Everything I know about Cebu Pacific

A lot of people have stumbled into my blog by searching for info about Cebu Pacific. I’ve made a short list of answers to frequently asked questions (or search phrases/keywords in this case).

Answers are based on my experiences with the airline, other traveler’s experiences and from Cebu Pacific’s website. I am in no way affiliated with Cebu Pacific. I am not and have never worked for the airline.

Hope this helps!

How often does Cebu Pacific have seat sales?
I don’t know the frequency, but they have one usually near the end of summer (April/May) for flights during the lean season. Your best bet is to sign up for the Cebu Pacific mailing list. They regularly send out notifications if there’s another seat sale.

Why aren’t they serving any refreshments onboard?
Cebu Pacific is a low cost carrier, meaning that in exchange of your cheap fare, you won’t be getting some of the perks you get from full-service carriers. This means no food or beverages (but available for sale onboard at outrageous prices), no entertainment consoles, non-existent legroom, landing and taking off from budget terminals, strict baggage limits and sometimes non-transferable, non-refundable tickets.

I didn’t get my e-mail confirmation, what do I do?
Call the hotline (Manila: +63-2-70-20-888, Cebu: +63-32-230-8888). It’s a pain to get through, but it’s necessary to confirm your flight bookings to save you the trouble later on. I remember not getting an e-mail confirmation when I booked online through their website. It was a good thing I thought to print the confirmation in my browser. I never got that confirmation, but the print out I had worked perfectly as our e-ticket as it has the booking reference number, our names and confirmation of payment.

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How much is the allowed check-in luggage?
Cebu Pacific allows for 15 kilos per passenger for both domestic and international flights (except for the Boracay/Caticlan flights, which only allows 10 kilos). In excess of 15 kilos, you have to pay Php34 per kilo for domestic flights. Excess baggage charges vary for international destination, so if you think you’ll be going over the baggage allowance, contact the Cebu Pacific hotline for details. To get an idea how much they charge for excess baggage in international flights, it’s Php300 per kilo for Singapore and Php200 for Hong Kong.
Cebu Pacific
Which airport does Cebu Pacific use?
Manila: Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (Domestic and International flights starting August 1, 2008)
Singapore: Budget Terminal at Changi Airport
Kuala Lumpur: Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), KLIA
Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi Airport
Jakarta: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Airport
Taipei: Chang Kai Shek International Airport

UPDATE: Starting July 22, 2008, some of Cebu Pacific’s flights have been transfered to the new Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. These flights include flights to and from Caticlan, Naga, Tuguegarao, Laoag and San Jose (Mindoro). Starting August 1, 2008, all of Cebu Pacific flights, both domestic and international will now use NAIA Terminal 3. For more information, please visit the Cebu Pacific website.

How much is their Go Fare? Is this a promo fare?
Go Fares are Cebu Pacific’s starting fare for each destination. These are offered year-round, but as the date of departure nears and as seats for each flight fills up, this fare goes up. Domestic Go Fares starts at Php288, while international Go Fares starts at Php1,499. This fare is for one-way travel excluding taxes and surcharges (otherwise interpreted as “hidden charges” ).

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How much can I expect to pay during their promo?
Here’s what you do: check the taxes and surcharges you have to pay for your flight segment (do this by making a test booking. As long as you don’t click on Confirm, you’re not expected to pay for it). Multiply the promo fare by 2 (if flying round trip) then add in the taxes and surcharge.

For example, if I was able to avail of the Piso fares to Bohol, I’d be paying around Php 1,800 for a round trip ticket (Php 1,740 for fuel and insurance surcharge).

How much do I expect to pay in taxes and surcharges?
Fees vary depending on destination. Value Added Tax (VAT) starts at Value Added Tax PHP 238.92, while Fuel and Insurance Surcharge starts at Php 1,400.00 for domestic travel. For international travel, VAT start at Php 557.00, Fuel and Insurance Surcharge starts at Php 1,854.00.

What is Cebu Pacific’s international flight schedule?

