SQ380 landed in Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport

Flight SQ380, the first ever commercial flight of Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 landed today at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. All of its passengers are in agreement: the amount they paid for were well worth it, and that the superjumbo was surprisingly quiet.

Some trivia about the first passengers of the maiden flight:

  • The youngest customer is a 10 month-old boy from Singapore
  • The oldest is a 91 year-old man, also from Singapore, travelling with his family. His son bought the Singapore Airlines Suites ticket for him in the charity auction;
  • Mr Julian Hayward bought the first Suite on the flight, paying US$100,380 for him and a friend to travel from Singapore to Sydney;
  • Among passengers is Mr Thomas Lee, from California, who was a passenger on the world’s first Boeing 747 commercial flight between New York and London in 1970.
  • Also travelling is Ms Isabelle Chu, a travel agent from Perth, who is flying in both directions on the A380. Ms Chu flew in both directions on the first Singapore Airlines A340-500 flights between Singapore and Los Angeles, and Singapore and New York, non-stop in 2004, with just time for shower between flights. This time, she will enjoy an overnight stopover in Sydney.
  • The passengers represent 35 different nationalities, with the largest group being Australians (28%), then Singaporeans (14%), then Britons (11%) and Americans (8%). Those who have come furthest for the first flight are 4 Norwegians.
  • The most common first name of passengers is David, with 11.
  • The ratio of male to female passengers on board is 7:3.

Source: Singapore Airlines Website

The A380 goes into regular service on the 29th of October between Singapore and Sydney. Flight 221 leaves Singapore at 8:30 in the evening, arriving in Sydney at 7 am the following day. SQ232 from Sydney to Singapore leaves Kingsford Smith Airport at 12:45 pm, touching down in Changi Airport at 5:40 in the afternoon.

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Head on to the Singapore Airlines A380 website for a virtual tour of the A380’s interiors. The Sydney Morning Herald has pictures and videos of this momentous event.

Article by Nina Fuentes

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