Blue Dolphin Resort

It’s my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary next year, and me and the siblings are already planning how to celebrate it. My eldest sister suggested that we rent a house with a pool again, like we did years ago and stay for a night or two with the entire family. Sort of goes without saying that I’ll be the one searching for this house.

Blue Dolphin Resort

Luckily enough, Gail invited me for a resort opening a couple of weekends ago. Turns out it was for the re-opening of the Blue Dolphin Resort in Balayan, Batangas.

The resort has both fan and air conditioned rooms, and a nipa hut that can house up to six persons. Rates start at Php 2,000 per night (fan room). For big groups, the resort can be rented to your exclusive use for Php 20,000. Not a bad rate if there are 30 of you using the facilities.

Blue Dolphin Resort
Open space for dining tables, programs and dance contests?

Food isn’t included in the rate, nor do they have a restaurant, but the kitchen is available for your use (stoves, pots and pans, dishes and cutlery included) for a minimal fee.

There are plenty of open areas if you’re going to be doing games or programs, and a sort-of promenade with a view of the beach. Balayan’s beach is black sand, which makes the water look dark and foreboding, but it’s actually pretty clean. If salt water isn’t your thing, you can dip in the pool instead. A bridge divides the pool — a wading pool for the kids, a bigger and deeper pool for the adults.

Blue Dolphin Resort
Sunset at Balayan beach

Are you a singer, not a swimmer? You’re free to use and abuse the resort’s karaoke machine that was strategically placed near a gazebo by the beach.

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Balayan is about 3-4 hour’s drive from Manila. Though not one of the popular beach choices for Batangas, it’s great if you’re looking for that small-town vibe, away from the crowds.

Blue Dolphin Resort
Balayan, Batangas
Telephone: +6325063525
Mobile: +639178439169

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  1. The last time we were in Balayan, I almost drowned. Hence, I’m scared of open water up to this day. Ahihi. Anyhoo, 20k ain’t bad for 30 people! Nice venue for team building or family reunion.

  2. thanks for the tip. We will be planning my parents 50th soon… never considered a house for the whole clan. We were thinking on the lines of hotel and fine dining – but… i really do not think my parents will enjoy it. Maybe something like this will be more their thing… :) come visit me (leave a comment) when you’ve time (new time blogger here)…

  3. This is quite amazing dolphin resort. We would be probably be including this resort in our package travel to our fellow Filipino travelers.

    Thanks for posting this info.

  4. This could be a very excitement and wonderful place.

  5. Mariel says:

    Hi Justwandering,
    Thank you for posting your article, I found it really interesting !
    Keep posting !

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