Wandering in Toronto

I find myself happiest when I’m walking in a new place. No map to follow, just walking to my heart’s content, eager to see what kinds of treasures I’ll stumble upon.


Walking in sub-zero temperature can be brutal, but when you’re walking with good company, it makes the experience fun, instead of a chore. You walk farther, you discover more. Except for the convenience store you set out to find in the first place.

This trip was made possible by Philippine Airlines. We took the inaugural flight of the Manila-Toronto route.

Hanging out at the Midas Hotel

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’d know that I had a grand time at the Midas Hotel last Friday, as evidenced by the copious amounts of alcohol and desserts.

Midas Hotel

Not that alcohol and sweets are essential for a fun evening, but it does help, specially when had with good company and it certainly makes the conversations much more… interesting.
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Minori-Tei Japanese Restaurant in Batangas

If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, you probably already know that I love Japanese food. So when the invite came to try a Japanese restaurant in Batangas, I had to accept, even if it meant losing a couple of hours of sleep.

Special sashimi from Hokkaido

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A Nutcracker-inspired Christmas at the Manila Hotel

Have you ever been to the Manila Hotel? The first time I stepped inside (that I can remember), was back in December 31, 2010. I knew it was a five-star hotel, but I didn’t really know what to expect. Though not modern as hotels nowadays favor, it was grand and decked out in holiday decorations, it was simply magical.

Manila Hotel
The Manila Hotel all decked out for the holidays

The Manila Hotel brings out the decorations in full force this year with a Nutcracker holiday theme. Towering Nutcrackers stand among the pillars, while festive decors in red, green and gold dot the hotel interiors. A huge Christmas tree is the focal point of the lobby, with twinkling fairy lights, decked with hundreds of ornaments and topped with an angel.
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What’s in my bag?

After 6 or so What’s in my bag? posts, you’d think I won’t have space anymore in my bags. As the years pass, my travel style continues to change, and so does my packing style. There are new products to try and added to the list, and there are products that are taken out of the list. Here’s some more that made the cut.

iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet
This small device has enough power to fully charge my HTC Chacha or my iPod touch. Considering that using 3G and wi-fi can drain your gadgets faster, this is great to have around if you’re headed somewhere without electricity.

Charging Chacha

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