist visa, because the discussions over there are a great resource, as it have inputs from applicants with different circumstances.

You’re welcome to post your questions here, but please read the entire blog post and read all the documents I linked to before asking. Did you apply for an Australian tourist visa recently? How was your experience?

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Oz says:
    Mga sis click nyo tong isang information for applying visa

  2. Mara says:

    @Sis Lara, wasn’t sure if that number was from the Asutralian Embassy. ..havent got my grant visa yet…a month today since applied.
    Hoping for positive result though.
    How about yours?


    • Lara says:

      @sis Mara, okay sis. Maybe this week or next week u’ll get ur visa. I thought uve got ur result already. Im still waiting and hoping for a good result. May fb ka sis?

    • Bex says:

      I applied last year then after waiting for a month it was denied. I reapplied this year within 2 weeks it was granted. I was able to travel to Australia in March . hoping for positive results on your application

  3. Lara says:

    @sis mara,i added u on viber. Hope u get my message.

  4. Mara says:

    @sis Lara, walang msg sis…hindi ko natangap.

  5. Mara says:

    @sis Josephine…hala sis when they rang me, i tried to answer then it went off…i called back but call ended…huhu…they call Thursday morning…

    33days of waiting today.:(

    I didn’t emai the embassy because they said not to follow up applications unless they contact you.

    Im worried now…it is my 3rd time to apply though and fortunately all my aplications naman was granted.

    Hoping next week, darating na.


    • Lara says:

      Sis mara, anu nga uli ung number. Coz last time i think embassy have this last 3 digit tel # 100. I sent u message on viber. I thought u got it. Darating rin yan sis.

    • Mel says:

      Hi! I contacted VFS via phone and the embassy via e-mail cause worried din ako. Sabi nila pareho average processing time is 1 month, kaso ngayon ata 4-6 weeks kaya within the processing time pa din daw. Baka next week? :)

      • Lara says:

        Hi Mel,kelan ka ng.lodge? Via vfs ka rin? Medyo matagal processing time. Nka2.kaba mghintay. Hope u dont mind if i ask when ung flight mo pa oz.

      • Mel says:

        Hi Lara! May 6 ako via VFS. Dapat last week pero hindi ako nagbook kasi nabasa ko sa mga comments na matagal :( Balak ko today alis ko kaso wala pa kaya baka kung makuha ko yung visa magbook na ako. ang problema magpapaalam ulit ako sa work

      • Lara says:

        @sis Mel,sayang sis. Bakit kaya matagal processing time nla. Almost 1 month na sau. Cguro next week meron na kaung result. Pang.ilang beses mo nang apply ito? Nauna kau sa akin, medyo matagal pa ung hihintayin ko.

    • Oz says:

      Hi Mara, yes you can email them lalo na kung past 30days na. Un ginawa ko.
      I wrote my experience it sa ginawa kong post.
      Minsan kasi siguro sa dami ng application baka kailangan din nila ng reminder. Alam mo nmn nsa Pinas.

      • trish says:

        Hi po nag send po ako message sa site nyo. Sana po nreceive nyo po.. need help po may ihahabol po kc akong documents e hndi ko po alam kng saan ko pwede isend at kng paano, kng by email po ba or what. Walk in po ako nagpasa sa vfs may 30 po nreceive ng embassy

      • Nina Fuentes says:

        Hi Trish, I do not know the answer to your question. It would be best if you contact VFS directly and ask them.

      • AJ says:

        Hi tanong ko lang sana the embassy called me yesterday June 22 at sabi nya grant nadaw yung tourist visa ko. Kailan kaya nila e email sakin yung grant notice?..i apply via VFS..thank you

    • Josephine says:

      Hi sis Mara kaya pala they are trying to rang u sis kasi pang 3rd time muna. Sa akin pang 2nd time ko apply tumawag. Anyway granted naman yon.baka my mga itatanong lang. Bf mo ba puntahan mo dito Aus sis? Cheers.

    • Josephine says:

      Sis Mara first apply ko nag email din ako to follow up

  6. Mel says:

    @Lara hehe hindi ko alam eh. Baka madami lang talaga nag-apply or kulang sila ng tao? First time ko to apply for an aus travel visa. Hindi ko din maintindihan nung una kasi sa us, uk and schengen hindi ganito katagal, baka iba lang process nila to verify and assess? :) sana ma-grant yung visa natin

  7. rose says:

    im traveling this coming june 15 with my daughter going to melbourne hope dile strikto ang taga cathay pacific airways,patinarin ang immigration….first time ko panaman bumyahe sana ok lang ang lahat anu bang kadalasan hinahanap nila na dapat kong ihanda at ipakita sakanila sana po may makapagsabi sakin dito para ma aware ako sa lahat ng oras maraming salamat po….

