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Casa de Obando at Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

After two weeks of traipsing all around Japan in April, my body and my wallet was in dire need of a break. Though I was glad to get some rest (and not venture too far from my electric fan in … Continue reading

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Project Japan 2014

This is a follow up of sorts to my first Project Japan post. Like the previous file, this Excel file has the itinerary, the budget, the actual expenses, and the list of all the trains I’ve ridden while in Japan. … Continue reading

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Travel Expenses: Japan 2014

After traveling to Japan twice already, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I was planning for this trip. I prepared as much as I can, always on the lookout for the best rates, working out a budget … Continue reading

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Microtel Eagle Ridge

One of the good things about staying in Microtel is that (as I mentioned before), you already know what to expect, and chances are, the experience will live up to your expectations. So what else can I write about this … Continue reading

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Cintai Corito’s Garden

Meeeeoooowwwwrrrrr!! I was instantly alert, looking for the noisy cat. As I strained my eyes, trying to look into the bushes in the dark, one of the staff came forward and said, “ma’am, it was the peacocks.” Peacocks in the … Continue reading

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