Flight segment Flight code Frequency ETD ETA
Manila – Bangkok 5J 931 Daily 10:45 pm 12:50 am
Bangkok – Manila 5J 932 Daily 01:35 am 05:40 am
Manila – Hong Kong 5J 110 Daily 08:00 am 10:00 am
Manila – Hong Kong 5J 118 Daily 04:40 pm 06:40 pm
Manila – Hong Kong 5J 142 Daily 07:10 pm 09:10 pm
Hong Kong – Manila 5J 111 Daily 11:00 am 01:00 pm
Hong Kong – Manila 5J 119 Daily 07:40 pm 09:40 pm
Hong Kong – Manila 5J 143 Daily 09:55 pm 11:55 pm
Manila – Jakarta 5J 759 M-W-F 08:55 pm 11:45 pm
Jakarta – Manila 5J 760 T-Th-S 12:30 am 05:20 am
Manila – Kuala Lumpur 5J 501 T-Th-S-Su 08:55 pm 12:35 am
Kuala Lumpur – Manila 5J 502 M-W-F-Su 01:20 am 05:00 am
Manila – Singapore 5J 803 Daily 08:30 pm 11:55 pm
Singapore – Manila 5J 804 Daily 12:40 am 04:05 am
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This schedule is based on the schedule I got from the Cebu Pacific website. This document is available for download here.

Remember, 12:40 am means 40 minutes past midnight, while 12:40 pm means 40 minutes past noon.

That’s all I have at the moment. Got more questions or have an answer? Send it my way and let’s share the love.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. dyanie says:

    hi nina! ;)
    extended and summer seat sale ng cebu pac today!

    punta sana kami bora kaso lang nag aalangan na kami kasi maulan na. baka masayang lang. hehe ;)

    panu pala pag fortuitious event, at di na talaga pwede lumipad ang plane, nag reresched ba sila ng free?

  2. nina says:

    Talaga? Hmmmmmmmmm. Ay teka, wala nga pala akong pera. Haaay.

    Hmm, good question. I *think* if the flight is cancelled, i-reresched naman nila yung without charge. Of course, you ahve to make sure nga with them na cancelled yung flight and ilalagay nila kayo sa ibang flight…

  3. ysra says:

    your a grat help thanks alot for the infos!
    GOD bless



  4. Alma says:

    Is there anything wrong with your hotline number? Just want to know if you have still the promo via Manila to puerto (palawan)

    thanks for your immediate responce regarding this matter.

    God bless

  5. nina says:

    Hi Alma! I am not affiliated with Cebu Pacific nor any airline. Cebu Pacific’s website only lists one hotline number. It’s hard to get through talaga minsan due to the number of callers.

    As far as I know, they don’t have a promo right now. But I head they cut their fares by almost 40% so it’s still pretty cheap :)

  6. Hi,
    Good morning i’ll just have a question regarding the baggage limit. I have plan to visit home in Philippines this coming april and i think I’m going to carry luggage at around 35 plus kg. How many kg you allowed to check in?If i exist how much i pay for about i have 35 kg luggage? My flight is from Singapore to Manila and from Manila to Cagayan De Oro it’s a connecting flight. Hope you can help my little bit question about my flight… Please email me back in my email add. Thank you very much.I appreciate your good services to us… God bless….


  7. nina says:

    Hi Mary Jane! I’m not in any way connected to Cebu Pacific. It would be better if you contact them directly regarding your concerns :) But to answer your question, Cebu Pacific only allows 20kilos of checked in baggage for both its international and domestic flights. The cost of each additional kilo of excess baggage depends on the destination. You may want to try getting in touch with them through their website :)

  8. Bernadette says:

    Hi nina! ask q lang qng hanggang ngyon b 20 kilos parin ung allowed s cebu pacific tapos 7 kilos ung sa hand carry. tnx!

  9. nina says:

    Hello Bernadette! As far as I know, Cebu Pacific hasn’t changed their policy. So yes, it’s still 20 kilos for checked baggage, 7 kilos for hand carry. Have a safe trip!

  10. Ahnne says:

    hi ask ko lng his july 22 nag transfer na sa NAIA terminal 3 some of the domestic flight….dun ba pati puerto princesa or sa pasay airport pa rin po? ty

  11. nina says:

    Hi Ahnne! The flights transfered to NAIA 3 on July 22 were the flights Caticlan, Naga, San Jose, Tuguegarao and Laoag. I hear that the rest of the flights are going to be transfered on August 1 from the old terminal to the new. It’s best to check the Cebu Pacific website for confirmation. :)

  12. Trish says:

    Would you know of Cebu Pacific’s refund policy?
    I had to cancel my tickets 2 months ago but my credit
    card hasn’t been refunded yet..
    And I can’t get through their hotline whatsoever.. I’m thinking of going to their sales office
    and giving them a piece of my mind. I stumbled through some forums where people
    were complaining that they had to wait 6-9 months for their refund! What kind
    of service is this?
    Any tips/suggestions on how to go about this? Would appreciate a reply on my email..

    Thanks in advance!

