Day 26: The wonders of sinangag

I wanted to wake up at 10am, but woke up two hours prior. I stumble out of my niece’s room, and the first thing I see is the CNN headline that Michael Jackson has died. Great way to start any morning.

Singapore 01
Oh the irony.

There was breakfast and then there was lunch. I haven’t eaten so much in a such a short span of time. My sister-in-law and her kids are checking in at the hotel, and I walked them down to the taxi. It was rather surreal that this time, I’m the one outside the taxi waving at them.

Singapore 02
Tina wearing the Takara Jenny clothing set I bought from Siam Paragon

I didn’t really have anything planned today, and that’s really how I wanted it. Most of the day was spent indoors — fangirling online and trying out the doll clothes I bought in Bangkok. I did went out today, but the farthest I got was the nearby shopping complex, where I bought a pack of multi-flavored Yakult.

Singapore 03

It was dinner time when I got back, and I set off to prepare my dinner. While I was traveling, the fried rice I always find have vegetable and meat in them — a meal on its own. I loved it, but I was hankering for something that reminds me of home. And what can be more Filipino than a silog meal? Silog is short for sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg), and it’s usually paired of with some kind of fried meat. There’s no tapa (cured beef) in the freezer, but there was bacon, so bacon-silog it is.

Singapore 05
Mmmm, bacon.

It felt good cooking again. One thing I really missed while backpacking is cooking. The only time I had a kitchen to work in was in HI Sukhumvit, but really, why trouble yourself cooking when there’s yummy and cheap Thai food just around the corner?

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Dinner was glorious. Bacon was good, egg was cooked just right, and the fried rice? YUM! Unlike the fried rice I’ve had in te past three weeks, this one just had salt and lots of garlic. Nothing better than a having a great breakfast meal for dinner.

Singapore 06
American Choppers in the TV, flickr in my computer

I plonk down before the TV, catching up on shows that I haven’t watched since Cambodia and trying to work in between commercials. I loved how slow this day was, but yeah, I’m itching to go out again tomorrow.

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