What to do in Roxas City

Last April, the nice folks of Pueblo de Panay took us to Roxas, to experience firsthand what the city offers. They timed the visit during the Capiztahan, the province’s annual fiesta. I was supposed to go to Capiz last December, but Toronto happened, so I was very happy that I got another invite to go.

Roxas City
Lovely Roxas City

Here’s what we did in Roxas on that weekend:
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Just Wandering turns 7

Time flew by so fast, and I’m now celebrating seven years of travel blogging. Who’d have thought? Honestly. I started this blog just so I can share my thoughts and experiences about a trip. I wanted it to be a resource for other travelers who, like me, turn to the web to find any and all the information they can about a place they want to visit. I never thought I’d be able to accomplish so much in seven years.

Balay Idang
One of my favorite places, Balay Indang

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Summer with Muji

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People are often in awe when I tell them that I once traveled for 30 days with only a backpack. They are often the same people who bring a trolley for a weekend trip. The thing is, you don’t really need to bring fresh clothes for each day that you’re traveling. Rolf Potts was even able to travel around the world for six weeks without any baggage. If you’re like me, who don’t really mind wearing the same outfit during the same trip, traveling light is a breeze.

Washing board, check. Now if only I have someone to do the laundry…

The secret to doing this is quite simple: laundry. You don’t need to bring one set of outfit for each day you’re traveling (providing you’re traveling for more than a week), because you can have you clothes laundered. When I traveled for one month in Southeast Asia, I had my clothes washed at least twice. In between, I would wash one or two articles of clothing (the quick drying ones), as well as my underwear, in my room’s ensuite toilet. That’s why Muji’s Portable Washing Board caught my interest.
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The Bayleaf Hotel

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about The Bayleaf Hotel from friends who have stayed there, the highest praise being that it has the best views of Manila. When AsiaRooms.com offered two night’s stay at the hotel, I jumped on the opportunity. It was perfect, since I haven’t been to Bayleaf yet.

The Bayleaf Hotel
Easiest way to get there is to enter Intramuros through the gate along Victoria, which is right across the Manila City Hall

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