Casa de Obando at Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

After two weeks of traipsing all around Japan in April, my body and my wallet was in dire need of a break. Though I was glad to get some rest (and not venture too far from my electric fan in the middle of the summer heatwave) during the month of May, I started getting restless as the weeks go by. So when I got an invite to stay at Casa de Obando in San Pablo, Laguna, I eagerly said yes and scheduled for a visit at the end of the month.

Casa de Obando
Casa de Obando

It wasn’t just the chance to get away for the weekend that excited me. As soon as I saw the photos of the house, I knew it’d be stupid not to go.

Old houses have a certain charm that modern hotels simply do not have. It gives you this feeling of nostalgia, of being in your grandmother’s house, even if her house looked nothing like it.

Casa de Obando
Inside our room at Casa de Obando

The house is one of three old houses in the Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant in the Cocoland Compound. The houses are lovingly and professionally restored, giving you the chance to feel what it’s like to live in the house of our ancestors, while enjoying the comforts of a modern toilet and air conditioning.

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The compound also houses Casa de Cabay, the cafe and restaurant, where you can sample traditional San Pablo dishes like the kilawon (banana heart cooked in coconut cream and topped with grilled pork belly), listen to folk songs, and enjoy the company of friends and good conversations.

Casa de Obando
Tapa for for breakfast

For those whose interest lie with antiquities, the museum is open to all guests. It’s a huge and interesting collection of items from different periods in history, though just make sure you ask one of the staff to go with you to fully enjoy the museum.

Casa de Obando
The 2nd floor dining area of Casa de Cabay

San Pablo Laguna is just one bus ride away from Manila, and can be reached within two hours from Makati (unless it’s Santacruzan season and you get stuck in traffic because three barrios decided to hold their parade all on the same day). From SM San Pablo, Sulyap can be reached in just two short jeepney rides, or one special tricycle ride. It’s also a good base if you’re thinking of heading to Los Baños for a food trip, as it’s only one jeepney ride away.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. Eto ba yung sasayaw ka sana? :))

  2. Looks delightfully romantic – just the sort of place I’d love to stay!

  3. Uptourist says:

    you should relax too. Sometimes, I just take trips where the itinerary is not as packed so I have plenty of time to breathe in between.

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