Casa de Obando at Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

After two weeks of traipsing all around Japan in April, my body and my wallet was in dire need of a break. Though I was glad to get some rest (and not venture too far from my electric fan in the middle of the summer heatwave) during the month of May, I started getting restless as the weeks go by. So when I got an invite to stay at Casa de Obando in San Pablo, Laguna, I eagerly said yes and scheduled for a visit at the end of the month.

Casa de Obando
Casa de Obando

It wasn’t just the chance to get away for the weekend that excited me. As soon as I saw the photos of the house, I knew it’d be stupid not to go.
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Rain, rapids and racers

The weather has been crummy last week in Manila. While the cooler temperature is a much welcome relief from the sweltering tropical heat, rain isn’t what I want when I’m spending the day outdoors. But as Eric, Rotch, Rael and I found out, the rain doesn’t stop the fun and activities at Enchanted Kingdom (though it did stop most of the rides). Neither did we need the rain to get thoroughly soaked.

Magnolia Karting Series 2009 08
Waiting for the go signal

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Magicalympics at Enchanted Kingdom

Amazing Race has always been one of my favorite reality shows. Though I envy the exotic places the contestants visit, I do not envy the fact that they would just race through the country, with hardly any chance to take in the sights and experience the culture. Though the prize at the end of the race is very enticing, it entails a lot of effort (and pain) to reach the finish line first. I’ve had a taste of this Amazing Race type of activity years ago, and that experience was enough to turn me off the game altogether.

Magiclympics at Enchanted Kingdom 01
Team leaders reading the contest rules

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Enchanted Kingdom still enchants me

Enchanted Kingdom has been a mainstay in family outings, school field trips and barkada road trips. Since the park opened in 1994, I’ve been to the park twice with family, once on a field trip and thrice with my barkada. Though we don’t get to go to the theme park every year, each visit is as fun as the last one.


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