Snapshot Singapore: Rasa Sentosa

The invitation came last May, and I’ve been so excited for this trip since.
The invite was actually for any Shangri-La property anywhere in the world,
but since I have to shoulder the cost to go there, I knew I had to pick a
hotel or resort in Southeast Asia.

I’ve decided right from the start that I’d stay in a resort, and not a
hotel. Shangri-La Resorts are more casual than the hotels, and certainly
more laid back. It is designed for relaxation, and that’s what I intend to

(This post was written by the poolside. There is free wi-fi throughout the
entire resort. Definitely #lovingthemoment)

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USNS Mercy

As a traveler, I’m very interested with different forms of transportation. I’ve ridden a dromedary in the Sahara Desert, temple-hopped on a horse cart in Bagan, flew over Melbourne on a hot air balloon, crossed Manila Bay on a naval ship to Corregidor. One of the more interesting vessel I’ve been on was the Oberon-class submarine Onslow, which, I suppose does not count on being ridden as it’s docked and is open for tours when you visit the Australia National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Our chariot awaits

Thanks to the U.S. Embassy Manila I can add two more to my list: a helicopter and the USNS Mercy.
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Adventures of a different kind

Despite my life of non-travel in the past two months, the universe gave me some things to get excited about.

Amazing Race Australia in the Philippines
This way to the beach

For one thing, the real reason I went to Misibis Bay was finally revealed: we went there for the filming of the second season of the Amazing Race Australia. The Philippines was the first stop for this season, so all the teams made it to the country.
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Easy flight search with Skyscanner

This is an advertorial

One of the questions I often get asked is “how do I get to (insert destination here)?” I reply with the route I took, following it up with the other possible routes that they can take. A related question would be “what airline did you take,” and “how much does the flight cost?” It gets tiring after a while, since for me, it’s something that you can easily search for in Google.

Skyscanner PH

Apparently, there’s an even easier way to search for flights: Skyscanner. It’s basically a travel search site that helps you find cheap flights and even the ever elusive promo fares that airlines offer.
Here’s what you do, go to Since it’s a localized version of the main site, the site will be in Tagalog and the currency defaults to Philippine peso. You can change this by clicking on the language option at the top of the page.
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On turning six and new beginnings

Six years. Imagine that. Who’d ever thought I’d stick long enough to one particular hobby to actually make it to a sixth year anniversary. I think I just may have found my passion.

Traveling never gets old. At least for me. My decision to stay put in Manila instead of following the location independent nomads helped me keep the excitement for travel. That’s not to say I’m not itching to pack up and leave. I do want to experience living away from home, either in a province somewhere in the Philippines or overseas. I was all set with THE PLAN, when PHL360° happened.

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