Pasalubong shopping: Kape de Mutit and Bench Pinoy Labs

I’m flying out to visit family, so that means buying gifts and Pinoy stuff they can’t easily get overseas. One of my brother’s bilin is cafe Alamid. Cafe Alamid, also known as kopi luwak in Indonesia is one of the most expensive coffee in the world, also said to be the best.

Civet Cat Coffee
Kape de Mutit from Kalinga Brew

So what makes Café Alamid so special? “It starts off with the alamids picking the ripest and finest berries to eat, by smell. The animals stuff themselves with it and excrete them all in the morning as the beans cannot be digested.”
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Travel finds in unlikely places

When traveling, it’s not only the tickets and reservations that matter; what’s in your bag matters too! Several travel goods store have popped up around the metro, but you’ll be surprised that you can find travel stuff in shops you wouldn’t normally associate with traveling. Best of all, the prices aren’t too bad either!

My travel haul from Robinsons Galleria

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Our Tagaytay weekend

Up until 2008, I’ve never set foot in Tagaytay. That changed in February 2008, and I found myself going back several times since. When Robinson’s Land gave me a complimentary stay at Summit Ridge, their hotel in Tagaytay I gladly took this as a great excuse to go back.

People's Park in the Sky
View from the People’s Park in the Sky

Not that I need much reason to go back — I’ve gone with friends up to Tagaytay on a whim and would go in a heartbeat. The place is overly commercialized and very touristy, but it’s only 2 hours from Manila (1.5 hours on a good day) and you get that much needed change in scenery (not to mention the cool mountain air).
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Be a part of the Seair and Microtel Boracay Blogger’s tour!

Whenever I post my travel expense post on a Seair destination, someone always ask in the comments why my tickets on Seair are free. That’s because I’m a part of the Seair Adventure Club. This is an exclusive club of Pinoy travel bloggers who get to travel and explore the different destinations that Seair fly to. Thanks to Seair, I’ve been to Batanes, El Nido, and of course, Boracay. Now here’s your chance to fly with Seair for free (and stay at Microtel while you’re at it!!

Coron, Palawan - Day 3 34
Seair’s 19-seater Let-410

Eight lucky bloggers will be chosen to join an all-expense paid bloggers’ tour of Boracay from September 10 to 12, 2010. The contest is pretty simple: just blog why you should be chosen to join the tour. Easy peasy, right?

Now go write that blog entry! Bear in mind that the contest ends on August 20, 2010, and for your entry to count, you must post a link on Seair’s Facebook Page (you have to Like it first before you can post!)

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