The Perfect 10 Dinner at Impressions

As the saying go, it’s always good to make a great first impression. How about making it into a Perfect 10?

Impressions Resorts World 1
Amuse bouche

Resorts World Manila’s fine dining restaurant, Impressions, made a pretty good one to the Asia Tatler Dining, which gave them a perfect 10 rating for cuisine, wine selection, setting and service. Last week, I was fortunate enough to get invited to experience perfection.
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Are you a Happy Filipino?

This post is brought to you by Jollibee.

One of the reasons why I love being in the Philippines are my friends. While I love traveling overseas, coming home excites me because I can spend time with them again and share stories from my trip. Yes, Skype and Hangout makes it easy to talk to each other when you’re miles apart, but there’s just no comparison to hanging out together , feasting on isaw and barbecue.

Boracay circa 2005
I’d post a picture of us, but my friends wouldn’t like that.

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A different look at Coron

Finally made it back to Coron. After four years, the town has seen some addition of new concrete building (nothing too high), and an extended harbour. The ubiquitous zipline also makes an appearance.

Still, the town still looks and feel the same. Even the drive to Maquinit Hot Springs is the rough and bumpy ride it was back then.

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Myanmar, Morocco and Japan in Color

So Paul tagged me for this contest. I’m not much of a contest joiner, but I have this compulsion to do these tagging things whenever I’m tagged. I figured it’s a good time as any to post something not sponsored on my now very neglected blog.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Spring, which is usually around March to May, is the best time to visit Japan. Although this would mean tourist spots and hotels in Tokyo would be filled to the brim with Japanese tourists who are also on holiday, you’ll be assured of pretty good weather, and if you’re really lucky, the cherry tree will be blooming. That’s an apricot blossom, though.
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Travel must-haves

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After traveling for years, I already have my staple travel gear. I’ve blogged them numerous times before, but here’s a short list of the basics for first time travelers.

Good, sturdy luggage
Not all travelers are backpackers, and though I travel mainly with a backpack, there are times when I have to bring out the big bags.

Muji Hard Carry Case Luggage – Made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate, this travel case provides supreme comfort with its 360-degree turning wheels and an adjustable carry bag to fit any height.

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