  8. JM says:

    Hi. May I ask how do you follow up the visa application status through email? What is the email add and details needed? I lodged my application last may 10 through VFS. TIA.

  9. Blair says:

    Hello Miss Nina, would like to ask sana, if you go to New Zealand from Australia and spend some time there and go back to Australia again after some days, don’t you need a tourist visa for NZ? Thanks!


  10. Kim says:

    Hi just want to share that i got my visa granted today. I lodged last may 11. It is my second time and this time i requested multi entry and it was granted. Multi entry until june 2017. So happy!

  11. Rose Ann says:

    Hi Nina
    May i ask if you have an idea about CFO’s?
    Does it apply to tourist visa (visitng husband) ?

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      Sorry, that doesn’t apply to me, so I’m not sure if that is required. But from what I understand it’s for those migrating, not for tourist.

      • Rose Ann says:

        Thanks for responding Nina

      • trish says:

        Hi ms nina.. question lng po kc nag lodge po ako walk in sa vfs. May ihahabol po kc ako na isang document. Saan ko po sya pwede isend and papaano po? Salamat po

      • rose says:

        hi ms.nina tanong ko lang po nung araw po ba ng pag alis mo papuntan australia for visa may binayaran kabang travel tax maliban sa terminal fee bago kanakasakay ng eroplano please reply po maraming salamat po

  12. Lara says:

    Hi, tanong ko lng po to those who applied for tv and employed in a company. Did embassy called your company for verification? Hope that someone has an idea about it. Thanks guyz

    • trish says:

      Hi ms.lara, still waiting din po ako.. pero unemployed po ako sponsor ko lng po bf ko. May 27 po ako naglodge.. pwede ko po ba mhingi number nyo? Here’s mine po 09493724614 first time ko lng po ito.. kabado prin sa paghhntay

  13. trixie says:

    Anyone in Brisbane Toowoomba? Arrived here last June 2 at super super lamig up here….

  14. trish says:

    Hi po paano po mag submit ng additional documents ??? walk in po ako naglodge.. may isasubmit po sana akong additional documents e

    • Lara says:

      Trish,sent u a message on fb messenger dont know u got it. Cant add u seems that ur fb is private. Anu i.aadd mo na docs? I think pwede mo ata i.send thru email sa help line ng embassy. Not sure.

  15. Shane says:

    Wanna share.. just extend my visa with the help of sis josephine.thanks sis..bilis lang nang pangyayari.. gonna have my medical tomorrow. .and hope e Grant nila and req ko… :)

    • Josephine says:

      Hi sis Shane Gudluck sis.God Bless.

    • Miyu says:

      Congrats sis SHAne
      Can you please share what did you do?
      What documents did you submit?
      Please help I also want to apply for extension
      Thanks ?

      • Shane says:

        Hi sis.. online ako nag extend.. same Lang din sa pag apply ng tv. Kong meron kanang immiaccount madali nalang yan Sis… diko din alam pero nag ask ako kay Sis josephine …ang hiningi lang sakin na docs passport and bcertificate. .un lang ang attach ko sa online ko. Kasi meron nmn na dati ung mga papers ko.. sagutan mu lang ulit ung mga question dun..

    • Miyu says:

      Congrats sis SHAne
      Can you please share what did you do?
      What documents did you submit?
      Please help I also want to apply for extension
      Thanks ?

  16. shiela says:

    done my health clearance yesterday. hope, may feedback na by next week. sana magrant :)

  17. Monica says:

    Hi! Lodged our application via VFS last May 13. I was reviewing the docs we submitted and noticed that we forgot to include evidence of relationship to our relative (not sponsored, just invitation letter/statutory declaration). Is it possible to submit additional documents? I called VFS and they said we can but there’s a 400+ pesos charge and we are to submit it to their office and they don’t have e-mail options. But then on the website of the Australian embassy, it says that I can submit additional docs via e-mail (

    “Sending and acknowledging receipt of additional documents. You are strongly encouraged to provide all of the supporting information recommended in the website checklists at the time of lodging your application. If you lodged a paper application, you should deliver the additional information to the Australian Visa Application Centre or scan and email the information to the Immigration Section at with your receipt / file number listed in the subject heading.”