  13. kym says:

    i just want to know if anyone will go to hong kong or singapore that would go with me

  14. mark ramos says:

    ms nina.pwede ba malaman promo for december 20 to 21 ng umaga flying manila to bacolod and bacolod to manila.salamat.pls send to my eaddress,.,markanthony_15ph@yahoo.com

  15. nina, you might wanna update the post to include the reduction of the weight limit on checked baggage from 20K to 15K, and the new GO LITE fares for those who prefer to travel without checking in luggage. cheers <3

  16. nina says:

    Thanks Rotch! I forgot to update it. Hehe ^_^;

  17. Clare says:

    Hi Nina,
    Do you know where I can get an EMIS form that is required for pregnant women flying? Their website does not have any information and I cannot get through to the hotline. Thanks.

  18. denise petilla says:

    hi nina,
    your blog is really helpful thanks, keep it up!

  19. lewe says:

    hello! I would like to ask for your assistance regarding the problem I encountered with transacting with Cebu Pacific.

    I am a connected with a government agency and I am tasked to make a follow-up regarding our request for a Written Details of Charges which were deducted from these 3 tickets which were cancelled when 3 of our officemates didn’t go with us when we had our official travel to Cebu City last March 2009. This written details of charges are needed for the liquidation of our official travel and our Commission on Audit auditor already made a follow-up on this documents. Please help us facilitate this request.

    I already made a request through Cebu Pacific’s Call center (02) 7020222 and (032) 2308888 and made follow-ups but up to this date, I haven’t received any positive response to our request. Yesterday, I asked for their Accounting Department’s contact number hoping they can facilitate my request but such number (02) 852-2328 won’t even answer my calls and just hung up. It seems that when facilitating customer’s requests, they act slowly or won’t give a damn. But when it comes to collecting fees and payments, they act speedily. Also, the refunds expected to be processed 30-45 days haven’t been credited back to my credit card.

    Hoping you could help in this request. These are the confirmation numbers of the cancelled tickets: P8TCRG, L22RRL, and HEYWNR.

    Thank you so much. I hope I can receive a positive response on my email address.

  20. leila says:

    what will happen kung yong hand carry luggage mo nag excess sa 7 kilos…magkano naman ang charge mo?…kasi ang ticket ko ang GO LITE FARE

  21. Mye says:

    Hi there,
    Anyone could help me to send teh EMIS form Part 1 and Part 2 of Cebu Pacific,
    there is no downloadable form in there website.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  22. robby says:

    I tried Cebu pacific for a roundtrip flight to Hong kong last july 21. I had a really horrible flight home. The plane rattled in the middle of the 2-hour flight and lights kept turning off just a few minutes before landing. I thought that it might just be caused by the usual turbulence but I gues it wasnt because it went on till we landed and the plane stopped. I havent travelled frequently. I’d say i’m a novice traveller. and it was just my 2nd trip abroad. After the trip, I swore to myself never to ride their planes anymore. Now, I want to ask you if you can give me any advice or personal opinions about their planes. Personally, I really dont mind much about delayed flights but what I’m so scared about is mainly the quality of their fleet. I’m a budget traveller but i think I have no choice but to spend more if i want real comfort and safety. I’d like to ask about Tiger Airways, another budget airline. What do you think about their planes? If other budget airlines also have the same kind of crappy fleet, I guess I just have to save enough money to afford PAL or other first class airlines. =(

  23. perry says:

    hi!.. siper problematic ako sa excess baggage ko.. although ayaw ko dalhin ang sandamukal kong gamit eh kailangan… good thing i have the answersa problem… php 34 per kg as stated sa site na to and excess sa allowed wt for the baggage.. pero 15kgs lang ba talga allowed for 1 seatna cguro ang value ng excess luggage ko..

  24. pat says:

    GO Lite fare kinuha ko and check ko yung “I’m/We’re traveling
    with no bags for check-in.”

    15 kgs pa rin ba limit ko o 7 kgs

  25. pat says:

    GO Lite fare kinuha ko and check ko yung “I’m/We’re traveling
    with no bags for check-in.”

