51 Ways to Cut Vacation Costs

Here’s a great article for all of us budget travelers (or independent travelers; whatever floats your boat): 51 Ways to Cut Vacation Costs from National Geographic Traveler.

I find myself agreeing with most of the list, but this one comes as a surprise:

2. Trash your “cookies,” small files (stored in your Internet browser) that record the websites you surf—and the transactions you make. Say you go online and purchase a $200 plane ticket from Chicago to Omaha. The next time you visit that site, you could be quoted a higher rate than what’s actually available because of your spending history. Avoid this problem by deleting these files each time you log on; detailed instructions can be found under the “Help” option in your browser menu.

Well I’ll be darned.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. bchai says:

    “Don’t wait until the last minute to get—or renew—your passport; the longer you wait, the more it will cost. Routine applications generally take up to six weeks to process for $67 (renewal applications) and $97 (first-time applications); both fees include passport, security, and execution fees. ”

    Heh. To renew the Philippine passport only took less than a week. Send them your money & you’re good to go. I think renewing cost me only $50.

    I was reading their tips. Like you, I didn’t know about the cookie thing. Those sneaks…

  2. nina says:

    Yeah, kaso hassle naman tayo when applying for visas for entry!

    Re: Cookies
    Who’d have thought no? Very sneaky nga. *shakes head*

  3. purplegirl says:

    re: renewing passports — yep, it takes up to 6 long weeks to do it in the states. so i renewed it in Manila. time it took: 5 days (including transit time via FedEx)!!! and no need to appear in person.

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