Singapore via Cebu Pacific! – Updated!

Cebu Pacific’s website and booking facilities now includes Singapore! I tried booking to see how much the fare would cost.

The promo fare (buy from July 20 – 26, travel from Aug 31 – Oct 19) amounts to PHP 6,327.00.

The non-promo fare amounts to Php 8,327.00 roundtrip.

Not bad, eh? It comes out higher than Tiger Airway’s roundtrip fares, but at least you get to fly from (the pitiful) NAIA Terminal 1. The question now is, how will their service fare compared to their competitors’?

One downside to Cebu Pacific’s new route is the time. Though they will be flying to and from Singapore daily, the timing is a bit off:

Departure from Manila is at 8:30pm, arrive in Singapore at 11:55pm
Departure from Singapore is at 12:40am, arrive in Manila at 4:05am

I suppose it’s great if you need to be in Singapore or Manila for a meeting the following day, hahaha. It’d suck if you’re paying for accommodations in Singapore because you’d be paying for a whole night when you’d only be staying for only half of it. I’m so glad I have relatives in Singapore. :D

Starting December 19, 2006, Cebu Pacific will be offering TWO flights to and from Singapore.

Departing Manila:
ETD Manila 1630
ETA Singapore 2000

ETD Manila 2030
ETA Singapore 2355

Departing Singapore:
ETD Singapore 0040
ETA Manila 0405

ETD Singapore 1900
ETA Manila 2230

I found out about this when I check the fares for flights next year. How sad is my life?

Another update: August 8, 2006
It seems I have spoke blogged too soon, because when a couple of days ago, I checked the flight scheds again, and was dismayed to see that Cebu Pacific is back to one flight a day. Pffft~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cebu Pacific

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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. bchai says:

    The price isn’t too bad, but isn’t Tiger Airways a much better deal? With Tiger’s fares, you can make quite a few trips out to Singapore…

    …a month.

    Is the service or flight accommodations more preferable on Cebu’s? I could understand paying a little extra for that & for the proximity, but I’m cheap. I dunno, I like the fares from Tiger much better from what I’ve read on here!

  2. nina says:

    I haven’t tried Cebu Pacific yet, and I’ve been hearing complaints about delayed flights. But I’m thinking that’s because of the improvments being done in some of the runways.

    Based on non-promo fares, Cebu Pac comes out cheaper than Tiger Airways. Plus, it’s more convienient than going to Clark.

    But anyway, this definitely warrants at least one flight ;)

  3. bchai says:

    They don’t offer morning / early afternoon flights? Phooey.

  4. Ferdz says:

    yes, this is good news! It’s more convenient than going to clark. But do you have any idea if they will also land on the BT airport in Singapore or at Changi’s T1 or T2?

  5. nina says:

    Yup, Cebu Pacific will be landing at the Budget Terminal in Singapore, similar to Tiger Airways. Okay lang, kasi the BT is just 5 minutes away from T1/T2 and there’s a regular FREE shuttle, unlike Clark.

    Mapapadalas ata ako sa Singapore :D

  6. Cristeta D. Ortiz says:

    Me and my friends are glad for your promo flight to Singapore. We are a group of four who used to travel Asia for pleasure trip. All of us are employed in the same office.
    We would appreciate it very much if you could send us your promo tour, just like Tiger Airways.
    Thank you very much and more power to Cebu Pacific

  7. nina says:

    Hello Ms. Cristeta! :)

    Thank you for visiting my site! Unfortunately, I am merely an independent traveller, and not affiliated in anyway with ANY airlines, be it Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways, Jetstar, or Philippine Airlines. I just happen to monitor their promos because I am constantly looking out for them for my own travel plans and because I have no life.

    I suggest you visit Cebu Pacific’s website and click on “Fun Tours”. You may also want to sign up for their mailing list to receive an e-mail announcement of all their promos. Happy travelling!

  8. ERIC says:

    Type your comment here.

    How many baggage or kilos allow for Sin/Manl and what are the departure time. Buying valid ticket for one year- do we hav to pay any charge again upon departure

  9. nina says:

    Hi Eric! I personally haven’t flown international with Cebu Pacific, but I think they are allowing 20K of check-in baggage and 7K of carry-on luggage per passenger.

    Philippine travel tax (Php1,620) isn’t included in the fare; you pay for it at the airport before checking in.

    Departure times are listed in the post above :)

  10. jocelyn mallillin says:

    Im excited and happy reading a comment regarding promo fares in singapore but i was not able to see the date my gash! that is really old kindly erased it.

  11. marika says:

    hi nina!

    its my first time travelling abroad alone and in a tight budget
    here are a few of my worries. I hope you can give me some tips on these:
    1: where and when is the best time to convert currencies? is it better to convert few pesos to US dollars and convert it to sing dollars once in sinapore budget terminal?
    2: shoud i pay again for the TRAVEL TAX and TERM FEE when departing singapore budget airport?
    3:ill be there touring the city techinically for 2 days only in a tight budget and i won’t shop, overall how much to spend on this trip? is 250 dollar good enough?

    I would really appreciate your response because i’m so anxious and confused. i’ve read a lot of travel blogs including yours for some ideas.=) ty!

    • nina says:

      1) It’s hard for me to comment on this because I always bring US dollars with me. Since you’re going to Singapore, I think you can do with carrying Philippine pesos and exchanging it at the airport. But best to bring credit cards or ATM cards that will let you withdraw cash overseas just in case.
      2) No more fees to be paid at Changi airport; all fees have been included in your fare.
      3) $250 should be enough, but it would still depend on how thrifty you are, where you’re staying, and what you plan to see and do.

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