    15 kgs pa rin ba baggage limit ko o 7 kgs

  26. T. Gonzalez says:

    Cebu Pacific is horrible! You get less than what you pay for in terms of service and personal relations. My family has been a costumer for Cebu Pacific for 5 years and from the second year up to this year we experienced ridiculous treatment from Cebu Pacific. On the second year we purchased Cebu Pacific a crew member (stewardess) shoved our fragile baggage into the compartment when we asked her to gently lift it into the compartment. When we got to our destination, the “CAKE” was damaged extensively at one side. On the second year of our flight with Cebu Pacific my mother was charged extra for purchasing tickets on a date which was booked wrongly by the staff at one of their offices at Makati. So instead of saving money, she spent more than what she could have spent for regular priced flights. On the third year we purchased tickets from Cebu Pacific, we had trouble getting back to Manila from the province because the airplane that Cebu Pacific sent for us was a small one and could not accommodate all passengers. There is absolutely no sense in this! We had to demand that they give us, and many other affected passengers, the flight that we paid for because we had important commitments the next morning but only my companion and I received seats. The rest of the passengers, around twenty or more, were left to suffer the irresponsibility of Cebu Pacific. Finally, just this December 22, 2009 I witnessed corruption amongst members of their “Security”, mainly involving the “Lady Security Head”. I had witnessed the “lady security head” being paid a roll of P100 bills by an “Asian Nationality” just so he could pass through the check point and take his “unsealed alcoholic beverage” into the airplane. One of them even almost dragged my mother by the arm forcing us to go to the office to report what I saw . Because of such harassment I lost my temper and screamed at the security to let go of my mother telling them “How dare you touch my mother in the arm?” We warned them that we will report this case immediately in our own means and that any harassment will never be tolerated. This is why I have never appreciated Cebu Pacific. It is simply fooling people by promoting cheap fares at the expense of absurdity! Four offenses in a row is too much!

  27. belay says:

    cebu pacific sucks!!! although they offer cheap fares, they take advantage everytime you need to pay for your exess baggage. Aside from that when you try to get a refund for the ticket their customer service or hotline number will never be reached. it will be busy forever until you give up and decide to just throw your money away.i will hate this airline forever.love your life everyone

  28. Does anybody know where to request for assistance for luggage that was left in the airport luggage belt? Should I call CebuPac or Naia3?

    Anybody with the same experience?

    Thank you.

  29. Marie says:

    well done nina, thanks for posting it

  30. ethel says:

    hi! i wanna ask about my international ticket. quite confusing kasi. okay lang ba na mali ang spelling ng name and surname sa ticket. sabi kasi ng pinag book ko ng ticket okay lang daw yun..accepted ba yun? then kahit sang booking office ba pwede pa confirm ang ticket.???

  31. Ethel says:

    thanks for the response. naka usap ko yung pinag kunan ko ng international ticket ko. sabi sakin kahit di na palitan yung ticket need lang naman yung confirmation number pero sa system daw nila eh naka “noted” na daw po yun..is that possible???

  32. chyng says:

    jusko, instant stress inabot ko sa pagbasa nito, affected ako. lucky me im not being bugged by these readers.. haha

    may the good forces be with you teh. patience.. ?

  33. as expected Nina! alam mu na! haha very hlepful! it shows sa dame ng comments! ;)

  34. good day!!! tanong ko lang po… ang mama ko galing london pauwi sa pinas…sa NAIA terminal 1 cya mag arrive at 9:30 am….saan po ang terminal ng cebu pacific from manila to gensan????

  35. vivian says:

    hi po, how many months pregnant po ang allowed sumakay sa airlines nyo?thanks,God bless

  36. Mao says:

    Hello Nina,

    I have a question. I was able to avail a promo fare on Cebu pacific from Cebu-Manila, Manila-Bangkok & Bangkok-Manila and Manila-Cebu. Now it came out all really cheap, for one it was because I did not avail for check-in baggage. If I decide to do a last minute check in on my way back to the Philippines, would you know if Cebu Pacific would allow it? Or if they would charge more? If I remember right, it was P 500.00 additional if you were to check-in baggage. Diba? Your response would be of really big help po. Thank you.:D

    • nina says:

      I think you can, but you’d have to pay an additional Php1,000 for international flights, Php500 for domestic. I’m not really sure on the price though, but it should be around that amount. You can pre-pay it now, just login to Cebu Pacific’s site and manage your booking.

  37. This is also something that made me say “HUH?” I always travel with PAL and the first time I travelled with Cebu Pacific, everything was really different. Nevertheless, I cannot do anything if that’s their company’s way of giving service to their clients.

  38. ellen says:

    hi ,

    i have this problem about cebu Pac. kasi I book a flight dating sept 15 2012, but then i rebooked it to sept 13 2012 and choose lbc to pay for it pero pag dating ko sa lbc sabi expired nadaw mag rebook daw ako ulit.. pero nung nag rebook aq mga 2 days after nandoon parin yung change flight fee 744 sa first rebooking ko.. pag nagpa rebook aq ulit mag pa pile up xa.. magiging 1500 bakit ganun?

  39. Myles says:

    are international promo flights transferrable? Thanks…

  40. Nadim says:

    does children still needs ID when travelling domestic, with his parents?

  41. Sheila Engcoy says:

    Hi do you have an idea why everymonday no one answers my call thru costumer service?

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