    Any help/response on this is highly appreciated. :)


  18. Shane says:

    Done my medical mga sis.. naku madali lang ang medical. Mas mahirap pa sa pinas sa mga medical dun.. dito so easy. Hindi nakakatakot.. friendly mga doctors .. :)

    • anne says:

      hello shane,

      yong medical mo ba ay x-ray lang? or nagpa laboratory ka pa shane?.. thankz! Godbless!

      • Shane says:

        Hi sis sensya na late reply..yup sis… xray..eye test..BP. .skin…lahat Sis. . Urine test.. and ask ka nila if want mo mag pa bloodtest kasi not included un..iba ang bayad…pero sabi ung Blood test daw good for 1 year if mag apply ka ng pv sa future.. madali lang Sis. . Wag u kabahan friendly mga doctors.. pero depend cguro wat area ka. :)

  19. rose says:

    hello tanung ko lang po magkano lahat binabayaran nyo sa airport pag umalis kayo ng pilipinas papuntang australia for visit lang kailangan po ba talagang magbayad ng TRAVEL TAX at TERMINAL FEE please po sana maymakasagot po kasi first time ko pong magtravel please reply po …

  20. ashi says:

    you’re welcome sis rose have a safe flight……

  21. Mara says:

    Mga Sis! Thanks sa blog na to…it really helps.
    Got my multiple visa today good for 1 year.
    I applied last May 3 and took them 38 days…they didn’t emai me but they sent the grant thru mail.

    Sa mga waiting, kayo na next just be patient and keep on praying.


  22. Anne says:

    Guys, Do you have a sample of intent letter from employer that you sumitted? Thanks

  23. Anne says:

    Guys, Do i also need to submit ITR? For my 2nd try. Thanks

  24. april05 says:

    I just want to share I visa grand notice today I’m very happy and very thankfully this blog help me a lot everyday I read comment here and to all sis still wait tv just pray god is very mighty everyday i pray get my tourist visa grand notice, thank you god

  25. Cherrylene says:

    Good on you April, where u up to in Oz ? Safe travel…

  26. april05 says:

    Hi miss cherrylene sa Yeppoon Queensland po punta ko, kaso po hind pa aqo napa2book ng flight can I ask po Kong ano po hinahanap ng immigration sa PAl

    • Cherrylene says:

      Hi April ,u only need your passport of course ,your printed granted visa, and your itinerary return tickets, immigration officer most ask you some questions but just those basic ones like address where u going ..

    • jen says:

      Queensland din po ako…sana sa Queensland?

  27. april05 says:

    Thank you miss cherrylene for info, I’m going in oz with my boyfriend but not getting booking flight cause my boyfriend kylangan pa tignan scheduled nia when he come over here to get me, so we not book yet sa tingin mo sis cherrylene my interveiw pa kse ksama ko bf ko mag flight need help thanks

    • Cherrylene says:

      No worries ,there’s no interview sometimes they will just ask you some questions, they can’t stop u of going Oz coz u have got your granted visa anyway …so nothing to worry about just be confident ..

  28. april05 says:

    Thanks miss cherrylene kse po first time ko po out in the Philippines so I’m getting nervous but just waiting when we book flight to oz, can i ask miss cherrylene istrik ba ang PAl

  29. april05 says:

    Miss cherrylene sulitin ko Na po ang pagtatanong, cenxia Na po, kylangan pa po ba ng show money ipa2kita sa immigration kse po balak ko na po mgtravel magisa kse po c bf very busy from no time to come over here to get me, help nman po thank you very much po

  30. april05 says:

    Yes po miss cherrylene Phil airlines po

  31. april05 says:

    thanks again miss cherrylene

  32. Kim says:

    Is there anyone here who have flight on june 18 via cebu pac to sydney?

  33. MJ says:

    Visa Granted, One year multiple entry!

    Lodged via VFS – May 13
    Received at the Embassy – May 16
    Visa Grant Notice – June 16

    That’s exactly one month. Thanks to those who helped! :)

  34. Claudia says:

    Hi mga sis pwede mgask kng may tendency ba na refused ang visa for extension dito sa Aussie??? Ilang weeks lumabas result nyo?? Done with everything pero kabado ako kase tagal ng result pero okay nmn medical ko.. haha sana ok ang lahat at matapos na tong pagiging stress namin ni bf kakaisip. THANKS

  35. april05 says:

    Hi sis mj San ka sa oz

  36. brench says:

    hi guys, I would like to ask about the process if its a group? any info? thanks :)

  37. Blanca08 says:

    Hi mga sis! Ask ko lang if may nakaexperience na. I applied for 3 months tv may 18, received by embassy may 19, then may 27 they asked me to do medical. May history kc ako ng TB at sinabi ko naman sa form. I even sent old medical clearances. Tinapos ko yung medical and St Luke’s told me na ifoforward na nila sa embassy. Pero up to now wala pa ding email from immi. Tanong ko lang, nung hiningan ako ng medical ibig sabihin ba nun na as long as macomply ko yun eh maapprove visa ko? Kc bakit pa nila ako hihingan ng medical Kung denied din naman pala. Praning na ko, pls enlighten me.

