A380 to land in Clark?!

Found the link to this forum over at PEX:

Confirmed test A/C A380 will be in Manila Oct 11 and Clark on Oct 12 – plane is full of test equipment so no rides – they want to prove out airports for Bupac. Prepare your gear.

Oh, there’s a disclaimer too:

word of mouth among pinoy pilots currently working with bupak and ex bupakers. I’m not asking anyone to trust but i trust my aviation colleague. this is confirmed. please dont hold me responsible if the mammoth flying metal doesnt show up. salamat.

But still, if the A380 ended up landing in Clark on those dates… gah @$&@)*#!)*#)_!*#!!!!

P.s. Anybody know what Bupac is? :-?

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Article by Nina Fuentes

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