Travel Expenses: Bohol 2006

It’s been three days since we got back from [tag]Bohol[/tag] and I’m still recovering from my vacation. How ironic. The things that happened when I got home was just too stressful and I still couldn’t shake it off. Hopefully, I’ll be back in good working condition by Monday.

Something good came in the mail the day after I got back which cheered me up a bit, and I was able to use my computer again without having to take it (and paying lots of money) to the repair shop.

On a lighter note, I was able to stay under my [tag]budget[/tag] for this trip yay. Unfortunately, with the loss of my MP3 player and some cash, that still brings me over my budget. But what the heck, I’m just glad I was able to come home in with all pieces in tact.

A detailed breakdown of my Bohol budget right after the jump.


Bohol October 2006
Via Cebu
Cost Estimate Actual Actual
Air Tranfers Per Person1 For two
Cebu Pacific
Piso Promo Fare Php 1,631.84 Php 1,631.84 Php 1,631.84 Php 3,263.68
Manila Domestic Terminal Fee Php 200.00 Php 200.00 Php 200.00 Php 400.00
Cebu Domestic Terminal Fee Php 200.00 Php 200.00 Php 200.00 Php 400.00

Ferry Transfers
Php 500 One way Php 1,000.00 Php 1,000.00
Roundtrip Promo Php 420.00 Php 420.00 Php 840.00 2

Airport/Pier Transfers
Manila (Two way) Php 700.00 Php 350.00 Php 300.00 Php 500.00
Bohol (Two way) Php 800.00 Php 400.00 Php 390.00 Php 750.00

Alona Tropical
Alona Beach
Php 880/night/room Php 2,640.00 Php 1,320.00 Php 1,850.00 Php 3,700.00 3
Without breakfast & transfers

Transportation Allowance
Php 200/day/person Php 800.00 Php 800.00 Php 510.00 Php 730.00 4

Food Allowance
Php 500/day/person Php 2,000.00 Php 2,000.00 Php 1,530.00 Php 2,938.00 5

Bohol Day tour Php 2,000.00 Php 1,000.00 Php 1,000.00 Php 2,000.00
Dolphin/Whale watch Php 2,000.00 Php 1,000.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 6
Loboc River Buffet Lunch Php 250.00 Php 250.00 Php 420.00 Php 840.00
Entrance Fees Php 200.00 Php 200.00 Php 140.00 Php 70.00 7
Souvenirs Php 2,000.00 Php 2,000.00 Php 1,844.75
Buffer fund Php 1,000.00 Php 1,000.00 Php 1,094.75 8

Additional Expenses
Ferry Port Terminal Fee Php 11.25 Php 22.50 Php 22.50
Loboc River Cruise Php 500.00 Php 200.00 Php 500.00 9

Total Php 13,351.84 Php 11,753.84 Php 16,954.18

1 What I actually shelled out, not necessarily divided by 2
2 Oceanjet had a promo where in you get a free return ticket, providing you would use it within 7 days.
3 Includes 1 dinner for two, 1 shared breakfast, 1 breakfast for two, and 2 rounds of tea for two, and probably a 10% discount
4 You would only get this number if you went on a wild lechon chase.
5 Food in Bohol is not as cheap as I initially thought. That and the fact that we ate too much. As mentioned, some of the meals were billed along with our room
6 Opted not to take this tour due to red tide.
7 Entrance fees/donations to the Chocolate Hills, Hanging Bridge, Tarsiers, Baclayon Church Museum
8 For unplanned shopping sprees. I ended up with 3 card holders and one new top.
9 A cruise down the river, not a lunch cruise as we were expecting. As a result, we had to pay exra for the seprate lunch by the river. This fee is per boat, not per person. One banca can fit about 10.
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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. bchai says:

    CHEAP…!!! I like! I like!

    Question: what’s a wild lechon chase? Also, what happened to your MP3? Did someone lift it?

  2. nina says:

    Well, we *had* to bring home some Cebu lechon so from the pier, we went to the airport for early check-in. Unfortunately, the computers were down and they won’t allow us to check in early. They let us leave our bags behind the counter, and we rushed back out to buy lechon (40 minutes away from the airport). When we got to the restaurant, they don’t have enough for our order >_< Thankfully, they have a stall in the mall across the street. It's a good thing they had enough for our order and after getting our lechon, we rushed back to the airport, where there wasn't any line because the computer were back online.

    The clincher was, the place where we got the lechon was near the ferry port and we passed by it on the way to the airport. Doh.

    About the MP3... it was taken from inside my bag. I'll e-mail you about it.

  3. Mav says:

    Woah, someone took it from your bag? We (Me and my friends) will be going there on January, do you have some tips for us?

  4. Mav says:

    Hi Nina! Already went to Bohol last Jan, thanks for some tips:). Will be going to Bohol again this Holy Week :)

  5. Sarah says:

    Did you rent a van for the tours? Can you email me their contact/website if they’re good? :D

  6. Asian traveler says:

    Hi there, you got a very nice breakdown right there. I’m planning to go back to Bohol this month and trying to get an update for hotel, resort and restaurant rates. cause the last time Ive been there, it was a very cheap trip. but that was 5 years ago though.

  7. James Monteverde says:

    I fell in love with Bohol since the first time I set my foot on its soil.

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