  38. Shane says:

    Wanna share my happiness mga sis.. my extensyon visa just granted today.. applied June 7.medical June 9..granted June 17.. I’m so happy… .. :) :) :) :) god always good. :)

  39. rose says:

    im so much happy that finally were here now in melbourne its our 3days already here now and it was really super cold…….hoping for those who are still waiting for there visa just keep praying god will help you,,,,,to grant your visa,dont lost hope.

  40. Angela says:

    Guys help.. ng extend ako kaso ang tagal huhu bale 3 weeks in advance bago ma expired visa ko baka siguro wala pang result kase next week pa ma expired visa ko.. hoping for the best kase nkaka stress at sana hindi refused… :(

    • Shane says:

      San ka nag apply?? Online ba Sis? ?

    • nancy says:

      may bridging visa ka nman sis diba good for 28 days ung bridging n yun … no worries even if may expire n yung tv mo…

    • Josephine says:

      Hello sis Angela think positive. It takes 1 month ang processing ng extension dito Australia din .dependi sa case officer. If granted ka sa pinas im sure granted yong extension mo. Mine first extension ko it takes 1 month. Personal ako nag submit. Kaya hindi ka dapat mag worries my bridging visa ka naman while waiting ka sa extension mo.2nd extension ko it takes 2 weeks ang result after my medical. Cheers

    • Josephine says:

      At sa sis natin na nag message sa fb ko kung ano sinubmit ko during my extension tv. Dito ko nalang din e post para malaman din sa iba nating ka sis. Yong sinubmit ko na docs, same parin noong nag apply ko sa Pinas. Yong binago ko lang yong extension letter ko why tayo mag extend. At yong nag aaply na ng thru online sa Pinas, yong required nalang if mag extend dito if online din yong passport natin at birth certificate. At my tanong doon bakit ka mag extend? Anong month and date end ng extension ang hanggang kelan extension mo na request mo. Thanks a lot. GOD BLESS US!!!!

    • Josephine says:

      Sis Angela yong bridging visa nKa saad doon. If your visa refused , for example today refused konyari lang. My 28 days pa tayo tagal bago tayo uwi sa Pinas. Din ng time na nag apply tayo ng extension visa natin authomatic yan expire na yong visa natin sa pinas dat day na nag apply tayo ng extension.kaya binigyan nila tayo ng bridging visa wyl waiting tayo ng result ng extension natin. Thanks

      • Angela says:

        Thanks sis Josephine and to all.. siguro nanibago lng ako kase yung visa ko sa Pinas 2 weeks lng grant na haha now I feel now for our other sissies dito na sobrang tahal nghintay sa visa nila pero worth it nmn kase granted.

      • Josephine says:

        Your welcome sis

  41. Marie says:

    Hi! What are the document requirements ‘pag student yung mag-aapply? Since wala namang ITR or bank statement.

  42. krshvllnd says:

    Thanks to this blog for making me calm whenever I read comments na approve. I’m so happy, also thanks to this blog for guiding me with everything! :)

    via VFS Global
    applied: June 8, 2016
    visa grant notice: June 22, 2016

    Only 2 weeks of waiting and this is my first time. God is good!

  43. Shane says:

    Sa mga nag aapply na mga Sis dito.. no matter what docs ang sinubmit natin.. kahit kompleto pa natin lahat.. Depend sa CO na mag rereview ng mga papers natin.. ung iba mabilis ung iba matagal.. hindi porket online or VFS.. still depends sa CO mga Sis..kahit magaling pa na Agent. . Still Ung immigration ang mag dedecyd mga Sis.. just saying :)

  44. Cherrylene says:

    Oh Perth ,would love to visit one day! Stralya ! We just used it for weird slang of Australia Shane.

  45. kk says:

    What’s best airline to use? Suggestions please! :)

  46. Luise says:

    Hello mga sis.. ask ko lng sino ng apply extension visa dito sa Australia? I applied 3 weeks ago bago ma expire ang visa ko then ngayon expired na via bridging visa ako ngayon. Ilang weeks ba bago lumabas? Grabe nkakastress sana okay ang lahat. Bother ako kase yung ibang supporting documents ko ay thru microsoft word lng edit ko pics namin and attached okay lng kaya un kahit hindi scanned??? Pero ang documents namin ni bf like passport, ids, letter, nbi clearance, etc ay nka scanned tapos may sign ng Justice of the Peace.. anyone? Thanks

    • D-rag says:

      Hi Luise lahat ren ng pinass kong pictures hindi scanned since phone pictures naman lahat. As for documents scanned lang & walang kahit isang notarized/witnessed.

      I suggest mag email ka na sa kanila lalo na kung patapos or tapos na bridging otherwise kailangan ng compelling reason bakit hindi ka um-exit.

      I applied Nov 18, Bridging Visa granted 30 minutes later – Extension granted Nov 25. Currently applying for onshore PV.

    • Shane says:

      Hi sis.. san ka nag apply online ba?? Or VFS. .kasi ung akin..nag apply ako June 7 after ko magbayad dumating na bridging ko.. Kinabukasan nag email cla ng medical.. tapos June 9 nag medical ako.. and june 17 ..granted na extensyon ko.. ang tagal nmn sau Sis… if online ka baka meron kang hindi na sagutan dun Sis. ..check mo.ung docs nga lang na attach ko passport and bcertificate lang kasi un lang nmn ang Ask nila..kasi online naku datI sa unang tv ko.. pati ung isang Sis na nag ask sakin last week lang nag apply .. granted na daw kahapon..

  47. Danica says:

    Hello po .. :) pahelp naman please .. first time ko na mag process ng TV ko .. pero hindi sya online bali ung boyfriend ko ang mag sponsor saakin then may cousin sya na nag wowork sa immigration … as per his cousin need ng assest ang may work .. since nag resigned na ako sa work ko last year unemployed na po ako .. then ang assets ko lang bank acct ko .. possible po kayang magrant kahit unemployed ??? Thank you ! :)

  48. april05 says:

    Hello mga sis pa help nman po if no have return plane ticket maquestion2 po ba aqo kse at cnu po nka experience n wla po return ticket ng ta2nong po ba immigration officer if I don’t have return ticket c bf kse mgbook2 ng flight ko going to oz please need advice

    • Cherrylene says:

      Hey again April , u must have return tickets, otherwise u get into questions and get u delayed..

    • D-Rag says:

      In my experience hindi nila hiningi na may return ticket ka. If ever pwede mo naman sabihin na tourist ka & nag de decide pa kayo ng BF mo kung pupunta kayo sa ibang state tas from there ka uuwi. So sayang lang ticket. Good luck!

    • Shane says:

      Wala akong return ticket.. ask ng immigration bat daw wala.. sabi ko kasi balak ng bf ko magbakasyon dito pinas kaya dun na kami bili sa oz. Un reason ko Sis.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi sis april05 okay lang naman walang return ticket.mine wala akong return ticket.of course magtatamong ang Immigration manila. Be confident sa mga sagot mo.sabihin mo doon na sa Aus bumili nga return ticket bf mo. Cheers

  49. rhea says:

    hello po i just want to asked may visa grant yesterday june 22 and its 3mos stay but its say there last day of arrival decmber 22. it single entries ang ibig pong sabihin dun na valid po yung visa ko po tell decmber 22.?? but i can stay only 3mos??

    • kk says:

      Yes po, valid po visa mo til december 22 kung di ka pa po nakaka enter, pero once u enter from the date na dumating kayo 3 months valid from their. Same tayo June 22 to December 22 validity.

    • Shane says:

      Hi sis.. yes sis. Valid xa til dec.. pero 3 months ka lang pwede mag Stay. . Don’t worry u can extend nmn if wala ung 8503 na condition e.. like me they grant 3 months only.. pero ma expire xa sa august..and now I’m here in oz I just extended my visa kasi wala akong 8503 condition. .dapat magamit mo yang visa bago ma expire

  50. Anne says:

    Hi Rhea, First time applicant ka ba? Ano mga sinubmit mong requirements? Thanks

    • Shane says:

      Hi sis anne.. tyagaan mo magbasa ng mga comments dito Sis. Andito na lahat ng sagot sa tanung mo.. :) ganun din ginawa ko nun

      • Anne says:

        Hi. Yup nagbabasa ko dito. I feel sad. I need my 2nd try to be granted. I need a sure ball on this. Idk what other requirements should i pass and add on my list :c

      • Anne says:

        Hi. Yup nagbabasa ko dito. I feel sad. I need this application to be granted. Its my 2nd try and i dont wanna be refused again. I need a sure ball on this. Idk what other requirements should i pass and add on my list :c

      • Shane says:

        Anu reason bat na refused ka Sis? ?

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